What am i doing wrong? Well, you just cant get those shots crisply in focus without a mobile macro lens. The technical specs of the phone just wont allow it. Yes, i know all about apples, new macro mode in the iphone 13 pro and 13 pro max, but not everyone has a top of the line new iphone if youre in the same camp as me, and your new iphone just hasnt been delivered yet youll need to Add something to your phone camera to get those close ups. While there are loads of macro lenses for smartphones on the market, only a few provide a super high quality result. One of those is the sandmark 10x macro lens for around a hundred dollars. Sandmark provides you with everything necessary to start snapping shots of super small objects, which is much more than can be said for their competition today were going to discuss what the sandmark macro lens does, what the sandmark macro lens comes with, and why that matters, and some Pros and cons of sandmarks macro lens once were done with all that ill provide you with my unbridled thoughts about the most complete smartphone macro lens purchase that you can make and provide you with alternative macro lenses worth considering. If you dont love, sandmarks macro lens, so lets get down to business, to defeat the huns and also talk about this lens Music. To show you what the sandmark macro lens does ive come up with five scenarios.

Each scenario is an appropriate use of a mobile macro lens today were going to shoot. My wifes engagement ring some bugs a logo, some books and my eye ive, captured everything today in the beast: cam pro camera app, so that we cannote how the focus changes when adding the macro lens. If you also want manual control over your iphones camera for mobile photography and filmmaking, then check out the review of the beast cam app linked in the top right hand, corner of this video its somewhere up here. Im not very good at remembering, which way is left and which way is right when things are flipped and im, trying to read from the teleprompter and im trying to think of intelligent things to say so, its just up there somewhere the working distance of my iphone 11 pro wide lens without the macro lens attached is about five inches, whereas with the lens on it becomes around one inch ive tried to keep the phone as close to the same place as possible for all of the photos. What you should notice now that weve run through those photos, is that the working distance with the lens on is significantly closer, and that makes the shots that you can capture totally different. The ten times, optical zoom of the sandmark macro lens, also has a fairly wide focal length, which means youll capture a lot width, wise and your subject will stand out from the blurred background.

So, while the big selling point for these macro lenses is that optical zoom youre also purchasing the ability to get significantly closer to your subject than you would without the lens before we move on ill show you exactly what i mean by running through the macro scenarios. Just one more time: Music: now what does your purchase of the sandmark lens come with your initial purchase of a sandmark lens comes with much more than their biggest competition moment. Your purchase of this lens will include the macro lens, an iphone case of your choice. A clip on mount a lens, pouch, a front and rear lens cap and a lens hood, while sandmark markets their macro as an iphone only lens with their clip on mount. You can use the 10x macro lens with any phone. My biggest quip with sandmark is with their phone cases, especially the one that they send you for free with your purchase. That free one is called the standard case and you can buy one thats, an additional forty dollars, thats called the pro case. I did test in a past video and found that the pro case that additional 40 purchase made mounting sandmark lenses 40 faster when compared to the standard case that comes with your purchase. I have had people get a little persnickety with me, though saying that im really nitpicking. This is just a personal opinion sort of thing. I am all about efficiency and thats. Why i like shooting on my phone and when the threading isnt efficient, that just bothers me, but all that being said when your lens arrives from sandmark, you are ready to shoot the moment.

10X macro lens. The biggest competition for sandmarks macro lens is more expensive and requires the additional purchase of a case to mount the lens. Personally, i found little difference in the image quality. When i tested the sandmark and moment macro lenses head to head the difference that there is doesnt equate to spending an additional 50 dollars for a lens and a way to mount it. In my opinion, if youre considering a smartphone macro lens of any kind, though its worth sticking around for this next section about pros and cons of mobile macro lenses, there are certain things that one must know about these lenses before purchasing one. The pros of the sandmark macro lens should be fairly obvious at this point: 10 times optical zoom and a more optimal working distance for those close up shots. But what about the cons as far as im concerned? There are three big ones: a limited working distance, completely relearning lighting, because lighting with macro is a little bit weird and the sheer cost of the lens lets dive in and talk about, each of those cons a little more in depth. Well, start with that limited working distance, what is the range of that working distance? So you could probably tell from the screenshots that i captured that the range of the working distance with this lens is very tight. Im actually going to try and use a ruler or tape measure to get an exact measurement for you.

Hopefully that worked but theres, nothing that you can do to improve the working distance of this lens, so youll need to be cognizant of it when shooting this means. You should capture things at a straight on angle, as opposed from at like a side angle for the best results, additional pro tip the less depth that your subject has. The better Music next were going to talk about relearning lighting. To be honest, ive flip flopped on the subject of light and macro lenses a number of times at this point initially, i said that you need lots of light for mobile macro, but then i decided that lots of light means lots of shadows and lots of harsh Shadows and ive decided that thats worse than not having as much light as you might want. So where does that leave us now im thinking that to best answer this question, i definitively need to answer another one. That is what does the lighting hood do so im going to pop this lighting hood on, take some photos with it on take some photos with it off and hopefully be able to provide some sort of definitive answer as to what it does and that definitive answer Will be typed on the screen right now, Music, there we go, and the last con that were going to talk about is cost almost 100 is a fairly substantial purchase for a lot of people and you arent likely to use the macro lens.

That often so, are there cheaper mobile macro lenses out there. Of course, we just tested a macro lens from apexel. That is super impressive at a 40 price point and we compare it head to head with the sandmark macro lens that this video is about at 3 minutes and 10 seconds now, while i will see that a hundred dollars is a fairly substantial chunk of change, i Do think that the sandmark 10x macro lens is a worthwhile investment for a professional photographer interested in adding some macro capability to their tool belt, a small business owner looking to capture some product shots for their business or a mobile filmmaker. Who dreams of more texture and details in their films? Honestly, if youre, considering a macro lens for your smartphone, then theres really no reason not to pull the trigger on the sandmark macro lens. A mobile macro lens is an invaluable tool that is well worth the cost. I think sandmarks offering is the ideal blend of performance and cost effectiveness and would still recommend it if sandmark charged an additional 30 dollars. So comment below, and let me know when your sandmark macro lens is going to arrive and thats all we got for you. If you feel like you, got value from this video go ahead and hit the like button down there, it definitely helps photos of phones out a lot because it forces youtube to show our videos to other people of the algorithm comment.

Your thoughts, questions and concerns about this handmark macro lens below id love to chat about it and help you make your best buying decision. If you do decide to purchase the lens, then consider doing so through my link, which you can find right down there, as the nominal compensation that i receive from your purchase, helps me, make more videos just like this one and as always, subscribe to the channel and Turn on that notification bell because were coming out with twice weekly mobile photography and filmmaking tips, tricks, hacks, reviews and unboxings; anything that you could want to know.