Some of you may recall this phone over here. It made waves in the tech community for being one of the most expensive, most premium smartphones ever launched, and it was like 2500 bucks and it was kind of targeted at filmmaker types. Those that have alpha series cameras like the a1 that im talking into right now or the a1 that im talking into right now. These are great cameras. Sony knows how to do cameras. In fact, they make many sensors for all of your favorite brands and they make their own phones, but what the pro model did it was it added some durability, some camera esque, stylings and coatings. Most importantly, this hdmi port on the bottom and this let you use this as a sort of professional field monitor for one of these professional cameras so and then theres. Some other cool features about it, like the camera, app and and the approach to shooting video on here, which they borrow from from their professional camera department. Anyway, i end up finding this package today. My understanding is that inside of this box is a smartphone with a one inch camera sensor i dont know, were gon na, discover it as we go. I have like no notes. Nothing, just look not for sale, mysterious package lets find out what this is all about. I presume its gon na be a premium price tag if it actually has a one inch sensor, weve seen point and shoot cameras from sonys one inch.

Sensors theyve been tremendous in the past in a smartphone. How do you fit it all in lets find out. Okay. 12 plus 12 plus 12 megapixels, so we obviously have a triple camera setup. Eight megapixel selfie camera in the front 16.5 centimeter you dont, hear it referenced in such a way. Very often, 6.5 inch display 4k hdr oled thats. The other thing that i should have mentioned previously whos got a 4k display were talking major ppi here so 4k display inside of six and a half inches 4 500 milliamp hour battery and, of course, a snapdragon 8 chip, because it is flagship, oriented ip6568 thats, where The pro designation comes in xperia pro i i stands for imaging, oh, my god, that is totally different, thats a one inch sensor on a smartphone that is a game changing moment, taking place right now, look at the size of that Music. It is actually reminiscent of some of those uh other one inch cameras that sony has put out in the past that ive been a fan of ive owned many of them. What this is going to give you typically bigger sensor, gives you better low light performance. You can have uh with the bokeh effect where you have a shallow depth of field. Who knows how this is going to work, but what a crazy looking camera layout one two three and i guess you have a uh time of flight sensor in there too.

The flash had to go up top. You see the zeiss branding theyve been partnered with zeiss in the past for the coatings on the lenses dedicated headphone jack up here. On top, you have a lanyard spot, because this is, after all, a camera. You know what its all metal it doesnt have. This magnesium finish from the original pro its more slender and compact interesting all right. This is my first exposure. I have no brief, theres no documentation to look at im looking at this right now. There are no results. Other than some kind of teaser on the internet, all right so on the bottom here, theres a usb type c port. We have our fingerprint unlock, which is on the side of the device which is unusual, and we have our volume rocker above that theres also a textured dedicated shutter button so that you can get real professional, have a dedicated spot for that and not have to be Tapping away on the display then theres another button – maybe that is a sort of customizable button, just above the shutter button, but its recessed, so youre not going to accidentally press it instead of the shutter on this side. Over here is the sim tray which, just like in the past, is removable without a tool and its not just a sim tray. It also has an sd card slot in it, which is great for a device like this targeted at filmmakers and photo takers.

You can just pop the sd out without any type of special tool. It really has a professional feel to it. If youre familiar with sony cameras. Also in the package, we do have a power brick. It looks like a 30 watt power, brick yeah, oh right, there, usb pd 30w theres, your type c cable. So this gives you an idea of just how tall this display is. In your hand, it feels like a six inch smartphone, maybe, but because it gets up tall, you can see, i can grip down below. You still have tons of framing up top. The other key here is sonys specific applications like photo pro camera pro video pro imaging edge, mobile and external monitor. So it does still have some form of external monitor by connecting an external camera such as a sony. Alpha external monitor, app can help you in the following situations to take advantage of this display, so theyre going to be achieving that with just a type c cable, so that is a benefit Music. Look at this use high refresh rate up to 120 hertz. So we are talking about 120 hertz, 4k oled in a phone now im starting to realize this is going to be its gon na, be a price tag here that were gon na have to become comfortable with im gon na turn it on. Now we are butter. We are butter now 120 hertz, 4k oled lets go as far as the interface is concerned, very stock, android type of experience inside of your notification tray over here, your quick settings.

Obviously, if we go into the typical settings its the same thing, i noticed, though i can pull from over here, double tap that bar and i can have something called side sense, so i can have some quick apps over there. If i, you know frequently accessed things, the key factor here is, when you jump into say cinema pro, for example, and this is where theyre pulling at least in this case from cineulta, which happens to be their very high end cinema cameras. You can get all kinds of wild looks in here: hlg hdr, codec h265. You see your battery and memory, consumption, microphone, left and right. Venice cs is the look of 4k. Of course we can select the project frame rate whatever is suitable for our project. Its really like a professional style of input, if you want to get really serious about your smartphone videos, iso its like its, like all types of manual controls and im, going to record a clip right now. So this is a very simple clip. A microphone is on the opposite side. You have your shutter information, film, world type of stuff. So look at this a focus ring that we can access its actually rather smooth. Look at this. I bring the couch into focus now if i brought my hand into frame over here and i needed to focus on it. I just go down to near perfect and then far complete manual control Music. You can see that the control interface is a little different and you have zoom on here now, which is featured prominently.

It really works like a motorized zoom lens thats, pretty cool, but i know theres manual features inside of smartphones, but sony just has so much experience in cameras at the cinema level at the broadcast level that they can just just. They know how to do an interface around manual features thats going to be comfortable to hold. You have a regular camera app too. This is for still photos once again back on the professional side of things and with the dedicated shutter button and auto focus, which is so reminiscent of the pro cameras i autofocus it grabbed his eye on that. Oh, my goodness, were were talking now now were talking. That is such a satisfying device to take photos on sony has such smart software when it comes to eye autofocus its locked look, it stays locked to his eye right. There see the little green box, bang, bang. Bang once again in the photo area, its all types of features as well, you have a full menu system, just like you would have on one of their pro cameras. You have multiple lenses to choose from, of course, heres our ultra wide as well, 0.7 versus 1x. So the front camera 8 megapixels lets give that a shot backlight portrait. It knows its sensing, the backlight Music or, in this case the ceiling light plenty of detail in this area as well its so crazy. We have a one inch sensor on a smartphone. I dont think its really sunk in yet how is there enough space im trying to imagine how theyve packed it all in there? Okay, we just noticed something crazy when you switch the aperture theres, an actual adjustment, a mechanical aperture inside of the one inch camera.

So if i click it here, this is f4 thats f2 and you see it open up and let more light in an actual real aperture functionality on a smartphone on top of a one inch sensor, im gon na. Do it one more time? F4. Oh this button. This button here is a shortcut button, so lets say theres some event taking place. You need to quickly record something just hit this button boom youre in and youre recording boom youre in and youre recording two buttons. You dont even need to look at my phone figure out. Did you see the cleaning clothes? I was just about to bring that up. Yeah 40 dollars bring out the cleaning cloth well and show people whats wrong. You know what Music Music all right now at the point that were filming this, i have no idea what theyre gon na charge for this hot update news alert. I just got a brief. I got a literal one page for this thing like moments ago, its gon na cost 17.99, so its not as much as the previous pro, which is good, but it is still a very premium price tag, its for a specific type of user theyre, going to have A bunch of vlogging accessories for it, so it is for content creators who are going to make a lot of content, presumably and be able to justify the extra cost over a typical smartphone. It shoots. 4K 120 as well just recently started: shooting 4k 120.

On actual cameras, and now were doing it on smartphones, 4k 120 frames on your smartphone Music, so thats like an rx 100 mark, whatever inside of a phone, exactly thats crazy. One inch sensor inside of a smartphone a one inch sensor and a smartphone its, not something. Ive seen before experienced before from a company that really knows how to do it and its truly put together some of the best one inch sensors that have existed on cameras at all like to begin with. So what i like here is the fact that we have options for smartphones that are really atypical that are unique to the space like. This really has the filmmaker in mind the dedicated buttons, those variety of apps that give you quick access to features that as a filmmaker photographer, you would know and want the ability to use it as an external monitor because of you know, having this type c connection, Thats compatible with the alpha cameras and then also just top end specs in general, snapdragon triple a youve got your ip ratings in here you got a lot of ram to work with you have a 4k display which, as a monitor, makes a difference when you go And you crop in and youre really looking for detail did i get that shot? Did i get focus? You got sonys crazy software running in the background, maintaining things like i autofocus, which theyve perfected because of the pro cameras which are dominating in their segment.

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