Now. These, i think, are the best phones. Google has produced okay lets, take a closer look at the design and youve got the google pixel 6. The pixel 6 pro google pixel 6 has a 6.4 inch display and if you want to move up to the 6.7 inch display, then youll need the pixel 6. Pro the pixel 6 pro does have all the bells and whistles. This is the phone that, if you do, want all the features refresh rate best camera. All of that then the pixel 6 pro is definitely the way to go. But if you want something, maybe smaller and maybe youre happy not having all those features, then the pixel 6 would be a good device to grab as well. Both of them are powered by androids, very own tensor, tensor processor, so thats their chip, their system on a chip that i think the with these phones. In particular. I think what theyre doing theyre doing an apple so apple, make their own hardware, make their own software and make their own processes so thats exactly what google has done with the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro. But lets have a closer look at the designs. Again so youll notice theres a two tone finish to the phone so theres that the nice glossy finish but slight tone difference here. You may not be able to see that very well with this particular color, but it is lighter below the camera bump.

With the pixel 6. You probably see that its a bit more pronounced so the much lighter color above the bump and a much darker color still glossy, underneath the bump. Speaking of the bump, uh thats it it is fairly prominent youll see here it does extend a few millimeters above the back panel there. The the pixel 6 has a two lens. Camera system goes across the full width of the phone there, and also the pixel 6. Pro same deal goes across the width still pretty decent bump there, but this has a triple camera system. Well talk about the cameras in more detail a little bit later, but in terms of look the pixel 6 pro does have a slightly more premium. Look. It does have that glossy aluminium frame going around the hole around the whole device, the the pixel 6 – is smaller, but does have a matte finish youll see here. It does have a slightly duller look but similar similar to what apple offered with the with their iphone 13 and the 13 pro same thing here with the pixel 6. Has that matte finish and the the pixel 6 pro does have the glossier shinier aluminium finish around the outside as well? Both of these devices, too are running android 12. Now android 12 does have a slightly new look and feel it does have it. It does make it a bit easier, more easier to customize as well, so various colors and youve got different widgets to choose from so you you can.

There are more options to customize, so theres a full list of things you can do here with with the with android 12 as well. It does give you the the notification drawer, does give you a nicer overview of whats going on with the phone. You can see a lot easily a lot more easily what content youre watching movie content youre, viewing whatever videos all of that stuff is available like a top down view. You get on the phone right there. So android 12 is, i think, its the first. By the way, first phone to to have android 12, its googles own software and naturally they wanted to do it on their own devices. On the security side, you do see that these have in screen fingerprint readers so ill. Just uh youll see it does pop open right there ill lock that again, so you can see so its in screen and then boom. It does unlock ill. Do the same thing with the pro. So you can. You can tell that both is working. Fine, so ive ive, actually ive programmed my finger as well as being uh to be able to unlock it as well, as my thumb, just to show you there. So we can unlock with my thumb as well cool, so yeah android 12 on both now lets. Take a look at the displays here: 6.7 inches 6.4 inches on the pixel 6.. Now i mentioned earlier that the pixel 6 pro has all the battle bills and whistles.

The pixel 6 has most of them now in terms of the display. The pixel 6 pro has adaptive refresh rate up to 120 hertz, so it can adjust, depending on whats, on your screen, whether youre playing a game watching a movie. It can go up to hertz. But when you look at the six, the six, which has the smaller display that can go up to 90 hertz, refresh rate so thats something to keep in mind, not up to 90 hertz and when youre, when youre doing when youre. Just looking at a static page or an image, it can come down to 10 hertz and thats really important, because, rather than giving you the top refresh rate all the time, the problem with that its going to run your battery down battery performance well talk about later, Is excellent with these phones, but having that adaptive refresh rate means that, depending on what youre doing the battery will youll get that at a refresh rate? But if youre just looking at a web page an image, something static, it will bring you down to up to to 10 hertz as well. So that way saves your battery so yeah. If you do, want the 120 hertz thats the pixel 6 pro. If you youre happy with 90 its okay – and you know what its very its very hard, it is very hard to notice the difference between the two. You need to have a pretty a pretty trained eye to notice the difference, but you will see over time, youll notice it when its not there.

So if youre scrolling, if youre watching movies youre youre moving page to page, you will notice that added refresh rate its when its taken away from you. The things seem a little bit more jarring, especially especially looking at the 120 hertz refresh rate on the pixel 6. Pro so 120 hertz refresh rate there does a great job, 90 up to 90 hertz with the pixel 6.. Now i said earlier, both of these devices are powered by googles, very own tensor system on a chip, so thats a processor that can make a lot of things possible and, like apple own hardware, own software and their own silicon as well. Now what that does? It makes possible all this computational, the computational possibilities, machine learning, artificial intelligence to power. Some of the features that im about to show you so its really important that google has done that. They say that this process was made specifically for this device, and you can. You can really see how snappy the performance is: apps, apps, open and close really quickly, youre moving from page to page opening and closing apps anything youre doing it is a very snappy performance. All the way so thats thats, it is good news and and google saying that the tensor chip is actually up to eighty percent faster than the pixel five. So for anyone whos coming from the pixel 5 youre going to need a seat belt because it is much faster. That is a tremendous performance improvement when it comes to that chip, so the pixel 6 pro and the pixel 6.

By the way they both have the same tents or chip as well, so great news all around. But you know what one of our favorite features weve always looked for on a pixel 6 phone is the camera system and ive got to say we are not disappointed. The cameras on the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro are excellent, as we expected so really lived up to our expectations. Now, in terms of the pixel 6, you have a two camera system, so youve got a 50 megapixel main camera and a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. So two cameras on the pixel 6 moving up to the pixel 6 pro and then suddenly youre. Looking at three cameras and were talking about the 50 megapixel, the 12 megapixel ultrawide and the 40 megapixel telephoto, which can provide up to four times optical zoom, if you i dont, know if you can see very well there, but that that lens right there thats. Actually, a periscope lens that enables that optical zoom, so really excellent, rock that the getting closer to your subject is possible using optical zoom, now plenty of features on this device that that are powered, as i mentioned, by the the tensor chip. That makes a lot of that stuff possible. One of those features on the camera is magic erase. Now before i show you that ill, just tell you the the video quality image. Quality is excellent on these on these devices, but there are these great features that help with your editing.

Sharing. It does really make a good camera even better, so were going to take a look at the magic erase feature now heres the photo. This is a photo of my front yard. Now i want to get rid of the bins in the front yard, so were going to hit edit and were going to go over to tools and magic erase. Eraser is one of those options. Now it is its firing up and now youll notice in the top of the photo. The power lines have been highlighted, so it is highlighted these suggestions to improve the photo and, if i hit erase all boom, those power lines are gone, no more ill. Go back. Lets go back and restore that so there it is there and its suggesting i didnt do anything its suggested to get rid of those and lets take their advice. Boom theyre gone and you take a look at the photo, no more power lines and all the clouds are all perfect behind it. So if we want to take that even further lets get rid of these bins. So what i do is i circle, the area that i want to enhance that i want to erase and after a few seconds, youll see that its gone, but you know what its left some remnants there. So i think thats, a shadow so lets circle that as well and boom gone now, not the best but its still, not a bad attempt at clearing those unwanted objects.

And, of course, it does depend on the size of the object, the shape of the object where its placed that determines how well it can erase it. You saw from the power lines it erased that seamlessly, but those other larger objects in the photo were a little bit harder lets. Take another look at that, so ive restored that lets im going to have another attempt at this. So im going to go circle. The entire area here so it knows that even the shadows have to go. Actually the shadows stayed so lets go here again and boom, not bad that isnt a bad attempt – and this is what it looked like before and again so i think thats impressive. As i said, works better when theres smaller objects and a clearer background, i think if there were several different colors that it had to deal with there. I think that that was a pretty good attempt and that feature by the way is available not only on the the pixel 6 pro, but also the pixel 6, so either one of those. Now, if youre, looking at video, the the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro can shoot video at up to 4k at 60 frames per second, so weve chosen. Video lets have a look here. We can now see we can shoot in hd full hd at 30 frames per second or we want to go to 4k. So its already moved up to a high resolution, high resolution and we want to go 60 frames per second its as easy as that, and then now, when were shooting video, it will shoot at 4k at c up to 60 frames per.

Second, we can go down to 30 frames per second if we want, but thats 60 frames per second is what we can get up to and by the way, itll shoot that 4k at 60 frames per second on both the pixel 6 and the pixel 6. Pro now, i know that there are some features only available on the pixel 6 pro, but the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro on the video front can both shoot. The same quality now lets talk about 5g now, the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro are both 5g compatible, but the pixel 6 pro is actually compatible with both flavors of 5g. Here in australia, weve got sub 6, which is the majority of the 5g networks. Here in australia and millimeter away, which is in pockets of the 5g networks, so with the the pixel 6 pro its actually the first smartphone in australia to offer both millimeter wave and sub 6 compatibility. Not even the iphone offered that compatibility here in australia. The iphone is only sub 6 compatible. It works on 5g because most of our network is sub 6, but i know there are countries around the world where millimeter wave is more prominent, and i know that the iphone 13, for example, does include millimeter wave in those other countries, but here in australia, the Pixel 6 pro is the first smartphone to have both millimeter wave and sub six. As a matter of fact, telstra one of australias biggest telcos achieved a speed of 3.

6 gigabits per second using the pixel 6 pro. Now it was in the sydney cbd where millimeter wave cells are are active and millimeter wave, i should explain, is its a technology that doesnt have quite the same range as sub 6, so it doesnt cover as much of an area. You remember, australia is a very big country and sub six is being used for the majority of the time to to give the 5g coverage to to increase the coverage of 5g. Now millimeter wave is planning to be used here in australia in dense areas like transport hubs, airports, sporting stadiums, popular tourist, hot spots. So those areas where a lot of people want to access high speed, so it offers higher capacity. The google pixel 6 pro the first to have both millimeter wave and sub 6.. The pixel 6 is just sub 6, so itll work everywhere. On 5g, it just wont have the millimeter wave capability of the pixel 6 pro now lets talk about the battery performance, and i did mention the the tensor chip which which gives these phones such tremendous performance really does add up to not only great performance, but also Excellent power efficiency as well, so both devices have the same tensor chip and both benefit from having that added power efficiency. Now, if you wanted our during our review battery performance was tremendous. We got a day and a half, not a problem and so battery battery life. I think is really exceeded expectations because of that efficiency that the tensor chip creates that power efficiency its a lot like the iphone 13 battery performance has improved not only because it has a better bigger battery, but also that battery power efficiency also comes into play.

Theres. No charger in the boxes, so no charging brick, but we did unbox the 30 watt wired charger that can charge the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro from 1 to 50 in 30 minutes, which is remarkable so great battery life, but also great recharging. If you do want to invest in the 30 watt wire charger, you are going to get a fast charge to get you to the power level that you want, but overall ive got to say without a doubt, these are the best phones. Google has produced the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro in the past. Pixels have sort of been on the periphery that they havent really competed very well with apple and samsung in the upper mid tier and flagship levels. But i think the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro are going to give apple and samsung a definite run for their money. The pixel 6 is priced at 999, australian dollars, pixel 6, pro 1 299 australian dollars and pixel 6 pixel 6 pro on sale right now. Excellent devices weve reviewed them. You can read the full review at techguide.