Ive played with this year and it has become my daily driver now i will be sharing many more videos on it too, but in this video today well be looking at all the new and fantastic features. Google has packed into this incredible: google pixel 6 pro smartphone. Now this includes some fantastic camera features and so much more. The physical hardware is one of the biggest upgrade any pixel has had to date. Not only do we have a whopping high resolution, 50 megapixel primary camera sensor, but also larger camera lenses and a camera bar to showcase this. This allows for more flexibility for the pixel 6 pro to capture light and natural bokeh images. The main sensor is backed up by a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 48 megapixel lens, which has a four times: periscope style, telephoto lens for zoom. At the front we have a 12 megapixel selfie camera and the pixel 6 pro is googles first phone to offer an ultra wide and telephoto lens on one device, but guys it doesnt just end there we have the usual fantastic pixel style. Camera features including the night sight, portrait mode, cinema, pan, astrophotography, etc, and now, with the pixel 6 and pixel 6, pro google has introduced an additional four key new camera features. Some enhanced video features the front facing video and selfie camera have some fantastic upgrades too, and theres lots more. The much hyped and anticipated google tensor chip, which sure has not failed to impress, is designed to showcase googles.

Latest ai advances and id say. Google has demonstrated this pretty well in its latest ai driven pixel 6 series. Imagine being able to type a text or a message: hands free edit, clear or send a message: hands: free, well, thats, exactly what the newest system voice typing in gboards lets. You do, and it also translates text and media in various languages and so on. The pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro offer all this, and so much more welcome to glamour gadgets and gaming by leah lia set a reminder for 2 p.m. All right today, at 2pm whats the reminder check your phone got. It ill remind you at 2pm, open up twitter, open up glamour, gadgets and gaming by leah. Well, lets begin with the camera and the most exciting new camera feature. In my opinion, is the super cool magic, eraser mode, this fantastic new game, changing mode is so cool and works to remove distractions and photo bombers in the background of your photos simply take a photo or simply select one from the gallery. Tap edit go to tools and select magic erase. You can either erase the suggested object through the simple, tap or manually circle the object and remove it check this out, guys Music, now moving on to another, really fun and incredible camera feature the motion mode which allows you to create stunning long exposure or action shots With a simple tap of a button, now i went for a walk with the pixel 6 pro last night and check out what i captured.

So the action pan mode check it out focuses on the moving subject and adds a creative blur to the background. As you can see on the screen in front of you and you can access this via the camera, app slide to motion mode and select action pan and as for the long exposure mode again via the camera, app slide to motion and select long exposure now check Out some of the fantastic shots i took last night, unlike the action pan, which focuses on the subject, the long exposure adds a creative blur to the moving subject in the scene. These modes work best on single, solid objects, moving in one direction or straight path, such as buses, cars, bikes, etc. How cool is that guys, im so impressed? I have so much fun capturing these. I mean its not for everyone, but it is a fun and addictive feature which mode do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments below and heres another much welcomed automatic feature. Do you ever capture a shot and walk away? Thinking you caught the perfect one only to realize that the face was blurred. Well worry, not google, with this face on blur feature, has nailed it. This new addition automatically recognizes a blur in the subjects face and corrects it simply open the camera app snap. A picture of a slightly moving subject now this does work best on human faces. Maybe someone jumping walking shaking, but in short his or her face, is visible to the camera.

Now go to the gallery and open up the snap youve taken and check for the face d blur badge like this one here now im not going to show you my face in here, because this was taken early morning and its not the best picture of me. Now the face d blur badge appears here at the top. This badge here indicates the d blur has worked and guys believe you me it absolutely has now do know guys that google does say that this phase d blur will only work on humans and not pets. Animals etc. Ive personally not tried it on a pet yet, but maybe you have do, let me know if it worked in the comments below Music and another fantastic camera feature which again is integrated and not optional and works. Incredibly, well is the real tone which captures almost all skin tones quite beautifully and authentically the phone adapts googles, new hdr algorithms, which is made to work for everyone and all skin tones now check out some samples from google. I mean, although ive had the phone for around a week now i personally havent had a chance to play with the real tone feature so much. Therefore, sharing the google demos, however, guys do stay tuned to my twitter, ig and facebook pages, where ill be sharing more demos and samples of these fantastic features in the coming days. Moving on to video, take a video and thanks to googles, tensor, chipset, hdr plus videos can be processed, live on 4k 60 frames per second, allowing for excellent, rich vivid and bright colors, lots of contrast and stabilization, plus improved nighttime performance and enhanced tone.

Mapping now check this out for yourself guys blue skies, sunset, green glass and anything with rich colors looks specifically great with this feature, sticking to the front facing camera. This pixel allows you to snap ultra wide selfies, selfies up and close with four times optical zoom or even closer by pinching into 20 times super resume. You can now also shoot in 4k 60 frames per second from video by switching to video mode front, facing settings icon on the top left and select 4k and youre in and guys theres more. We have speech enhancement, which means, regardless of your surrounding the video sound captured, is amazing, but this only works on selfie videos, for example, if youre on a busy road or an area with lots of ambient noise and are capturing a video with a front facing camera. The sound captured will not be spoiled by the noise of cars wind and the hecticness around you. The android 12 os is buttery, smooth, nippy and bloat free and googles new material. U interface is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The widgets have been updated and are quite prominent too Music. We have a fantastic collection of wallpapers, widgets, themed, icons and dynamic colors, which can be adapted to match the users, aesthetic and style, and, as google puts it, making the ui beautifully. You Music. The pixel 6 has up to 120 hertz screen refresh rate, which allows for smoother more responsive performance plus the ltpo integrated technology allows for the 120 hertz to be lowered to 10 hertz, to say, oh its, so super super smooth and on that note, lets check out The new battery and power saving features we have adaptive battery of fantastic feature when activated learns your favorite apps, so it doesnt waste power on the ones you never use, and we have extreme battery saver, which you can configure via the battery settings, select your essential apps.

If you need to so when the battery saver mode is switched on, your essential apps will still run and the non essential will turn off to save even more power Music play a song in french and translate it in english, Music, Music and last but not least, Thanks to googles, fantastic, ai, dominated tensor chipset, here we have one of the most advanced speech, recognition, smartphones and pixel. It will live, translate, transcribed audio text in the camera, viewfinder text messages and more and all of this, even when offline as it allows you to download a handful of languages for offline translations. It features fast and accurate voice. Typing is fluent across speech, text, videos and messages. Three thousand lumens brightness shrink camera camera with this plus and basically guys. If you want to watch content thats originally in a different language, the pixel 6 pro can translate it live and in real time using augmented reality. The google sense feature built into the pixel 6 pros camera app via live. Translation can also translate signs, labels etc. Live translate, supports 11 chat apps, including android message, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, messenger, instagram, snapchat, etc. Tweet learn chinese n at chinese underscore san francisco instagram the moment. Music, now you guys, let me know if you can, how accurate that was in japanese, german or italian. Our ingredients, your masterpiece, hamari, sam agree, is that correct guys? Let me know in the comments below uh how about this masterpiece in bangla all right well check out.

One more this is so cool. I really love the future um, so i am looking to go to spain soon. So lets try out a bit of spanish. Shall we now you spanish guys out there. Let me know how accurate this is. All these super cool fun and useful features fast and refreshing, display 24 hours, adaptive battery beautiful user interface, a beefy, powerful new processor which integrates some mind blowing ai and ar technology and incredible camera setup, combined with the fantastic flagship, specs and sweet price point. The pixel 6 pro certainly lives up to expectations so far, im really enjoying this new phone and i sure, look forward to spending a lot more time with it. I will be sharing my detailed tests and review video very soon in which ill be sure to share all the pros and niggles. I found in the google pixel 6 pro so stay tuned on the channel for this and lots more on the google pixel 6 and the 6 pro do. Let me know what your personal thoughts and opinions are on the google pixel 6 pro smartphone so far, and if you want to see anything specific or have any questions feel free to shoot these in the comments below and guys ill. Try my best to answer these. As soon as i can – and i do hope, youve enjoyed this video and if you have do, let me know by hitting that like button kindly comment too, a sub to the channel would be highly welcomed and be sure to hit that bell icon above follow me On twitter, facebook and instagram to be notified of my upcoming videos, giveaways, etc, and before we wrap up guys talking off giveaways, stay tuned for the gaming bundle giveaway.

I recently hinted on my twitter posts its coming very soon for now. Thank you so much for watching.