Now you must be warming up your fingers to go into the comments and say no. There are other smartphones with one inch sensor in it and youd be correct, but thats not what i said. This is worlds first smartphone with one in sensor, camera that has face detection autofocus in it. Oh yeah, the fine fabrications of marketing right. Nevertheless, its still impressive. How they fit all of that into an 8.9 millimeter thick phone with a tiny camera bump, which can shoot 4k 120 frames per second hlg 10 bit video with audio but wait theres more xperia pro. I has 6.5 inch. 21X9, 4k 120hz hdr oled screen with 240hz touch scan rate, snapdragon 888 chipset, 5g sub 6 connection, 12 gigabytes of ram 512 gigabytes of internal storage, which is expandable with an sd card 4 500 milliamp hour battery that can be charged up to 50 in 30 minutes. With a 30 watt, charger 3 microphones, two on the sides, one next to the cameras for better sound capturing 3.5 millimeter audio jack stereo speakers, finger scanner, a volume rocker, a customizable button that can summon the camera a shutter button, corning gorilla, glass, victus display and ip65 68 dust and water resistance when it comes to cameras at the front, we have an 8 megapixel camera which can shoot up to 1080p video and at the back we have 16 24 and 50 millimeter 12 megapixel cameras with zeiss lens and coating, accompanied with the 3d Itof sensor for better focus as real time eye autofocus for human and animals real time tracking in photos object tracking for videos just like other xperia phones.

It can take 20 frames per second photos with autofocus and auto exposure tracking with 60 calculations per second and the 24 millimeter camera has a variable aperture and it can shoot up to 4k 120 frames per second hlg video with audio. So i guess the question is: is this 1 800 dollar camera that can make phone calls any good? Yes, you heard that right. This is a 1800 us dollar smartphone, but according to sony, this is not a smartphone. This is not under the smartphone category. This is in the camera category, so this is not a smartphone with one inch sensor in it. This is a camera with one inch sensor that can make phone calls by the way this one is a prototype, so most of the features are not finalized on it. For example, the 50 millimeter lens is not working at all, so this is more of a sneak peek in whats, coming kind of of a spec reading, slash review when the production model comes out, i ill be reviewing it properly for sure and the lenses we get Are 16 24 and 50 millimeter instead of 70 and 105 that we had on xperia one mark iii, the 12 megapixel 24 millimeter lens has the one inch sensor behind it. It has variable aperture that you can change between f2 and f4, normally sony xperia 1. Mark 3, one mark ii, sony xperia pro. They have such sensitive cameras that when youre out in a bright light, you need to put an nd filter on your phone to get the proper footage.

But with this one you can change the aperture and keep on shooting, which is a very welcome edition. Right now, im shooting like this with moments, nd filter and the nd filter the filter mount. So i can achieve the shallow depth of field. I want 180 degrees, shutter speed, but of course, on 24 millimeter i can switch between the apertures, but that will give me less depth of field and i dont want that right now. Lets start with 16 millimeter ultra wide camera. It has one over 2.5 inch sensor and 1.4 micrometer pixel size. It is not fixed focus like most ultra wide angle, cameras and the image quality coming out of this camera is really good, but it supports up to only 30 frames per second in 4k and 60. In 1080p, however, when we switch to 24 millimeter wide angle camera this thing turns into an rx100 with its glass aspherical lens, one in sensor. Dual aperture and 4k 120 frames per second capabilities. Wide angle lens is easily one of the best cameras on a smartphone and im in love with the shallow depth of field we get so as you can see, we have audio settings here and in audio settings. We have left right and if i tap on it, it says rear left right is this and the microphone on this side and the rear is the microphone we have here. So, if im filming her and if shes talking, i probably want to use this microphone.

So we get better audio now were going to test the boat scenarios and see what the difference may be. So in the last video where i got a chance to talk, i told all about my band time in the dragon in a song we had coming out. So last time that i had an opportunity to talk to yall, i told you about my band time of the dragon song, but i think its time we talk about me, joe nagle, because ive got music coming out and uh. I think you know here and now is a great time to talk about me and im doing a whole solo project. So you know i want to tell you guys: join eagle music at jonegle music. One of the nicest things we have on this phone is, of course, the looks that just gives videos a certain look, so i think its time we test this. Would you would you like to create a little short movie in the independent movie with me, yeah yeah lets. Do it like cant, be about like life, life and art yeah, like you put your hands on the leaves Music, but we also need a voiceover. You need to do the voiceover. Yes, life is rental and we are visitors on this rock that spins in the vast universe that we call the universe Music. So how can you make decisions? Music? If i go this way, i dont know where ill end up, but if i go this way, i have no idea where ill be this way.

Music. Look at that! After all that, i guess it didnt, even matter im right where im supposed to be Music and always remember, life is rental Music. This phone also has a feature called external monitor, just like the other xperia phones, and what you can do is just connect a device that has usb streaming and then, when you go into the app, as you can see now were using this hello, and this phone Is not as slippery as xperia one mark iii or one mark ii, but it is still slippery, but thats not a problem now, because they have a strap hole here where you can tie a wrist strap, which is what i did when i was outside. We have all of the buttons on one side again volume up down fingerprint scanner on off button, and then this camera is customizable. You can select it to bring the camera, and this is our shutter button. When you have press this, it focuses and when you fully press it down, you take a photo or you start shooting a video, but since all of the buttons are on one side again, when you put this phone on a car mount, some of the buttons gets Blocked now lets go into the photo app when you go into the photo app. It opens up like this. We are in the basic menu from here. You can switch to auto program, auto and classic shutter and then manual exposure.

If you have a sony camera. This is something you must be very familiar with. Also in this photo app, you can switch the video and start shooting video and it is the most basic video app, but they added another video app to this camera to this phone, and that is called video pro and in video pro. This app takes care of a lot of stuff with cinema pro app. If you know xperia phones, they have the cinema pro app, which you have to set it up for the scene, youre gon na shoot. You cannot start shooting indoors and walk outside. You have to adjust everything before you start shooting it, but with this we get to have auto shutter, auto iso and autofocus, of course. So we can use this with a lot of the settings we have and get a nice looking video. You can change the white balance, you can change the iso, you can change the shutter, you can turn on and off hdr, which is something we dont have on cinema pro cinema pro hdr is always on. So this is a really good app that sits in the middle and then we have the cinema pro app where everything is in manual. You are in charge and you are responsible for what youre shooting – and this is when you may need an nd filter on your phone and stuff like that. So this is the most professional app. Even though this is an expensive high end camera that makes phone calls.

It has some accessories that can turn this into a super simple and high quality vlogging phone. You can add a screen behind it and then theres this handle, and then you can connect the little screen back here and then the little handle which is one of these, connects to the phone, and you can start filming yourself with the main lenses. Instead of the front facing cameras and monitor yourself, while doing that as well also, you can connect microphones and stuff like that, its a really good accessory and – and i hope that little screen works with other devices as well, because that looks very useful for a lot Of things, so, in the end, i think this is a very interesting phone. One inch sensor is very welcome on smartphones now, and i cannot wait to see what it can do when the production model comes out its really exciting, because this is one of my favorite cameras. This has a one inch sensor in it. This is rx0 mark ii. I use this a lot. I bring it with me everywhere, because this gives me fantastic, looking footage that gets mixed with the regular footage i shoot quite seamlessly so having a phone that can achieve. That is going to be really good, especially with that little monitor and stuff like that that were gon na have as accessories but well see well, see, keep an eye out and uh dont forget to hit subscribe and play dingdong beach with the bell next to it.

So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos and please let me know what you think about this product, what you think about this prize about its cameras, and is this something you would get all right. Thank you very much for watching subs.