We reviewed the galaxy a72, which we said it was really near perfect and then theres also the galaxy a52. Now the galaxy a52 is available in two different variants. We have the galaxy a52, which we have reviewed earlier and then theres also the galaxy a52 5g, which essentially is an enhanced version of the base version. Galaxy a52. That was a bit confusing to me honestly and having two different variants of the galaxy a52 created a divide amongst potential customers, but with the galaxy a52s released six months after the galaxy a52 and a52 5g 6. To remedy this confusion by consolidating both of those variants into one phone and sprinkle a bit of extra on top whats new and whats changed with the galaxy a52s lets find out. The galaxy a52s will start off with the design, and i would say the design is pretty much the same as both the a52 and a72 from earlier this year. It still has a matte plastic back, but by filling it with my own fingertips, i think the a52s is a bit less rough and it is also available in a few different colors and my favorite being the new mint color. Unfortunately, we only got the white color version here and moving on to the screen honestly, i think they just reused the same screen from the galaxy a52. 5G. Its the same 6.5 inch super amoled screen with 120 hertz, refresh rate with a resolution of 2400 by 1080.

Pretty standard stuff looks awesome just like before, and now its just a bit more awesome than before with the 120 hertz refresh rate, and one thing that i have to point out is that the selfie camera cutout on this phone is very tiny, and it also has A screen protector pre installed out of the box. As for the cameras of the galaxy a52s, we still have the same four cameras and technically only two of them are usable to take pictures. So the main camera takes good pictures overall in both outdoors and indoors. So no issues there and honestly, i think, samsungs camera is just smarter in trying to light up your subject without human intervention, which i think its a little bit under appreciated and by the way the galaxy a52s still has ois and many other phones at this price Point just doesnt come with ois for the ultra wide angle, camera its just the same as before. So nothing much to talk about it here. It just looks good and thats about it. The third camera which technically can be used to take picture is the 5 mp macro camera, with a fixed focus lens. Yes, its still usable, but the macro pictures coming out of this camera is just not really that good. So i would just treat it as a decorative camera after all, and the video capability is also the same and again thanks to ois recorded videos. Dont have that weird whopping that eis has and all right in terms of performance, the galaxy a52s.

I would say in this aspect is where it got the biggest upgrade, because it is now packing. The snapdragon 778 g chipset, with 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage, and everything that has to do with performance in this phone is actually amazing. So we played games like engine impact and we got about 45 to 50 ish fps at the highest graphical settings and technically its impressive for something like this, which is a mid range phone and the temperature maxes out at about 44 degree celsius, which again is really Good and for the battery side of things, this phone comes with a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and can last throughout one whole day at 120, hertz with no issues if theres no intense gaming involved. Now, as for the charging times its a bit weird because samsung is being samsung again because they only include a 15 watt charger inside the box and it takes about 93 minutes to charge from 15 to 100 percent. But but the samsung galaxy a52s actually supports 25 watts of charging, and since we have a usb pdps charger at home, so we just plug it in and then we can get from 15 to 100 in slightly less than an hour. Now, for the software side of things, i think you already know samsungs one ui is one of my personal choice when it comes to smartphones, ui and all of the features that are found on the previous galaxy phones that we reviewed is also present here.

So we got each panel samsung pay and also one recent addition to my list of favorite features. Bixby routines, plus the galaxy a52s is also included in samsungs promise of providing three generations of android updates, alongside with four years of security updates. Just like the galaxy s and z, series of smartphones and oh by the way, the most recent update for samsung devices also bring in something called ram plus feature which technically is virtual ram because it just allocates a part of your internal storage and treated as ram Its not gon na be as good or fast as the real ram, but its there. If you need it, but i dont think youre ever gon na need it, because this phone comes with eight gigs of ram, come on and oh by the way the galaxy a52s still comes with a headphone jack and also a micro sd card slot. It is also ip67 rated, so its not gon na be afraid of some water, so the samsung galaxy a52s. We only have one configuration here in malaysia, which is the eight gigs of ram plus 256 gigs of storage version, and it is priced at 1899 and i think the price is pretty hefty and samsung. Malaysia should have brought in the six gigs of ram plus 128 gigs of storage and price it like 1599. That would be fantastic, but then, just when i thought the galaxy a52s is already expensive. We have some even more expensive phones like the honor 50, which is priced at 1999 and offers less so in comparison.

The a52s is kind of okay but then theres another argument to be made, which is the galaxy s20 fe with the model number of sn g 780 g. So that is actually the galaxy s20 fe 4g, but it is equipped with the snapdragon 865, with eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. The only disadvantage of getting the s20 fe now is that that phone is really a year old. So that means, if youre buying the s90 fe, now youre, only gon na get two more android version updates with three years of security patches left. So it really depends on what you want. Honestly, i cant pick between the galaxy a52s or the galaxy a72, because on the a72 i do like having a real telephoto camera as opposed to a depth sensor. So thats all we want to share with you about the samsung galaxy a52s.