The phone is perfect for those who want to travel without worrying about their device getting damaged or not having access to cellular data hi there. My name is michael and im here today to talk about the phone armor 8 pros. The pros are that its rugged waterproof and has dual sim card slots, so you can have two phones in one device, which is handy if youre traveling, but before we get into all that. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself: the yulephone armor 8. Pro is perfect for those who want to study hard and get good grades, its priced well with the strict minimums that you need to do so, plus its ram capacity, surprised me because it packs more than other phones at this price range can offer. Although these arent deal breakers, some downsides like outdated bluetooth, technology or less than stellar screen resolution paired up alongside older camera sensors. If all else fails, this phone will serve you just fine as long as your expectations match what they should be: the yule phone armor. Eight pro sports, an aluminum frame covered in tpu, glass, fiber and plastic with metal. It provides protection for most users looking to purchase an ip68 milstd rated smartphone without having too high expectations for their feel or weight being portable at its dimensions, which measure x, 82 x, 15 millimeters weighing 282 grams. The google pixel 3 boasts a sleek and stylish design with some fantastic features.

The front face houses, an 8mp, selfie camera, which captures selfies in lighting and natural light settings on the back side is where youll find three lenses. Each housing, 2x optical zoom, plus a single led flash for those low, lit shots, its perfect weather on vacation or at home alone. You wont be disappointed by what this phone can do. The armor 8 pro is a hefty phone, with a lot of features on the left side. Youll find customizable buttons and a sim tray on the right are located volume, rockers and power buttons. In addition to being able to use your fingerprint for unlocking purposes all within reach, thanks to swipe sensitive navigation keys above this area, theres also a 3.5 millimeters audio connector behind another flap, hidden beneath its protective cover, plus theres usb type c connection, which means no more Bulky port adapters required anymore either the yulefone armor 8. Pro has many great features that youll appreciate, but the more memory it has the better. The six gigabytes version was good for us because we used all of its abilities without running out of space in between games or apps. However, if your phone is only 2 gbs, then there may not be enough room to store any large files like music, so make sure you get at least eight gigs before buying the mediatek p60 system on chip with the arm. Molly g72 gpu 128 gigabytes, emmc storage powers, these smartphones, the five thousand eight hundred milliampere hours battery fed by a compact usb power supply unit, ensures that you still get nfc connectivity and wi fi five, as well as bluetooth.

4.2 wireless for this phone without fast charging capabilities, note that it comes pre installed with a tempered glass screen protector. The ulfone armor eight pro runs on android 11 with a lightly customized user interface. Performance numbers were mixed. Its storage subsystem performed admirably for smartphone speeds, notching. Just over 500 megabytes per second in sustained, read speed, which is as good as the nokia mentioned above x or 20. By some margin, the phones operating system was also updated recently to include improved ram management and an expanded, app store from google play store only last month, so there will be even fewer bugs than before. When it comes the time you use yours, while it might not be as powerful and sleek looking, the p60 is lightweight compared with other smartphones powered by this chip, but, as you would expect from such an affordable phone, which includes many features in its box, like mediateks Built in app store or toolbox for those who want more than just basic calling capabilities there isnt anything extraordinary about them outside of what weve seen before now, until theyre put next to each other side by side anyway, youll phone has included the easy launcher in children. Space applications which provide a simple customizable user interface for seniors or kids. In addition, the screen is bright enough to be seen in daylight, and while they did not mention, if theres an oleophobic layer on it, we can see from our tests that this feature will enhance its durability over time as well.

Unfortunately, though, you wont be able to load two sim cards at once with your new phone, since only one slot allows these options simultaneously, but doesnt worry because even low resolutions mean longer battery life than hd screens would offer.