I hope you like and subscribe so lets start the video. There is not much choice if you are looking to buy a smartphone for gaming in the lower end of the budget segment. Most smartphones price at around rupees 10 000 today do offer decent software performance, but are not big on gaming and are unlucky to features a high refresh rate display infinix seems to have a created a space for itself targeting exactly this audience. The infinix hot t11 is offers a large high refreshed display, as well as a capable budget gaming, processor and studio speaker, all of which make its stand out of the crowd. In terms of hardware specification, we are going to see how well its performance and whether there are comparison in others area. The infinix hot 11s is available in a single 4gb ram and 64gb storage configuration and is priced at rupees 10999 in india. It is offered in three colors, seven degrees, purple green web and polar black. The infinix hot 11s is fairly large and bold device, but has a slim side profile. It has a plastic black that features a web like pattern over a metallic finish over the pattern is a coating or enamel that gives the phone a glossy looks. Unfortunately, this makes the phone appear quite cheap and also make it a samsung magnet. It would have been a very element. Looking design had infinix skipped this glossy coating, you will see a pill shaped camera model on the back, which stand out and looks unique with a large lens cut out for the primary camera.

However, this is a simply come mystic. Only by a few millimeters from the surface, so the phone does not wave much when placed on a table. The fingerprint sensor sits right next to the camera model, which does make reaching it a bit of street. Given the phones large overall footprint, the hot 11s is sports, a 6.7 inch full hd lcd with a hole for the front facing camera. The display is protected by an eg dynax d2x, one glass, which was good at resting, fingerprint and remaining suggest free. In my experience, the display features as a 20.5 is to 9 aspect ratio, but is both bold and tall? Making one handed use impossible. The infinix hot 11s use mediatek helio g88 processor. The phone is available in a single configuration with 4gb of lpddr4 ram and 64gb of storage. The internal storage is expandable by up to 20 to 56 gb, thanks to a dedicated micro sd card slot. In this sim tray includes this device, wi fi, ac, bluetooth, 5 and a usb type c port. The phone is powered by a 5000 mah battery which can be changed quickly using this includes 18 watt charger. The hot 11 s is runs infinix xos 7.6, which is based on android 11.. Its a heavily screened version of android but does not feel, is regular, use the default themes and icons remaining me of a whole as htc handset with a green white and black petal. There were some minor thoughts that i liked, such as a battery charging completion teon the ultra touch features lets you adjust the swipe, speed and motion speed.

They are also a useful game zone app which does not offer per game optimization, but does let you disable automatic brightness adjustment and offer a game anti features with a remainder function and controls, while there is a lot to like xos does come with a lot of Third party apps, such as beg, yo party, wps office, high browser and more while most of these can be uninstalled. There are also apps, such as plumbing store and phone master, which first lots of anything notification and cannot be removed. At least this notification can be disabled. In the settings app, there are a lot of app double and triple. For instance, there are three file manager, apps, the defaults android. One is second of thus google and a third from infinix which just all function to these other phones. The battery performance xos field battery is smooth and the 90 hertz display contribution to that with just 4 gb of ram. I was a bit surprised to see a lot of apps remaining in memory and not replaced often being opened. The 90hz display ghosting effect that was manually visible when scrolling through a web page with lots of text. Color are punchly and this display gets quite bright outdoors, but reviewing angles are not good. The brightness and colors change quite a while, when viewed of center when holding this phone horizontally to watch video.