Basically everything that you need in a top of the line. Gaming laptop hello, everyone im anina from mr phone and in this video i review the asus stuff f15, but before begin motivate us by hitting that red subscribe button and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates. Lets get started. Music first, let me quickly give you the specifications of the asus staff f15, the particular variant i reviewed. So this one has the 2.5 gigahertz 11 gen core i9 11 900 h cpu, which has eight cores and 16 threads theres. The nvidia rtx 3060 gpu with 6gb ddr6 vram and up to 95 watt tgp, my particular variant – has a 1tb of nvme pcie, ssd and theres, an additional ssd slot as well plus this dual channel 16 gb ram and if youre not done with that, there are Two more slots for ram expansion, starting with the design of the tough f 15, and this one is unapologetically chunky, but we can let it slipper, since this is a gaming laptop, and this is a workhorse guys. So, chunkiness aside, the tough f 15 features a modern. Looking design with sharp edges theres a full sized keyboard, you get here a huge palm rest area with a beautiful brushed metal, finish theres, also, some loud, tough branding that you see on the lid. This is the graphite black color and it looks fantastic. The hinge is also very sturdy and due to the good weight distribution, you can open the lid of this laptop with one hand coming to the bottom, and what you see here asus calls this honeycomb grip, which, along with the rubber strips guarantees that this laptop stays In its place, and of course, this honeycomb grip also doubles up as the cooling vents by the way, the asus stuff, f, 15 also comes with military grade protection, so stay assured that bums drops and stuff like that.

It shouldnt be a problem for this one. So when it comes to the design, the asus stuff f15 has gaming written all over its dna. I like how it looks, and the best part is that asus has cleverly provided plenty of openings for a heat flow coming to the display. The asus stuff f15 features a 15.6 inch anti glare, full hd ips panel. This is a 144hz display and it covers 62.5 percent of the adobe srgb color space. The bezels are also fine, considering this is a gaming machine. Although the bottom bezel is quite thick and yeah, so the top bezel is where you find a 720p webcam and heres a quick sample so guys. This is the quality of the 720 webcam that you get on the asus, adapt f15 youre, also getting two mics, which are placed on either side of the camera. If you ask me, the quality is just about average theres, nothing special here, but most importantly, what do you guys think about this overall output and how does my audio sound? Let me know everything in the comments below so in terms of display quality. I would admit that this is not the most color accurate, but does it deliver? Yes, it absolutely does because no matter what youre, seeing on it be playing games or watching movies content looks amazing. Colors pop things look sharp, and that is what matters viewing angles are also good and even the brightness for that matter.

The display gets plenty bright for indoor usage and honestly, i mostly found myself hovering around the 50 to 60 percent brightness levels and it got the job done now. Whats underwhelming about the multimedia experience. Actually, the only underwhelming aspect about this laptop would be the audio quality. So there are two bottom firing speakers that asus games, that they come with a 7.1 channel surround sound, a dps tuning and all that jazz honestly, the speakers could and should have been better. My main issue with them is that the volume levels were not up to the mark, but you do get the trusty old, headphone jack and you also get a dual channel: bluetooth 5.2 on this device. So that is good news now on to the io bit. So, on the right, a pretty bare bones side: you only get a kensington, lock port and a usb type, a port, but on the left is where you see all the action so theres, a proprietary charging, port and ethernet port and hdmi port. Two more usb air ports, a thunderbolt 4, a type c port and a 3.5 millimeter audio socket moving our attention to the keyboard. So this right here is a backlit rgb keyboard, a full sized one with a number bag, and besides gaming ive, also used this laptop for a lot of typing. I have to say i love the travel here. The keys when you hit them offer a good and satisfying response.

Now i wont call the keyboard mushy, but they also dont get very loud. I would say they strike just about the right balance. I think, if youre a gamer, you would definitely appreciate this keyboard. In fact, the key spacing is also pretty good. Moreover, you can also customize the rgb effects on the keyboard via the armory crate, app again, a staple of asus laptop. As for the trackpad. Well, it is responsive, it supports the windows. Precision drivers and for general usage is good and an accurate trackpad, although when it comes to gaming, i feel it should have been slightly larger, so my preference still remains with the good old logitech g402 gaming mice. Finally lets address the usp of this laptop lets. Talk about the gaming performance keep watching starting off with some warm up. So one of the two games that i played a lot on this machine was valor and, of course, the game doesnt even need such excrete hardware. Instead, this game solely relies on the cpu performance, but nonetheless i had a lot of fun playing valorent on this machine because of the ultra smooth performance, the good keyboard response and, most importantly, how good the 144 hertz screen plays a huge part in those dire situations To get the kills moving on, i also tested forza horizon 4 on this machine, and the laptop was easily able to run the title at the highest graphic settings, and i was getting a smooth and consistent performance of about 80 to 90 fps, which is great on To the gta 5, the other title that i played a lot on the touch screen once again, the laptop was able to render the game beautifully and there were no signs of lags or a slowdown.

Although this game did make the area above the keyboard a little hot, actually the heat was getting dissipated, so yeah, while playing gta 5 as well as control the cpu and a gpu temperatures did cross the 80 degree threshold. That said, the keyboard, as well as the palm rest area, did keep the thermals in check next up. The tough f 15 was also able to run control at the highest graphic settings without any frame drops or slow downs, although this was with ray tracing turned off. So during my testing i was consistently getting about 80 to 90 fps performance, sometimes even hitting that 100 fps mark so great numbers keeping in mind. We are talking about a game such as control, but finally, it was with ray tracing turned on that really tested. The might of the hardware i mean dont get me wrong again. I was getting about 45 to 55 fps on a consistent basis. The performance was smooth for the most part, but, unlike how other games or even control, was running with rate racing off, i am talking about the 80 to 90 fps performance. This is something that tough f, 15 didnt achieve, with the rate racing turned on, but nonetheless a solid showing. So that was everything about the gaming performance. Now, before i give you, my verdict lets also talk about the battery life coming to the endurance, theres a 96 watt hour 4 cell battery and you get a massive 200 watt adapter for charging.

Now, since this is a gaming laptop im sure, if youre a gamer, you wont play on it unplug just in case, if you do then do, let me inform you that in my testing at about 60 to 70 brightness, the tough f 15 was able to deliver Around two and a half hours to three hours of non stop gaming action, otherwise, for general work from home kind of stuff. In my usage, which mostly involves web browsing, typing checking documents, video calls watching videos in free time and stuff like that, expect about six to seven hours on a single charge, and this is with fifty to sixty percent brightness. In a nutshell, the asus stuff f15. As i mentioned earlier, is a workhorse and can pretty much run any popular title. There is without breaking a sweat on top of that. The laptop also performed well when it came to thermal management. The keyboard on this thing is pretty good. The 144 hertz displays fast, fluid and responsive and, of course, along with good looks, the laptop is built like a tank now in terms of cons. I really wish the trackpad was a little larger, although no problems with it when it comes to the functionality. Also, the speakers could have been better, so the online price of the asus stuff f15 is about 1 lakh, 45 000 rupees for the core i9 version that i reviewed. But if you are able to find this variant at a local retail shop or say an offline store, then im sure that you are going to get a much better deal than this.

And, of course, this laptop is absolutely worth the money and it should be considered if you are a gamer thats all for my review of the asus stuff f15, so guys and leave all your thoughts and queries in the comments below, as always for all the latest.