I know your sub feed is going to be filled with hundreds of pixel videos and the fact that youre watching this one means youre looking for an honest opinion. So today i bring you my pros and cons in a slightly different format than what youre used to so pixel 6. After a week of usage, my pros and cons and im going to cut the bs and tell you straight what i like, and what i dislike about this phone so lets just jump straight to the pros phone feels very solid in the hands. Its very well made and durable its glass back metal frame and beautiful oled display on the front, so the premiumness is there, although if we compare it to last years, pixel 5, you can see that this phone is much bigger in size, as were talking about six Inch oled versus 6.4 inch oled, and it also feels a lot thicker, so eight millimeters versus 8.9 millimeters and check out the difference in the camera bumps now. One bad thing about the pixel 5 is even if you power off the phone completely with 100 battery. If you switch it on the next day, the battery will be dead. Now, quite a few people have mentioned this so were not experiencing that battery drain problem with the pixel six, so thats definitely good news. I thought id put that out there. So fresh new design is most welcomed, although the camera bump does stick out considerably now.

Overall, the phone does not feel cheap in construction. It feels like a flagship, smartphone and speaking of flagship thats, exactly what you get in terms of google, tensor performance and ill quickly. Show you the antutu score that we achieved so 672k, so youre getting a similar performance to the lower end of the snapdragon triple eight. I would say the lower mid end performance of the snapdragon triple eight. So, for example, and comparisons sake here is the galaxy fold. Three score so six 652k versus 672, so the google tensor performs slightly better than the galaxy fold. Threes snapdragon triple eight, and also here is a quick look at the geekbench results, so 1036 single core 2883 multi core. As we all expected, the cameras and image processing is simply the best. I especially love taking selfies and portrait shots. They just come out perfect in any lighting situation via indoor or outdoor now. Video quality at 4k30 is also quite good, although the videos are slightly brighter than real life, but youre. Getting super smooth image, stabilization, general point and shoot photos are very impressive and when you are shooting standard photos, you are shooting in 12.5 megapixels and its actually quite hard to take a bad picture with the pixel cameras. The image processing is that damn good now night sight is still one of the best night modes you can get on a smartphone. This photo was taken in a completely dark room and, as you can see, and as you can see, impressive results now the new action pan and long exposure shots are a bit gimmicky.

You might use it a bit more if youre a creator, otherwise youre probably going to try it once and never touch it again. Cant really complain about it, because a new feature is always welcomed and a win win situation now. Lets talk about battery life youre. Getting a decent six to eight hours of screen on time, it will easily last you one day of usage. Needless to say, the performance is brilliant. You cant really go wrong. Youre going to get all the android updates, first being a google phone now this year we have much faster charging speeds, so pixel 5 only had 18 watts fast charging, but this time we have 30 watts of fast charging, which is definitely a boost. Also, wireless charging was 10 watts. This time were getting around 20 or 21 watts of wireless charging. Now i didnt install an fps counter to see how good the adaptive refresh works. So, as you can see, dont touch anything and youre on 60 hertz. So if you start swiping, you can see it jumps straight to 90. Hertz scrolling websites will also give you 90 hertz, but as soon as you leave it alone, it will drop straight down to 60.. So adaptive refresh does work really well and gives you an efficient battery performance. At the same time now i did test out the internal storage speeds and we achieved 811 megabytes per second read and write speeds of 280 megabytes per second, so very good read speeds, but unfortunately the right speeds are on the lower side.

Stereo speakers are really good. So one bottom firing and then youve got one on the earpiece. The sound quality is amazing. I cant fault it loud, clear, no distortion at all and speaking of games, you can play any game from the play store. I play a lot of cod mobile thats. My favorite mobile game and you can play ciod mobile on the highest graphics and it was a pretty smooth experience now. Netflix fans will be pleased to know that this phone can stream in full hd with hdr. So movies and videos look amazing on this display. So those were my pros. That is what i found after around a weeks usage now its time for the cons and im not going to hold back. This is all about me being straightforward with you guys, im definitely not liking the big bezels going all the way around that display. Also camera bump is not my cup of tea check out the size of that camera bump it protrudes so much its huge. I just feel its unnecessary: it does collect dust at the top and a bomb. You can get certain cases that can prevent this. Also, if you like, playing games on your phone youll be holding the phone like this, and you will feel that camera bump all the way throughout. So it doesnt feel that uncomfortable. But you can feel these sharp edges youre not going to cut yourself or anything like that, but its there.

So its not the best position to hold the phone and you cant avoid it its just there. Also, if you are going to be playing a lot of games, expect to smudge the camera lenses so make sure you do wipe those lenses before youre going to take pictures. Otherwise, the pictures arent going to look as good. Also, you dont get a charger in the box or even a standard silicon case to get you started so about the camera menus. You only have three options under modes, and that is typical, pixel software. I would love to see pixel expand on this. They could have even put the motion section under modes just to make things a little bit more neat, so you have less subheadings to scroll through. It would have been nice to see a few more features there um, as most other smartphone brands, give us or even the option to edit this ourself and move things around. That would have been quite cool and another feature they could have put here was the ability to shoot high res photos. Currently, there is no option to take resolution photos at 50 megapixels, even though we do have a 50 megapixel primary sensor. You can only shoot in 12.5 megapixel photos max. Another thing i dont like is you: cant, set the refresh rate to manual its either adaptive refresh on or adaptive refresh off. You cant have 90 hertz all the time. The option is just not there, but fortunately the adaptive refresh does work really well now another con for you gamers out there you have a 90 hertz display, but the gaming is limited to 60 hertz.

So, although technically this phone is capable of gaming at 90 hertz, i think the pixel team limited this feature to give you guys a better battery life and possibly save you from overheating issues. I like to add, after four rounds of cod mobile, the phone did start to heat up at around 43 degrees, so im guessing too much gaming or too much camera work might lead to the familiar overheating message. So there you have it guys. That was my quick roundup of the pros and cons after one week, usage of the pixel 6. so bottom line, the pixel 6 is still an amazing smartphone for the price offering a great looking oled display durable, build quality, ip68 rating, impressive cameras and lots lots more. I will continue testing this phone anything new. I learned i will pin in the comments section also. I have been testing the new pro version and i do need a bit more time with it before i can drop my real honest thoughts so for now i will leave you with this. If you do have any questions, let me know in the comments and ill do my best to answer as soon as possible. Meanwhile, thank you.