You know what you know, what let me just scrub, that from a memory and just start over hello folks and welcome to another episode of technicationer. My name is peyton wilmot and today we have in front of us the moza mini mx, and this is a smartphone gimbal, and this is the first time im actually reviewing a smartphone gimbal on the channel. The reason for this is because i always thought that smartphone gimbals dont make any sense if you have a high end phone. These high end phones come with so many features to stabilize your video. Why do you need a dildo smartphone in your book, but guess what the moza mini mx proved me wrong, and also this gimbal has so many added features to enhance your videos. Let me just get right into it: unbox it and tell you more in the review. So what do you actually get in the box? Well, you get a lot of booklets and manuals on how to use the moza mini mx, and you also get a usb type c cable to charge. The moza mini mx with a hand, strap to secure it to your hand, while youre using it. You also get the moza mini mx itself in the box folded in a lock position, boy, where i forgot to figure this puzzle and hope actually unfold it and unlock it, fuse it pretty soon. Oh, oh yes, theres a next compartment at the bottom of this one.

You really need to figure out all for me. Okay, let me rephrase that theres a box at the lower end, one next box, the inner box in the box, where we get this box, have the tripod that doubles as a handle for the moza mini mx. In this box also, you have the pouch the carrying case thats made of cloth for the moza mini mx. They have come out on a video. So after 30 minutes of reading the manual failing trying failing re reading the manual, i finally figured out how to put the moza mini mx together. So its like this you twist here, you turn here, you pull. You sound like something strangely familiar twist it if you cant keep up with it long story short. I figured out how to set up the moza mini mx anyhow. There are certain key buttons and features that you need to know about this gimbal, and that is, it has a trigger button. It has a usb type c charging port. It has a power, slash shutter button. It also has a fm plus and minus button and a joystick so since its the first time actually using a gimbal of any sort, i had to learn that the trigger button has multi functions that actually help the gimbal to shoot in different modes. Also. I realized that the fm plus and minus buttons can be used to zoom in and out of your subject on your phone and the shutter button.

Slash power button is self explanatory. The joystick, on the other hand, has the ability to pan up down or turn the phone in a circular motion that one yeah that one i did not know so by itself. The mozam mini mx is a pretty solid, smartphone gimbal. But when you download the moza genie app for your smartphone, that actually adds a lot more features to the gimbal trust me. It opens up a whole new world. The moza genie app has so many features it. It gives you the ability to set your sensitivity of your tilt, your roll. It also gives you face tracking. It has a movie editor and it guides you with a tutorial how to take certain shots. It has a time lapse function. It has photo video recording, it also have slo mo. I mean using the gimbal without the app just is an injustice, a big injustice. So i guess were at the part where we talk about performance. No, i wont be honest with you. I didnt really expect much from the mozam mini mx, but i really did see the difference between stability while using the gimbal versus just holding the phone by your hand and videoing. To be honest, some of the shots that i got with the moza mini. I could not get a stable footage if i was using my hand to video that same scenario. Also, while were on the topic of performance, i was actually using the s21 ultra to test out this gimbal, and you know the s21 ultra is a big big phone and the moza mini mx handle it, but not totally.

There are certain times that you can see the gimbal struggling to turn this phone or balance this phone. At some points, the gimbal just went dead after trying to struggle to balance the phone over two three seconds, and the only way to get the gamer back up and running is that you have to do a full power cycle, turn off the gimbal and turn it On back again, so, while were on the topic of performance, lets, talk about the movie editing feature that the moza genie app has its a cool idea of tutorials how to do different styles of shooting videos, but in implementing it pretty good. But the end result is a bit choppy a bit choppy huh. On the other hand, though, the moza genie app gives you the feature to do face tracking, and this, my friends, i have to say, is one of the best features reliable features about the moza mini mx. I mean when i was using the face tracking feature. It didnt miss once it was always locked on to the subject, even if their face was not showing on the camera. Okay, so lets talk about battery now the mozam mini mx. When it comes to battery life. This thing is a champ i mean i use this thing like every other day and sometime, i will be using it for a month without actually recharging it. So what are my final thoughts about the moza mini mx, the smartphone gimbal, okay, im gon na be honest with you, given a price that you can get this for on amazon.

You can get this anywhere around 80, and sometimes you get it on special for 50. yeah for that kind of price. Yes, youre getting a very good, well put together product as long as youre not going to be using it on any phones that are as heavy and big as the s21 ultra. So the last thing i want to address is the clamp that holds the phone in place on the moza mini mx yeah um. If youre going to use this a lot that clamp really does cramp your style, it is hard to open and close and sometimes youll feel like youre going to break it. So all things considered folks, the moza mini mx. When you stack up the features and what youre getting for the price youre paying for it, youre really getting your moneys worth, and i would advise anyone who is trying to take their videos to the next level. Yeah get a smartphone gimbal and if you cannot afford those high end ones, this is a great option. So there you have it folks. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you guys for supporting the channel and tell your friends to subscribe and watch as well, and if you liked the video, please give me a thumbs up, it really does help the channel and until next time, folks, you do know the process. Peace, snakes in the grass you got ta watch where you step blood on the leaves you eat the killer, be killed.

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