So i was uh looking around a few other reviews today for binoculars and binoculars and um something cropped up and uh. Somebody in the comments uh to one reviewer, said um well, im. You know worse to the effect of uh im fed up of these reviews where they get a pair of binoculars like this, and they stick them on a table and they talk about them. Hang on thats what i do, and so what a lot do is um. They get a smartphone adapter. This is the visionary one its available through our website. They connect it to the eyepiece like that, and then this is not a smartphone, but well pretend that it is. The smartphone goes on the adapter and then it all lines up with the eyepiece and they start the recording and they show you what the view is like through the eyepiece it its. Not quite that simple right. So the last review that i looked at the guy. He got the smartphone and connected to well. He didnt he just held it up to the eyepiece, and you can do that quite easily with it without pretty much any smartphone, just hold it up like that and start recording and straight away. I could i knew that this was an ed optic and i i know that is a very, very sharp image, because its something that i sold a lot of and he and straight away. I could see very, very low contrast and an absolute ton of chromatic aberration.

There was a purple color, fringing, galore and straight away. He said this is not the view that you get for the eyepiece. The view for the eyepiece is much better, and that is why i do not stick a smartphone again still take these outside. Stick a smartphone on and start recording reason being as it is. Now you look through that with the naked eye. That is what you see, but then you introduce a smartphone camera and um or or whatever device youre using like this just normal phone and all of a sudden. The image is degraded because its going through more light. And how do you know this is the cheapest chips, little phony like so its, not a very good camera. Some cameras are very good and then youre, relying on the the recording quality of the smartphone and then on top of that. Sometimes you see, reviews of a another camera looking through a smartphone looking through the binoculars or monocular or spotting scope, etc, and the end result is is nothing like what you see through the eyepiece and when you think about it, lets say for the sake of argument, Your eyepiece magnification, the human eye, sorry magnification is one okay and so lets say that smartphone is maybe on 1.2 or 0.7 in in order to get that image correct on the screen so straight away, you might be looking at something at 10, a pair of 10 By 50 binoculars, but on this on the screen on the smartphone, it will might be a 12 magnification or it might be six or seven magnification.

How do you know? It is exactly the same magnification as as the eye and the same as when you get you open up the glossy magazines. How many of them are on the monthly review? Do they show the view through a smartphone they start talking about, like i do chromatic aberration contrast, handling, um sticking a smartphone on on these binoculars wont tell you how they balance in the hands. You know for that. Youre welcome to pop along to our optics weekends, but i i hope that helps explain why, although believe me, smartphones have their place, you can get some fantastic photographs and, unlike the live images that you see on some youtube reviews, you can edit afterwards and also a Fantastic use for a smartphone or a device is, if youre, for example, in a bird hide and theres a couple of you that want to look at the same uh bird out there on, and you know, on the um on the reserve. You can then both look at it through the screen and that thats when smartphones come into their own, but i personally for all the reasons ive said or the degrading of image quality its not the same as with your eyes. So many of these reviews – i i um – i see it all – is going well until they stick a smartphone on it on the binoculars or monocular and straight away. I think that is nothing like the view that you get with the eyes.

So i hope that helps and clears that up.