Camera sensor and im personally really excited for this. Not only does this have a one inch sensor, but also a dual mechanical aperture, real time, tracking, auto focus with eye autofocus in both photo mode and video mode 20 frames per second, no blackout, shooting in photo mode and video up to 4k 120 frames per second. On top of that, it can use a magnetic attachable external monitor for selfie vlogging, just wow now just really quickly. What i have here is a well developed prototype, so not every single feature is available yet, but a majority of the really important ones are and ill do my best to demonstrate as much as i can so lets start off with the look and feel of the Device first, this is very similar to the recent xperia 1 mark iii. If youre familiar with that device, it has a six and a half inch 4k hdr oled display, which is not only really nice for content consumption, but also this massive real estate gives us more of the ui to work with when were capturing and editing photos and Videos and much like how you would hold a camera or smartphone to shoot. There is a dedicated, emboss shutter button, which a bit of an update the feedback on this device now feels like the shutter experience. You would get from an actual camera, so youre gon na get some really nice feedback. When you have press to focus and a full press for the actual shot and booting up to the photography pro app is very streamlined, even in lock mode.

All you have to do is just long press, the shutter and proof the app will automatically pop up ready to shoot nice. The volume keys are zoom rockers, obviously, and on the opposite end, here we have an easily removable sim tray with optional expandable sd card storage. In case the default internal 512 gigabyte memory, isnt enough, which honestly might not be, if you love taking photos and videos on top of downloading all your everyday, essential apps that you need to use on the top. We have a headphone port which has been missing in a lot of smartphone devices nowadays. So thank you sony for keeping this, because this is actually incredibly helpful if we choose to use external microphones during video capture around the left corner. Here we have a spot to attach a wrist, strap in case you have butter fingers like us and on the bottom usbc for charging and other types of connection opportunities. So, as you can see, this isnt an update to the xperia pro that was released last year, that is still in a leak of its own. With that micro, hdmi connection, the xperia pro i is designed more for advanced mobile photography. This device has triple camera ray rocking zeiss test, star lenses, 16, 24 and 50 millimeters. Now the real bread and butter of this phone is the 24 millimeter lens, because this is the one that has a one inch sensor backing it up now for those of you who might be wondering in case youre not too familiar with camera sensor sizes whats, the Big deal about a one inch sensor now, typically smartphones run with smaller image sensors because it makes sense theyre much smaller devices compared to an actual camera.

As we move up in sensor sizes, we get better low light performance, better dynamic range. So a lot more controlling your highlights and shadows, you can see details in them and more depth of field to play with. So more of that background blur and the xperia pro, i is meant to bridge that image sensor gap between smartphones and cameras, sony literally took the same one inch sensor from the rx100 mark 7 and placed it inside of an xperia phone, and some of you guys Might know how much i love my rx100 mark 7., so they have some semblance and performance of my favorite camera in a smartphone device like this. Just gets me really excited because ive anticipated something like this weve seen full frame sensor in an aps c sized body and i was like wouldnt, it be cool to see an aps c sensor in a point and shoot body and a point and shoot one inch Sensor in a smartphone body and uh well, here we are now to really take advantage of that. One inch sensor, sony included dual mechanical aperture, so a choice between shooting between f2 and f4 and that f2 is really going to come in clutch when it comes to shooting in low light conditions and creating authentic bokeh. So lets go ahead and jump into the photography pro app just to show you guys what this device is capable of, because the mobile team here really work closely with the imaging team to bring a lot of the features that were familiar with from the alpha.

Mirrorless cameras to the xperia, we have 315 face detection autofocus points with real time, tracking autofocus for continuous space and eye autofocus. We also have touch tracking autofocus, which is auto focus glue if you need to capture something that isnt a human face and if you need to be shooting any fast moving subjects, this camera can do 20 frames per second jpeg burst with no blackout, which is pretty Insane for a device like this, and they got that technique from the rx100 mark 7 and the a9, and all these burst shots here came out sharp the real time tracking eye. Autofocus is really doing its job and a lot of these shots here taken on the 24 millimeter have incredible details and the other lenses are no slouch either at the time of recording the 50 millimeter wasnt quite ready. Yet so i cant wait to see what that looks like, but check out some of these shots with a 16 millimeter. If youre already an alpha user, the ui is gon na feel very familiar to you. Even the menu system looks somewhat similar to the newly updated menu system that weve been using in their mirrorless line and because theyre taking mobile photography seriously, we have an option to shoot 12 megapixel raws and we can directly import to apps, like lightroom cc, for full Control edits we dont have to transfer to our computer and upload to the cloud just to access it.

We can do it immediately after capture. Okay, so lets talk video. Now they have a newly developed app called the videography pro app, which is meant to be a lot more user friendly compared to their cinematography pro app, which you can still use for that venice color science. Look and the crazy thing is: they will have eye autofocus and object tracking in video mode as well, its not quite ready to be demoed yet, but in case youve never seen it in action before its gon na be very similar to what we have in the Alpha cameras, but what i can show you is a little bit of that 4k 120 frames per second, which this device can capture natively. The footage looks great for a few samples that ive shot so far on a gimbal and the 4k 120 does capture audio as well, and because the xperia pro i itself is an hdr display. I can shoot in hdr mode and get a full preview of the video as im shooting pretty neat, so the xperia pro i has a rear, mono microphone that sits right above or to the side of the 24 millimeter lens and right now, theres a car that Is going by but whats nice about the rear, monitor microphone is because im talking directly to the mic, its capturing me a lot better, as opposed to the traffic that is going by right now. So the beauty of having a headphone jack is that we can still connect an external microphone option were currently using a wireless lav system right now.

So how does this sound? We do have cars that are currently going by, but my voice is much more honed into this mic and that is attached on me now. As i mentioned at the beginning of the video, there will be an optional external vlogging monitor that will be available with the xperia pro i, and this will allow us to take full advantage of the one inch sensor for selfie photos or take it a step further. Vlogging or live streaming because this technically is also a 5g device. The way that it works seems to be like a modular kit. We have the foam mount that has a magnetic backing to a lot of monitor to stick on and it looks like itll be connected via a short usbc cable. On top of the clamp, there seems to be a code shoe mount to attach the mic and the mic can be connected to the monitor via a three and a half millimeter jack. So im speculating, we can save our headphone jack on the phone for audio monitoring and the bluetooth tripod grip looks like it will be compatible with the xperia pro i as well. On that note, while this can be our sole device, its not meant to replace any of our alpha cameras, but rather they want to make this out to be an additional solution to content creation, whether its social media photos or videos live streaming or just for the Love of quality imaging for vivian, and i we do a lot of these photo and video reviews and tutorials, and we often capture behind the scenes to illustrate our point and were looking at this to potentially lessen the book that we would have to carry another bigger Camera for behind the scenes – and if you remember, we loved using the xperia pro for on the go live streaming.

So we cant wait to do that again with the xperia pro i, especially with a one inch sensor and that magnetic external monitor the price for a device alone is a thousand seven hundred. Ninety nine dollars and the vlogging kit is sold separately for a hundred and ninety nine dollars, so the whole bundle will be around 2 000. A high price tag for a high enthusiast ultimate smartphone camera device. Pre order begins october 28th. I believe, and it will begin shipping mid december if you guys need more information about the xperia pro i i will have all the links in description box below guys. Thank you.