They previously just had the xperia one. Three, of course, the one two it seems that a lot of smartphone companies are using that pro name in their naming schemes. Weve even got apple going beyond pro, and i guess max is the top of their food chain, but anyways lets get inside ive actually been using this phone for a bit but ill kind of walk through that unboxing experience with you. You can kind of also see the pro eye and naming scheme on the side, and you can already kind of glance the main feature of this phone. The camera sensor is just massive: sony tends to kind of focus on their camera systems and ive always been a fan of the xperia one, three, its actually my favorite android, smartphone and thats. Why? I was stoked for this to come out im. Also, a big sony fan boy im shooting on sonys right now. This was the latest sony a74. So if you want to see that vid ill leave, it linked up this way, youll get the smartphone a 30 watt charger and usbc cable and just remember this is a pre production unit. So sony did send this to me a tad bit early. So it might change slightly most of the features on the phone are working, i believe, just the telephoto, which is something that i currently cant test but uh. This is almost ready for the full release when that does become available, but lets get to the actual phone itself, because im really excited to kind of talk about this and the main reason why i kind of love sony smartphones.

They are so different from what you get from pretty much any other smartphone that youre getting in 2021 2022. and when you think about it, thats a pretty tough order to ask for, because, in the past five to six years, the design of smartphones havent really changed Too much youve got the display. Youve got the back. Youve got the camera but ill. Take my iphone as a clear example: five to six years, there hasnt really been too much in terms of a design change and really you arent, adding any extra features and thats kind of what i love about sony they take. Perhaps enthusiast features and still tweak them slightly still, of course, make a fully usable smartphone, but make it slightly unique that i think techies do really appreciate. So, for example, as this phone is centered around the camera which well get to the rest of the phone, is kind of catered to that. So if you look at the actual design, the i guess bezel around the outsides – has this really nice textured grip to it and thats almost for if youre holding a smartphone, you have somewhere to kind of place your fingers. It just makes your phone a lot more holdable, whereas most phones tend to have a piece of stainless steel, a piece of aluminum, even a piece of plastic if youre budget enough – and it does tend to slip out of your hand, so thats. The first thing that i love sony also has a dedicated shutter button, which really mimics what youve got on actual cameras, and it has this really interesting feedback and tactile feel to it.

You can have press it to get focused just like on a regular, shutter and youll feel that when you fully click it down, it has that tactile feedback of a physical button, a lot better than using say something on your screen. Youve still got an on and off button on the side, which also serves as a fingerprint sensor, a volume rocker on top of that headphone jack up top sim card slot tray on the other side and another little camera feature that a lot of point in sheets Used to have a little wrist, strap locator on the bottom side. So if you choose to use this a lot for shooting photos, you can always tie a little wrist, strap accessory to the bottom, which i think is once again kind of cool its, not something that would make or break buying your smartphone, but its those little extra Things that i think a lot of us will kind of geek out on to the rest of the design, its all matte black kind of. Why i like sony, phones, its really sleek and minimal, and on the front another reason why you either might love or hate sony phones, its got a really interesting aspect: ratio for the display, its 21×9, which i think a lot of video fans will like you, can Set the refresh rate to 120 hertz and an interesting fact: it doesnt drop the resolution of the display like say, samsung panels.

This keeps it at 4k, but just keep in mind that might affect battery life a bit. So, with that interesting aspect, ratio watching video in portrait mode, probably isnt the best use of it, even when you switch to landscape a typical 16×9 youve, still got the big black bezels on the outside. You can always pinch to zoom. If you want, you just have to remember, you will get quite a bit of crop, but for those of you upgrading to that 21 by 9 aspect ratio, there are some youtubers mkbhd ill. Give you a big shout out youve kind of experimented in that space. This aspect ratio is kind of perfect for that, so that ultra wide landscape and on the bonus side, this is actually my preferred aspect: ratio to kind of browse through web pages browse through twitter, even instagram. You get so much more info on screen because you are going vertically its just something that you kind of have to get used to, but since ive been on the xperia one three since launch till i guess now. It kind of is second nature to me. Switching to the pro ones main feature, which is the camera system on the back youve, got a triple lens setup: 12 megapixel sensors, all around for the wide ultra wide, as well as telephoto. I mentioned to you. The telephoto currently unavailable on this pre production unit, but mostly the focus, is around the main wide lens.

This is kind of something new to. I guess the camera game on a smartphone. It has a dual aperture setting and it actually has very similar tech to a camera lens. So when you change the aperture actively, you can see the lens opening or closing, allowing more or less light into the photo and typically on smartphones, you have computational apertures. So you can kind of adjust that in post and it uses a lot of algorithms to kind of process. Whats in the foreground versus whats, in the background gives you that bokeh, like effect, but you do have a lot of artifacting and the pro i actively adjust between f 2.0 to f4 with the top of a button, and you can actually see the lens opening and Closing when i switch between those two aperture modes that allows you to get real bokeh real, actual depth of field in each of your shots and not having to rely on computational photography on simulated bokeh. I know hair is a really big issue with artifact and kind of getting those lines from whats in the foreground. To background tends to be a bit blurry sometimes – and this is actually one of the first smartphones that does that, and i think this is one of the truest pro smartphone cameras that you can use. So you can change everything from that. F, stop to shutter to exposure to focus it even has its own little dial wheel, just like youd see on a traditional camera to select what kind of mode you want to shoot in.

The main wide sensor also has the zeiss t star coding, which helps a lot in glare situations, so ill leave a ton of sample shots here, ill, let you guys be the judge, but i will say this is up there in probably one of the best of The year and kind of going into next year, its a really really good smartphone camera, and i think this almost bridges the gap between a smartphone and a point and shoot. I could really see a lot of people that you say the rx series cameras kind of looking at this as a potential next upgrade, and obviously you get the bonus benefits of this being a fully functional, smartphone and internally performance wise, its got the latest silicon. So the snapdragon 888 performance is on par with most other flagships that you get. Everything is lightning quick, nice and snappy is the pro eye for everyone, probably not its still kind of tailored towards those enthusiasts towards actual pro users. The fact that it doesnt have a stock camera app, it only has photo pro cinema pro video pro for your camera options does have enthusiast features like a micro sd card slot, its ip68 dust and water resistant, its got 4 500 milliamps of juice. So, even when ive taken this on photography tours on it the entire day, i still have enough juice by the end of the day and easily lasts me into the next. If youre ready in the sony space, you can use this as an external monitor for an existing camera.

So i do think its a really specific, smartphone kind of definitely tailored to a specific niche, but its a niche that im kind of in i kind of love, and i think a lot of you are as well so definitely holds a place in my heart. So, like i said, i wouldnt recommend this to everyone, but i think if youve searched for this video, you kind of already know which side of the camp you live on so yeah. Let me know your thoughts about the xperia pro. I really interesting naming mechanism kind of tough to keep track of, but ill.