So this thing was a whole twenty dollars shipped free. It is a uh used or reconditioned phone and, of course, its going to start to freaking rain right as im trying to make a video wow anyways lets just go ahead and take a look inside the box and well just go ahead deal with a little bit Of sprinkles, but this is the uh. This is total wireless right here and they should give you all the uh stuff that comes with the phone or whatever so its not like. Jessie dominguez whats, going on whats going on so yeah were gon na try to make this one kind of fast, obviously total wireless. There you go. This is the motorola e moto e6 for the. So there you go about your phone. Moto moto e6 discover use enjoy, it does come with the charger and the cable. So 20 bucks, like i said so, lets see what we get lets see what we can get for 20 bucks out of this uh out of this phone. So, oh lord, it actually has a battery that you can actually put inside the phone no way. Okay, okay, lets see funny story. I actually got two of these phones. Okay, lets see what the lets see. So apparently, somebody had some kind of backing on the phone that they couldnt whats, going on oscar federico. So there you go there that look kind of looks that kind of looks a little dingy.

Huh all right lets see lets see what lets see. What it looks like lets see what the rest of it looks like: okay, not too bad, not too shabby man, but why god why i got a rain man mother nature, just raining on her on my parade. Come on mother nature, can you give? Can you give magic tech reveal break? She says nobody gets a break. All right lets go ahead. It comes with the sim card install installed already for install, so they kind of clean. They could have cleaned that back up a little bit better than that zoo, spitting yeah. Zeus is spitting, so here we go all right. At least we got some power to it. Thats good see see how she looks. Thats right all motorolas come with a nano coating on them, so im not worried about it. Getting a little wet all right now, its raining hard, damn it i got ta go in for sure yo im gon na leave this one on the channel. I dont even care i dont even care im, not gon na, even edit it or nothing im, just gon na leave it up. Here i got rained on guys in 4k – well, not 4k, but i dont know what this is lets. Try i dont even care. I got to go home today after one week, one day in the hospital: okay, thats whats up oscar federico jr. I am so happy for you bro and trust me.

Man me and the mtr gang man. We are. We always praying for everyone here, man to to be healthy, to be safe. You know what im saying just do what you got to do: man, if theyre telling you you got to eat a certain way or exercise or do whatever you got to do, bro just to stay healthy to stay here with with us and your kids and your Family, you know what im saying and to watch these rainy ass videos. Okay, look at this man. Look at me braving the elephants for yall all right. You see here lets hold on over here all right, yeah man, 20 bucks for a kid, hey, jesse, dominguez, with a two dollar donation. Thank you. Thank you, jesse dominguez. I really appreciate that man, you just sponsored this whole video, but yeah im just trying to stay out here for a few more minutes, but this is what you get on here. Get your messenger, your your uh camera settings so obviously, like i said it was uh for the tracfone. I believe lets see. I cant remember exactly which company it was for yeah, oh no, total wire. So this is for total wireless. You can put it on total wireless if you want to uh lets, see its probably just probably running some old old, oh so its updated to android 9., so its on android 9.. Its not like that. Far back. I guess you can say so its here.

Android 9. itll run some stuff lets see here got a camera there. You go thats me right there, oh yeah, why not? It doesnt seem like absurdly slow or anything like that. Got 10 people watch hey ross, whats up ross bro. We need you, we need you in the discord man on facebook or something man its been such a long time. I got 11 of yall watching. I know i know more than three people can like the video for the rain. Do it for the rain, do it for mother nature all right, but anyways? Let me uh lets see here. If i can look at the actual im sure you guys could find out the specs if you really want to but lets go ahead and storage 16 gigs. Oh, it keeps trying to dial out whats going on michael west, so yeah, so 16 gig comes with 16 gigs right there, so on ebay. I want you guys in the comments down below. Do you think for 20 bucks on ebay comes with, i mean comes with a charger and a cable. You know just charging. The cable itself is like 5 10 bucks really motorola. This is a moto e. Let me look at it again, one more time. Moto e6 right here, moto e6 from total wireless 20 bucks ebay, its reconditioned. So i was trying to look for the cheapest uh, cheapest phone that i can buy reconditioned or cheapest phone on ebay.

So im going to continue this series, but hopefully it wont rain on me next time that im trying to freaking make a video anyways guys its been john from magic tech review. Im gon na go inside, like i said its raining like hell. Thank you for the person that uh sent the two dollar donation really appreciate you its little worth it mtr and theres a join down button down below. If you want to become a subscriber or not a subscriber a membership for as little as a dollar a month. You can help feed this magic tech review and his uh new autistic sign love. You guys, i would stay out here longer, but yeah its raining.