So, of course, a huge shots, always dbrand for looking out for your boy, always making sure i get one of my favorite cases for any new device that comes out so lets go ahead, open it up, and this is aka for dramatic effect, as i always said, Because i have been using this on my phone for about a day and i absolutely love it another grip. They did it again. So lets go ahead and take a look at it now, of course, they didnt send it with the screen with the skin already applied. They hooked me up with a few skins and lets go ahead and just check the ones that they have. You have a matte black. You have a robo skin. As you see, i was probably messing up and we do have this little peach color. So thats a nice little google ish color, i could have seen them making that saying kind of pink or something you know how their colors do. Man but typical d brand packaging purchase delivered install, and you already know the d brand way man. So here it is. This is going to be the grip. Of course. I have that robo skin out there aka one of the dopest skins, if not adobe, skins out there when it comes to dbrand, so lets go ahead and slap it on yep there. It is man the sorta sunny, google pixel 6 pro the highly awaited man. If you didnt see my unboxing ill be making sure to pop it up above whoo, we got a contender thats.

All i got to say man, but lets go ahead and whoo there. It is lets, go ahead and pop it in and lets go ahead and take a look at that grip. So we got to be extra for this one man. We got to make sure we wipe that cyclops off man and keep it going so here it is. This is going to be the grip on the pixel 6 pro, so lets go ahead and take a look at all around top side going to be completely closed. You get that little cut out there on that. The thing about this phone on the left side is completely closed, no buttons as well. So of course, we get that signature grip material there flipping over on the bottom. You get it cut out for your speakers and your about to say lightning port. You almost call me your type c port and on the right side, is where all your business is. You got the power button volume up and down, which is texture and of course they do have little slits in there. So you can see the color of that bezel and the camera is very flush, as you see its protected down in there. It is recessed in there, but just enough so when you put it on a table, you dont have to worry about the camera lens scratching or anything like that, because you already know we need to keep those high powered, pixel cameras together.

All right so lets go ahead and take a look at the buttons to see how they feel ooh nice and tactile perfect. You hear that yeah volume up and down the spot on as you can see, the cutouts are good to go there and, like i said that camera is recessed down up in there. Taking a look at that late on the table protection. Now, no, i dont have a tempered glass up here right now. I know there are some companies that are potentially making some. We got a curved display, so you know we got a factor for that, but even with that, we do have a little lip thats on the bottom and we have a little lip thats on the top so sitting down on his face. Youre definitely good to go its going to rest on the case, its not going to rest on the actual screen itself and how does it fit on the phone? Do we even got to talk about this? You know we got championship fit when it comes to this man. So taking a look at the top super super snug on the top come along to the sides, you cant budge anywhere. You see you get a little bit of give right there when it comes to the buttons but come down the side, youre not getting any pull at all coming down to the bottom. Super duper stiff as well so just championship fit once again when it comes to the dbrand grip for the pixel 6 pro, and how does it feel in your hand? This thing definitely feels good, of course, its going to add a little bit of bulk.

We all would love to run our phones naked. I would love to run the pixel 6 pro naked, but i just cant do it. We got to have that protection up there, so it will add a little bit more bulk to it. Not much. I do feel like the grip still is a thin case feels good in your hands, because you have that micro, texture aka the grip. So you never have to worry about gripping this man, its always going to feel like its in your in your hands pun intended. I guess because it is made the brand grip made it for the grip so but overall feels good, just another a1 product. Now i know before we say anything yeah. I forgot to switch to the other wireless charger, so youre going to get mag safe test man. So drop it down this on wireless charging buy itself because it still is a wireless charger. Wireless charging works, just fine, you saw, and if you didnt see it lets kind of reset, it drop it back down. So you can kind of see that information. So it does work just fine with wireless charging, so here it is man. This is going to be the d brand grip, the the size on here it it still works with swipes, just because of the curve nature. So the case isnt really going to interfere when youre talking about swiping or anything like that and then just to reassure you.

The camera is for sure recessed in there. It looks very very close when you look at it in person, but i can assure you that it is recessed down up in there. So there it is man right now, my favorite case, because there arent many cases for the pixel 6 pro and were going to get into some more. I got a few brands thats im about to actually record right now, but were going to get into some more cases, but for right now you know this is uh one of my goat cases. So you already know man take it to you im about to get up out of here. Man make sure you check out the dbrand grip at the link down below go pick yourself up. One tell me your boy, intelligent t sent you man, but until next time everyone please be safe. Do all the youtube things, but especially make sure you smash that subscribe button and turn the bell on. So you dont miss out on any of these future pixel. 6.