I have a couple of them in front of me. You can actually win one of these extras. Leave your twitter handle down in the comments as usual and make sure youre subscribed so theres two colors here. This one is black and i also have a green model: neo black neo, green 12, gigs of ram 256 storage on both of them and, if youre wondering about the concept of this phone, its back into that value for performance conversation lets see the specs snapdragon. 870. 120 hertz e4 amoled display 65 watt super dark charge. Stainless steel, vapor, cooling plus. Is this table a little taller than usual? I think so, but thats. Okay, all right lets crack this one open and then do a quick comparison to the green model. Here is the device. This is just black 64 megapixel camera, oh its, like a matte finish. It also has a slight shift in color from light to dark, as it reflects light. I just noticed that the power switch has a slight texture to it. Volume buttons dedicated, as opposed to a rocker on this side, bottom usb type c for that 65 watt, charging thats, where your sim tray is as well camera, is up in the corner. Weve been seeing the symmetrical weve seen in the top left so thats, where theyve decided to hide it its a fairly decent screen to body ratio. Here i think theres a peel im gon na peel im gon na peel.

This is a fairly clean, android installation, ill jump over to the settings. Real quick to check on the display refresh rate is hidden in an extra menu its set to auto select by default. You can also lock it at standard 60 hertz as usual, and you can go up to high, which is 120 hertz and itll stay there, which is what im gon na use instead of the dynamic mode. So its just super duper snappy Music display is amoled and actually uh. You know quite vibrant, i noticed pubg is already installed on there as well. We have a case, and in this scenario its almost the exact same tone. It has a matte finish to it. So its not gon na pick up any fingerprints, i mean thats, pretty simple stuff right. There give you some protection right out of the box this one. The green, is far more vibrant. Welcome to the real me family, so ive been welcomed twice in one video. Here we go. Oh, my goodness, before even lifting it up, i can see the reflection on the this is very whoa. Oh baby, that is the most wild single color. I have ever seen on a smartphone on the channel holy, that is a statement and a half right there, so its got a kind of metallic reflectiveness to it in person, greenish, yellow, depending on the angle. It says dare to leap over here this black polished portion and then the matte blasted finish on the remainder that is whoa youre, definitely going to turn some heads with that color Music interesting.

So you get the same case regardless. I guess maybe if you need to tone it down, you have some sort of uh business engagement. You can go like that and just tone it down and then and then just peek out a little bit with your crazy wild color. Once the engagement is over and youre ready to party its back to party town, okay, so maybe lets boot up the camera a little bit here by default its in 1x. It has an ai mode as well im going to shoot my usual objects here, at least a couple. I have some chocolates. These are fancy chocolates. I think this one has like salt or something on it. Ultra wide is actually just gon na get jacked. Why not? There you go. Oh look at the 2x. Oh detail, oriented 5x whoa. Well, this is one chocolate, many ways. I know im now im like im im, trying to think what is even on this chocolate. Oh its an almond should i just eat the ch im gon na valencia almond milk chocolate contains nuts contains gluten Music lets do a selfie, real quick! Why not? Oh its unnatural by default? Well done well done on that wow selfie test with the detail holy cow! Apparently the other thing thats in here some pretty advanced cooling system, so jack, just called it an eight layer, cooling system lets, give it a run. I havent played pubg in about a thousand years Music.

All right finally got this match going. I noticed if i pull in from the side, you got a full out game mode. Game focus, touch, optimization performance modes for overclocking and such pro gamer mode, see if we can get the phone to warm up. Ambient temperature in the room, though, is fairly cool by 19.5 degrees celsius. We have an update from mo the weather man 19 flat, never mind that 0.5 600 hertz touch sampling so were gamers then makes us gamers. Oh somebodys, coming were gon na, have to take him with the pistol. Okay, that wasnt too hard dual speaker setup lets see youre right. It is dual speaker around the earpiece and then the main speaker unit at the bottom there. Maybe if i get a vehicle quickly, then someones going to chase me down 36 minute recharge full to 100 over the 65 watt fast charge: 5 000 milliamp hour battery thats, no joke nobodys. Joking im, not joking about that 6.62 inch display amoled 120 hertz 600. Hertz touch input. I can get that truck over there. I think yeah. I think i can take this. Stick. Oh, oh, were getting shot at cool lets. Go find that person. Where are you at? Oh there youre dead, try to run over this person lets go Laughter. Yeah, its not heating up at all, like i said its 19 degrees in here, so i dont really expect it to but theres. I turned on performance mode and its fairly warm Music.

So there you have it. It is the real me gt, neo25g, better, get it all because its the second neo and its also gt – and you know its got – to have 5g. You got snapdragon in here, 870. thats, the black boring black. I mean i probably get black anyway, but you can go completely out of control and pick up this wild color as well. I got to see it one more time. You can go this way as well theres a couple of options right there. Of course, these are going to be given away so remember to leave your twitter handle in the comments make sure youre subscribed for your shot at winning one real me gt: neo 2, 5 g todays sponsor nordvpn. This is a no brainer. If youre out there browsing unprotected no vpn youre susceptible, they might be looking at you, your telco might have all your information, they might turn around and sell it. You need no, what for its time to step your game up on the internet, to protect your privacy that is so precious and worth selling in the first place, nordvpn shields your browsing from criminals and surveillance. Nobody wants that its a secure tunnel, but its still fast still providing tremendous bandwidth for all your streaming needs, because you still want to watch high resolution content on the internet. You can secure all your devices mac, os windows, linux, android ios, and you can secure up to six devices with a single account, including your router, plus you can access the global internet.

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