Well, you know this is like the consumer fantasy. What if they lower the price while giving you much better specs thats. Actually, whats happened this time with this pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro. Now we have the big one, which is the pixel 6 pro, but quite similar and ill talk about what the differences are between the two of them. So the pixel 6 has a 6.4 inch full hd plus oled 90 hertz display, and it starts at 5.99, which is a hundred dollars less than the pixel 5, which had all those misgivings of mid ranging non evolved cameras. Smaller displays six inches, that sort of thing and then, if you want to get even higher end and a bigger screen, 6.7 inches, qhd plus and 120 hertz refresh rate, then youre looking at 8.99, and it competes with something like the iphone 13 pro max and the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, but for considerably less money. So this is starting to sound nice. We are going to look at it now so in the united states, its sold direct by google unlock im. Sure other places will offer it as well. It works with any carrier. You can get a verizon version or you can get with google fi service if thats available in your area and google actually came up with their own processor. So this doesnt happen every day right its called the google tensor processor and they have the titan security ship chip that goes along with it.

So if you watched the pixel event, google, it seemed like they were throwing shade at qualcomm, but talking to them, i realized. Well, not not really so much, they had no issues with the performance of snapdragon or with its 5g radios or anything like that. But particularly you know, googles all into ai and machine learning and they wanted to be able to do some of the fancier stuff. They could do on desktops or on servers, but on a mobile phone, but obviously given the thermal constraints of a phone and the battery life issues that wasnt easy. So they went for spend the last four years purpose: building something that could handle that stuff and not just to say hey, we did it and look. We have live translate now, which is pretty cool. You know, and nobody else can do it this good, but because it also is good for two other things: your privacy, because now everything is computed on the phone, so no more sending data to the server having it parsed there and sent back so for privacy considerations. Thats, wonderful, and also for those of you who dont have a really robust internet connection wherever you go. That means that all the fancy intelligent features are still going to work, even if you dont have an internet connection, while were talking about the processor, i you know you might wonder, how is the performance and people are into feeds and speeds and benchmarks, and all that Kind of thing – and i can tell you using the phone – and this is not final – release software yet either had about a week before it officially launches i its very fast, very fluid.

Now i mean google could achieve that with pixel phones on upper mid range, snapdragon processors, so thats not a surprise, but the speed here is good gaming performance on this is great in terms of synthetic benchmarks like geekbench 5. It sits a little bit below the snapdragon 888 that youll find on the s21 ultra, for example, but not that far off in the multi core performance. Single core is almost identical and it actually does better on some tests, like 3d mark and their wildlife test. So its all good stuff there im, who can complain, phones do have 5g. This gets only slightly confusing because the pixel 6 has sub 6 5g, but no millimeter wave. Unless you get the ryzen version, because verizon requires having millimeter wave got that confusing. If you get the 6 pro, it has sub 6 and it has millimeter wave 5g. I dont think people care that much about millimeter wave yet especially outside the united states, because deployments really not that broad. But okay, you can get insane speeds. If you do happen to have that coverage, the displays are very good. Looking on these phones, oled displays again fast refresh and my only complaint – and you know i do have a pre release phone here. So hopefully google will address this. It should be something that they can fix, but the ambient light sensor is too twitchy. I mean it will just change at the slightest bit of ambient light, changing and typically running the phone a bit too dark.

You can go and manually adjust it up, but you do want auto brightness to work correctly because youll get the brightest outdoor mode only on auto brightness and thats, typical of any smartphone, speaking of which it is easy enough to see outdoors even in bright texas, sunlight, Especially when the ambient light sensor is working correctly at first, i thought well thats not as bright as i would like, and then the ambient light sensor caught up and it looked good so thats fine, because especially with a phone thats, very photography centric. You really want to be able to see it outdoors in terms of design. I like this a lot its a little like google does mondrian, but the the colors are playful more so on the six versus the six pro, though there is that kind of yellowy rng option that you have for the pro you can see the colors on screen For the two lines of phones, but its different, looking its how else to put a designer looking and quality, looking gorilla, glass, vic discovered and where pixels in the last couple of generations have looked kind of bland and not particularly expensive. Looking these look like flagship phones, which is especially charming when you think about the prices, particularly for the pixel 6 model, coming in at 5.99 starting price, the phones have 128 gigs of storage for starting and you can go up to 256 gigabytes on the pixel 6 Or 256 to 512 on the pro model and each storage increment, like most phones, is another hundred dollars, since google hates as micro sd cards and hardly any phone has one anymore.

You get the amount of storage you need, but these days for a lot of people with cloud services being available and stuff it. You dont really need that much. We have wi fi 6e on board, bluetooth, 5.2 nfc and ip68 dust and water resistance, and we have wireless charging and we have fast wireless charging. Though google says that you should get their pixel stand. If you want the really fast wireless charging, which is 21 watts for pixel, 6 and 23 watts for the pixel 6 pro and it supports 30 watt fast, wired charging as well all the premium flagship features and like flagship phones today, theres no charger in the box. So youre going to have to roll your own, getting either by googles or use whatever usb chargers you have available right up to 45 watt laptop chargers will work a standard, usb c power delivery, so the phone ships with android 12, as ever you can expect to Be the first on the block to get the latest release of android and you get five years of security updates with the phone theyve extended it and three years of major os updates, which means you should be good all the way up to android 15.. So thats, pretty nice too, and some of the pixel specific software features using the ai, the tensor, cores and stuff are the live translate. So you can kind of like have a star trek like universal transcriber experience there and speak with people in real time.

When neither of you speaks the same language which is kind of neat, or if youre watching a french movie that doesnt have subtitles, it should be able to actually transcribe it in something like real time. So you can still sort of follow along its nice to have again its done on the phone for your privacy, so thats good too. It has anti phishing and anti malware software again processed on the phone. I asked google the details about how thats done they didnt say much, but they said it. Doesnt require occasional software downloads to update that database. Thats interesting the separate security core is there. So, even if you get say like a buffer overflow on the cpu and somebodys trying to get your data or your passwords or something well its on a separate chip, sort of like apples doing too with their separate security chip and secure enclaves and all that sort Of thing so thats good to see um also for the camera when ill talk about that more in detail in a minute, but youve got some new ai features for the camera. Now, thats great that all this is being done on the phone for your privacy, but were still talking, google here so youll see things like if you reserve a car or something like that from hertz, and you get an email about it. It can automatically add that to your calendar, which means its still reading your email. So you know it depends on how you feel about thats.

The way of the world today so were not completely free of privacy concerns on phones and speaking of something like that or say you did an airline reservation, it can automatically surface at convenient times or appropriate times. Things like where you are and what time it is. So youre at the airport, its an hour before your flight and its going to surface in the notification area, your boarding pass to make life easier. So those kind of things are pretty nice and thats when im like okay ill, give up all my privacy, because that just makes life so much better. But again i leave that up to you. Other things are, you, dont have to say, hey, you know who for certain commands if a phone comes in phone call comes in, you can just say answer and it uses the context of well. The phone is ringing to figure out what you mean. If your alarm clock goes off, you can just say, stop or any other, probably selection of nasty things. I usually say to tell it to stop to stop it without having to use the hey. You know what command so lets talk about the cameras almost other than the fact that you like guaranteed software updates and a clean pixel like software experience youre here for the cameras, because pixels just do such a great job. Well, heres, the first good news. You know how the video used to kind of suck eggs yeah its so much better.

Now, im not sure its. You know the iphone really is the the bar and i wouldnt say its quite as good as the iphone yet, but the fact that its getting pretty close and you got to look at it and think about it – means thats a lot of improvement and versus the S21 ultra as well its holding its own, so the cameras here and one interesting thing is: you dont, have to just use the built in google camera app to get some of the features like hdr plus, for example, because theyre baked into the tensor cpu. Now. So the image processing happens on chip, so if youre, using instagram or whatever third party app to take a picture, youll still get some of the enhancements that are available now. Weve got a 50 megapixel main sensor, so after being stuck with the same sensors, 12 megapixel and so on, thats a nice jump up and we have a 48 megapixel telephoto camera. Only on the pro the standard, six doesnt get the telephoto camera. The rest of the stuff stays the same in terms of the cameras and we have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera as well, and you can see the camera specs on screen. So the good news is more data. More pixels does make a difference. I mean. Sometimes we have seen high megapixel phones that actually, from other brands, dont take super great photos and in this case theyre using the pixels and the data really well here, really really good stuff, i mean in night mode.

Of course, we expect night sight to be quite good by the way thats supported in third party apps too, because thats handled on the tensor chip, but really good, still night, shots look a little brighter than well reality, but theyre very colorful and theyre very sharp. With the wide angle ultra wide angle, camera you do have to hold the phone pretty still ive noticed and telephoto with all camera. Phones is the one that hurts the most for night mode. But if you stick with mostly the main or hold your ultra wide, really still beautiful in terms of the images, what we expect from a pixel is that natural digital slr kind of look to them, not over sharpened or over colorized hello samsung. You know and not overly sharpened vegetation, which has been a problem for me with the iphone 12 a little better with the iphone 13 pro, but still every blade of grass is a little too distinct. So pixels typically dont do that as much and theyre, mostly sticking with that, sometimes i see a little bit of what i would consider to be a little extra crispy. Maybe i would like it a little less sharp the the tree that you can see right now that i would say that those leaves look a little too sharpened, but overall, still quite natural. Looking the colors are vibrant, but good skies are a little bluer than in reality, which is sort of a samsung thing too, but not going quite as far with that and something else that theyve done and really they were doing.

A good job of this for years is working on different colored, skin tones of people of color, chocolaty and rich, dark and inky. You name it. They worked really hard in the last several years on fine tuning that so people of different colors would still look good and highlights on cheeks wouldnt blow out dark tones, wouldnt turn ashen and dead. Looking that sort of thing so also well done, i its good stuff, does it beat the samsung galaxy s21, ultra other than for skin tone processing where samsung isnt so great, particularly with people of color overall other than that, i would say, theyre pretty neck and neck? If youre talking about telephoto now you have 4x telephoto on the pixel 6 pro its a folding lens kind of design. In fact ive seen in video. Sometimes it seems like its changed reframing. If im zooming on the fly, which is a little weird, i dont know something can be fixed with software, but obviously you get even higher optical zoom with the s21 ultra. But i found that the pictures that the pixel was taking as long as you stick to anything up to 10x look sometimes actually sharper and better than the s21 ultra, which is quite an accomplishment that grasshopper that you can see on screen right now. That was a 10x digital zoom, so its pretty detailed and fairly natural. Looking one thing i will complain about is lens flare if youre shooting at all sort of into the sun not like at the sun but just into the sun.

There is some lens flare now there are three major features that theyve used the ai stuff in your tensor chip for for the camera. One of them is the magic eraser which is sort of like content, aware fill for those who use photoshop. So you can select something on screen and it can get rid of photobombers its a work in progress. Folks, remember when photoshop first released that it wasnt so great, sometimes youll select something and itll wipe it out, but itll leave after smudges and marks and all that sort of thing, so software updates obviously can help this its got a ways to go. If its a small photo bomber, its going to be much better than in a if its big or in a busy scene, then theres artificial motion blur so say, someones standing, standing in front of a subway car right and you want the subway car to look blurred. But the person to stay in focus, thats kind of a nice party trick its okay and lastly, theres facial sharpening for the case where sometimes you know, somebodys moving a little bit and their face gets a little blurred. Well, if it senses that itll use multiple cameras to try to capture as much data as possible to give you a sharper face. So how about battery life? One of the things that google was saying that they could get battery life better. While doing all these fancy pants things and having high refresh displays and all that and the phones do have high capacity batteries around 4 600 for the pixel 6 around 5000 milliamp per hour for the pixel 6 pro battery life is pretty good.

Now granted i have been taking a lot of photos and video and all that sort of thing so im going to be hitting the battery pretty hard, but still, i would say its good. They do have some battery optimization features again allowed by the tensor cpu thats supposed to help even more, and there is a super low power option if you need to go up to 48 hours, but for the pro its lasted me about a day on a charge. Without a problem so for a big flagship phone with a big flagship phone size, battery thats, pretty good, i havent seen anything that has rocked my world and changed the way i used the phone in terms of how long the battery runs, but thats pretty good. So there you have it the pixel 6 pro i like it a lot. I also like the pixel 6., so it depends on which size you want how much money you want to spend whether you want the telephoto lens. Those are the big differences there and the max capacity, so theyve finally done what everybody wants, charge us less money and give us all the bells and whistles and high end features that make it a very pretty classy. Looking phone yay, im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up.