Third generation airpods, okay, lets get right to it. Here we go: okay, heres the box for the apple airpods third generation airpods, with a magsafe charging case. Okay, does anyone ever read this stuff? Also inside the box? Your cable, so its usbc, two lightning cable, but no charging adapter. So you have to supply that yourself. Music. This case looks a lot like the airpods pro case, which is wider, but very similar and heres. What is what one of them looks like its a real hybrid, its a cross between the original airpods design and uh, to a certain extent, the airpods pro, at least on the size of the stem and a little bit of the design here. So what i noticed right away is uh heres, the original air pods and heres the uh, the new air pods uh third generation i mean. Obviously the stem is a lot shorter, but the the the part that goes inside your ear is actually larger. Its a distinctly different shape, its got a different angle. Uh i mean the cutouts. The the vents are all different, see how much larger those holes are on the front, so really a different sound system and a different uh different battery system. Too. Look at the size of the stems. What we have here is uh, comparing the new uh airpods third generation to uh airpods pro. You can see that the design is similar, but obviously theres, no noise, cancellation, uh on the airpods or the third generation.

So you know thats thats different. They do both have uh the force touch sensor right here. You actually press that little indented area there and youll feel something when you press that so uh thats one of the ways you can control them. The other way, of course, is with siri, and then one other thing ill note here is that they are ipx4 rated, not just that, but the case and the the airpods third generation can handle some sweat and water. A few things to note about these. They have a longer battery life, six hours of battery life, uh on them with one charge and then, with the case about 30 hours. The case is wireless charging and magsafe compatible. These also support uh spatial audio and adaptive. Eq setup is still easy. You just open your air pods third generation case next to an iphone instantly, recognized connects and youre ready to go. And yes, the new airpods third generation charge on maxsafe lets see what it feels like when i put it in for the first time, not bad. You know it feels obviously, if youve been wearing air pods pro for a long time. The fits not going to feel as snug and thats. Just because you dont have the soft tip, but uh sits in there pretty well put in the other one and jump around. Well, thats a uh, maybe its just. If i should turn it right lets uh lets. Try it again.

So if i shake my head this way, im not sure how well these will stay in sick, not bad. I also did some uh facetime call tests and uh found that the audio quality for my uh call recipients was slightly better than what i got when i was using the airpods pro. I dont know if um apples refined its dual beam forming microphones, but its definitely better slightly clearer quality and in general everybody says they can hear me perfectly. Music still works Music, okay, theres water on this, but uh its fine, hey, siri, whats, the weather. Right now, clear, with the temperature of 73 degrees. First of all lets talk about the sound great range, uh highs and lows all sharp, clear, well separated uh. I listened to uh music from uh from james blake and casey musgraves and uh, particularly casey mouse graves theres. Some dueling guitars and you could hear the separation of them, and then i watched a movie uh greyhound with tom hanks and theres a battle scene where theyre, shooting and because of the spatial audio feels as if the shots are coming from all around you. There were moments in in the music and the audio where certain sounds would sound as if they were coming from some place completely separate, and i would i would get confused and think. Oh, is that a sound outside of the airpods so thats? How well separated the sound is thats how well this the basal audio works above average quality, sound the bass, surprisingly good for for earbuds that arent sealed, obviously, no noise cancellation, although with the volume of sound and the richness of sound, you end up not really hearing That much whats going on around you im impressed im, definitely impressed with the sound quality.

Airpods third generation also have something called adaptive eq, which is basically about making the sound quality work for your particular ear shape. And you know they do that because they have the microphones that can listen to the audios, its kind of bouncing off the inside of your ears and then adjust it appropriately. Now i know at the beginning of this video um, i had a little trouble with one of the earbuds that popped out a couple of times when i really shook my head around, but in day to day use they never fell out. Now, as you saw, i tried out the uh, the ipx4 rating and they can definitely take a splash of water. They didnt stop playing. I didnt have any like clicks or buzzes or anything uh. I think the the the only unpleasant part was me getting my ear. All wet uh, the airpods third generation still use the same h1. Chip have good bluetooth range. I walked around. My house left. The phone behind no problem could hear the music by the way i mentioned one thing about uh the the sound quality uh. These can get really loud, so just just be careful. Battery life has been awesome uh, so i used them literally all day long uh. I had a an hour, long break for dinner and just kept using them into the night. I get at least seven hours theyre rated for six um. I think its going to depend on sort of what youre using and what youre listening to the volume uh.

You know other features that you might employ like, for example, siri uh, but just really impressive, and then you know charge them up pretty quickly in the uh. The new uh wireless magsafe compatible charging case uh, but you know best battery life uh on the airpods. Yet across the uh across all of them, what do i think of apples, air pods, third generation, uh, theyre, 179 dollars, uh thats, a decent price, its, not an industry leading price? I can certainly get cheaper bluetooth earbuds from other companies uh, even some with noise cancellation but uh. You know if you really appreciate the apple brand and you like how seamlessly it works on the apple ecosystem. 179 dollars is not a bad price to pay for some really truly excellent: audio quality, great battery life, decent fit uh and uh theyre, not bad looking either. Also youve got the uh the wireless charging case and all that extra battery life in it.