I wan na have worth working a little hard till they put me in the dirt gon na go far. Man listen to my words. Gon na be a star man lifes like a blur when youre working this hard. So, hey guys welcome back in a new video guys as a video guys, i mean galaxy samsung a22 samsung galaxy a225 samsung display guys that you guys have no doubt the best quality display arrow guys: 5000 mah battery power board diamond series: 700 rounding processor bubbles, e2 Processor, guys 5g processor, dimension, 7000, okay, guys so guys. Happy first is the unboxing to scilab, which is the mean software discuss for him so guys. This is the box guys: hey guys, box store galaxy a22, 5g, guys, Music c, cable type, c, cable and a 15 watt or open a fast charger bubble. Uh 15 watt fast charger, sim ejector pinyati bubble and nothing else: um swami thats it guys and Music um guys, guys, uh, noise, cancellation, microphone and bottom of this army; guys no bottom power, opening 3.5 mm jack microphone, type c port and guys speaker, grille, 6.6, inches Or uh fsd plus display Music, 82.3 percent screen to body ratio, guys 20s to plus 15 water of the fast charger bubble in the box processor because processor, your diamond city, 700, seven nm base processor, okay, seven numbers both guys after because uh network of because connectivity 5, gsa, 11 band supporters, a bluetooth, 5.

0 nfc supporter security, because security of site mounted fingerprint, f, 2.2 ultra wide sensor and guys uh 2 megapixel aperture 2.