Now i got ta admit i am still rather gutted that the pixel 6 is a bigger heavier handset compared with last years flagship phone. This 6.4 inch, google blower, weighs 207 grams and youll certainly feel it when its stashed in your pocket, but sizing aside, i do really like what google has done here, especially after the decidedly cheapy look and feel of last years. Pixel 5., its a smart design overall, despite the camera chassis segmentation and the way that it effortlessly attracts dust and fluff yeah. That sure is a big old camera bumper, at least the fact that it stretches all the way across the entire width of the pixel 6 means that when it is laying down on its back on a desk or table or something youre poking in front of the Screen it doesnt rock about like a morpho, i would recommend grabbing the sort of c form or the kind of coral models if possible, though despite the slightly wanky neyman conventions, because theyre certainly a lot more exciting than this here. Stormy black effort, despite that dark design, the pixel 6 picks up plenty of smudgy fingerprints as well. So you should definitely be expected to give it a good old buffing every now and then, but the inherent greasiness aside. The fact youve got like gorilla glass, 6 around back and then gorilla glass, victus up front means that not only is it reassuringly drop resistant, but also not a single scratch or scuff or gouge to speak of on those glass surfaces.

So far after a week and a half of rough handling and the pixel 6 is also ip68 water and dust resistant to boot. Now android 12 brings a fresh new design to your desktops, which looks proper bloody, lovely, complete with app icons that can morph to match your geeky anime wallpaper and a more aesthetically pleasing notifications tab. But the real joy of android 12, of course, lies in those fresh new features, especially those fueled by the tensor chipsets advanced speech, processing powers, possibly one of the best examples of this. I havent actually had a chance to check out yet because its not actually on here just yet but its the new call screen feature which is coming to the uk, as well as the us and apparently youll, be able to activate this with just a quick tap. Whenever some unknown caller is bothering you, the pixel 6 will learns it or what do you actually want, and then it will feed you back a transcription of what their response is, at which point you can then decide whether to hang up on them or actually take Their call, i really enjoyed testing out the type voice command for dictating messages when your hands are busy. This is brilliant when driving complete with emoji support and accurate, auto punctuation that occasionally does get a bit american thrown in pointless exclamation marks that just make you sound sarcastic, but whatever, apart from that, its really good – and i know that sounds sarcastic.

But i really do mean it is proper good. The pixel 6s camera can also live, translate any uh signs or menus in a foreign language which id imagine will come in really handy when i actually go further afield for my holidays than peng. Android 12 heralds a big step up for security and privacy and not just with a call screen feature which i havent tried out. Yet the brand new security hub also gives you easy access to all of your privacy settings and can point out any possible issues that you might want to sort out rather pronto. I found this incredibly useful, especially the bit which points out any devices that youre currently signed into with your google account that you might want to sign out of actually gives you the option of doing that remotely as well, which is fantastic, particularly when your job involves Reviewing an awful lot of tech, the tensor chipset has a separate security core for and all of your sensitive tasks. Well out of sight. Those got that titan m2 security chip as well, for storing all of your confidential data and, of course, google is guaranteeing five years of security updates. You are set for the foreseeable. So if you happen to be constantly concerned about scheming, cocksocks target on your smartphone or your google account well, this is one of the most reassuringly well protected phones that you can buy. You can also completely kill the mic in the camera from the pixel 6s notifications bar, while a handy warner will flash up if any app starts using the camera, the mic.

So you know when youre being watched or listened to, that is beyond the usual google assistant shenanigans. Of course, an android also apparently now includes built in fission detection, which can pick up on potentially dodgy messages, although im bugging, if i could get this to work, may just be a case of like the call screening feature that little update hasnt pinged through to my Pixel 6, just yet, but that side i found that the android experience here on the pixel 6 was just like slapping on three rubber johnnies at once. Next level, protection just to be sure the pixel 6s optical fingerprint sensor makes sure that its definitely you poking the screen, and if your hands are a bit damp or mucky, then it usually does feel or require. A couple of extra porks certainly would have been nice to have face and lock as a backup but hey oh, never mind. As for the storage, well, its ufs 3.1 youve got a choice of either 128 or 256 gigs, so a good bit of space on there. But of course, if youre gon na be shooting a lot of photo and video, it would have been nice to have some micro sd memory card support on this thing. Sadly, no such looks youre either gon na have to constantly back up yourself, otherwise rely on the good old cloud. Now. No complaints at all with googles 6.4 inch oled screen, which lacks the quad hd plus resolution of the pro model, but it still pumps out crisp crystal clear visuals with its 2400 by 1080 pixel setup.

You can expect natural looking images when streaming hdr content. Otherwise the pixel 6 can also spaff out super vivid colors right at your peepers, when youre enjoying some anime or some other bright and punchy fare and the brightness levels are that screen skill. All the way from super super dim for some nice comfortable, easy on the eye, even in viewing experiences all the way up to super super powerfully, punchy bright for when the sun finally does poke its face out from behind theres several layers of dark clouds. While the refresh range isnt quite as strong as the pixel 6 pro, you do automatically get skilled up to 90 hertz when youre playing around with a supported app and the pixel 6s stereo speakers are loud as on top volume, without any compromise. To that clarity, its very impressive output, perfect for outdoors use and also annoying the piss out of grannies on the bus and no worries with that bit of bluetooth 5.2 action either. I found that the bluetooth stream in here on the pixel 6 was uh perfectly dependable. No cutouts or anything even in some action, packed central london areas, which is just as well because theres bugger all headphone jack action here. So lets move on to performance and, of course, the fresh new google tensor chipset, which powers proceedings here has been designed with the likes of machine learning and image processing in mind, but how does it actually handle just everyday shenanigans and a good bit of gaming? Well, i found that the pixel 6 coped perfectly well, even with loads of apps running at once, flipping between them all and also streaming audio, while browsing the web and messaging lots of stuff all at the same time, a blissfully smooth experience throughout and the pixel 6s 90 hertz display means that flipping around in android 12 feels fantastically fluid, as does using supported, apps and yeah.

I did see a bit of funny behavior out of the pixel 6 when i first started testing it out just over a week ago. So, for instance, a couple of times i would load up the camera app and id just be presented with a perfectly black screen, which wouldnt do anything until i uh shut down the camera up and then it would be magically working again. Thankfully, these little quirks and bugs they only lasted for a few days and ive had a couple of over the air updates since then and touchwood the last few days. The pixel 6 has been behaving itself perfectly. However, while the pixel 6s 20 core gpu can easily handle games like call of duty, mobile and pub g, maintaining a smooth high frame rate throughout an intense and bloody match, i did notice that the phones struggled somewhat with more demand and fare like gentian impact, especially When i boosted those detail, settings and the frame rate performance drops were surprisingly common. While i also noticed that the arse end of the pixel 6 got rather toasty after around 30 to 40 minutes of playtime. So if you are a serious gamer, you might want to try the pro model instead, which definitely doesnt suffer like this, possibly as its less compact, so the chipset can steer cooler or possibly because you get an extra four gigs of ddr5 ram, stuffed in there. Oh and it is, of course, mildly exciting that android finally has a built in gaming mode, something thats usually added to the os by manufacturers like sony, xiaomi, etc its not much of a gaming mode yet, but it does include a do not disturb feature plus the Ability to screenshot or record the action heres hoping that the functionality will expand quite considerably with future updates.

As for connectivity. Well, my british pixel 6 supported a bit sub. 6 5g. No troubles on that front, but i believe that some models, including the likes of the us, will have millimeter wave support as well. If you actually got that technology out there, youve also got wi fi 6e support here on the pixel six again, no troubles whatsoever with my wi fi connections as long as the actual network wasnt panned. But there is no ultra wideband tech in here. Unlike the pro model, now, google has managed to smush a sizeable 4 600 milliamp capacity battery inside of the pixel 6, which is a considerable upgrade over the pixel 5, and it really shows battery life on this thing is just bloody, wonderful, helped to long loads out By the energy efficiency of that fresh new tensor chipset, i found that even if i uh you know, had a good like six to seven hours of screen on time throughout the day, lots of skyping actions sat nav stuff that tends to really drain that battery a Bit of camera play in general, of course, i felt like i still ended most days with around 20 to 25 battery life remaining the lowest i managed to get it was around 12 and that took some serious friggin effort. So if you dont spend quite so much time staring at your smartphone or youre, a less demanding user, you might be able to squeeze two full days out of this thing between charges.

As far as the fast charging goes, its not particularly fast. Unfortunately, the pixel 6 tops off at 30 watts with a wide charger and you dont actually get an adapter, bundled in the box, which is a bit of a bum, but at least the fact that it doesnt support super crazy, fast charging means. Hopefully, the battery life will remain strong over time and ill be helped along by the fact. Youve got the adaptive charging support in here as well built into android uh. It also supports wireless charging as well the good old pixel, six uh again, not particularly nippy 21 watts with the second generation pixel stand so whats nice. I did just slap this thing on the stand and let it trickle charge overnight, while i passed out face first on my pillow now, one of the bits of the new pixel six that is sure to grab everyones attention is that camera tech, and not just because Its freaking massive google has completely overhauled the camera hardware for the pixel 6 series, including not just the megapixel cam, but also the sensor size of that 50 megapixel primary shooter, with built in optical image. Stabilization. This improved sensor working alongside googles, usual software, smart means incredibly natural, looking photos in pretty much any kind of light from skin tones to more vivid subjects, whatever youre shooting indoors or out. Only in very low light does the pixel 6 occasionally stumble, especially if youre shooting a mobile subject and with the new magic eraser tool you can get rid of any gumless stragglers in your photos with just a couple of quick taps.

You can swap at any point to the pixel 6s 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens for a more pulled back view, and while the results are occasionally less realistic, usually when shooting in artificial light, the reduced edge distortion makes for a refreshing change. Sadly, theres no telephoto lens on the pixel 6, unlike the pro model, but at the two times digital zoom level, youll still get crisp detailed photos, just dont pinch in any further or youll end up with something thats about. As appealing as a kick in the knackers. You can also shoot 4k video with impressive audio capture and image stabilization and once again respectable color accuracy, while low light footage. Thankfully doesnt look completely crap. However, i was less enthused by the gimmicky motion mode, which often pumps out bizarre looking picks while the pixel 6s 8 megapixel selfie shooter is somewhat less than brilliant when youre not perfectly illuminated but anywho. If you do want a proper in depth, look at the pixel 6s camera tech well definitely check out my full camera review, which is live right now, where ive also compared it with the pixel 6 pro to see exactly what the differences are, so that right theres. My full frank, final review of the pixel 6 after using it as my full time smartphone for about a week and a half. Now i could say i really really do like it, especially some of those fantastic new android features on there.

The slick, new redesign and, of course, the fact that it costs a serious chunk of change less than many rivals from the likes of samsung and apple, and certainly your privacy and security and future update worthiness are all major concerns of yours. Then youll get on very well with the pixel 6 and d. The camera tech is a pretty good apartment, really testing conditions, uh selfie aficionados might be a little bit disappointed. But apart from that, some strong optics all around, because if you were hoping for a telephoto lens or a good bit of gaming action on the likes of gentian or mac style, detail settings – you might be more tempted by the pro. I have done a full side by side with the google pixel 6 and the google pixel 6 pro as well, which should be going live the day after this review drops, but yeah thats enough of me banging on anyway. Are you tempted by the pixel 6? Be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below, as i say, if you are tempted october, the 28th, its available for 600 quid from the google store and also pretty much every single uh uk carrier out there. Its yeah itd be great to hear your own mini review down below. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest. I can have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.