This is a very awesome phone, very awesome smartphone. So it is a massive smartphone, as you can see, 6.7 inch full hd infinity dot display so youre gon na have to look into that. This is my daily driver, which is typically this uh 2020 iphone. Se, you can see the size. Difference is just massive so as far as this going in my pocket im, not a big guy, five, six, five, seven – and this thing does actually the jeans that i normally wear this does actually stick out of the pocket. So you know, as far as this being my daily driver honestly, probably not going to become my daily driver, because you know when i put my phone in my pocket, i would like it to stay, but if you are a bigger guy, this probably would be a Really cool phone for you, so we have usb lets put that up here we have a usb type c and a headphone jack, which i actually really like. Then you know theres nothing really up here. We have the the speaker port here for that and a speaker port here at the bottom as well. Um. One really cool thing is that the the pin here for the sim slot is you can actually, it is a dual sim, as you can see here, this is the manual it is a dual sim, plus a sd card, which i think is pretty awesome, because that Means you can put a whole lot on here, so we do have um the camera here, which is a 48 megapixel advanced quad, ai camera.

It has a depth sensor and a 5 megapixel wide angle, plus a macro camera and im gon na put a link down below to a video that i actually filmed on this phone. I filmed it with the back camera here and i uploaded it directly to youtube from this phone, which means theres not going to be any degradation in the film on that video from me, putting it into camtasia or any other uh video, editing software. I dont even think i edited that video, i literally just uploaded it to youtube the highest rate possible straight from this phone all right. This is a selfie video. We are using the built in microphone. I havent changed any settings. How does it look its really sunny today? I mean from this screen. It looks like its pretty good, but i dont you know well have to wait and see until i get to the computer. All right this is video were using all the default settings. Havent changed. Anything this is just right out of the box right out of the box. We do have the fingerprint sensor, which is pretty fast um. You can see here, okay, im gon na do this might be because its the first time, all right. So we have all of the abs here, you can see, lets go ahead and lock that and you will see how fast at it like thats pretty fast, i would say for a fingerprint sensor, but you know there you go thats how it is and if we Turn off wi fi youll, see here right now, im using mint mobile, and that is apparently on the t, mobile network.

You can pretty much play whatever games you want and as far as like speed goes like its actually pretty fast, it actually can play fortnite yeah. So you actually can play fortnite on this thing. Uh i was playing, candy crush, subway, surfers no problem and i was playing fortnite no problems. Am i like very good at those games? No, a few really cool things that come in the package is. It comes with this massive charging, brick and basically this is like gon na get your phone fully charged. Uh super fast im, not gon na like go over uh what this is, because that is some text in specs that im not very good at, but this phone does have a 5 000 uh milliamp battery and i can confirm i went out for the weekend. I went out to the renaissance festival, i brought the phone with me and it was actually uh. I didnt even charge it for like three days and you know granted. I wasnt i didnt have like any hyper usage or anything for those three days, but three days, didnt even charge it and when i was driving home still had plenty of battery left to do pretty much whatever i wanted on it. So it does come with this. Pretty cool, looking cable, we got purple in there silver and this really nice charge brick that i i believe it has a fast quick charging with this brick, which is pretty awesome.

With that 5 000 mah battery, we do have a 128 gigabyte internal memory with 6 gigabytes of ram, and it is the mediatek helio g90 octa core 2.0 gigahertz chip that we have inside here so were going to show some photos. These are going to be going through. My video processor, so were going gon na have to see how they go. I did a selfie video and i did a back video here and then im gon na put a link down to another video that was fully shot on this camera without any editing on any other type of software. So you know this. You know this. This phone would, i recommend it – i mean for 200 youre, not gon na. You really cant go wrong for for for a phone for 200 bucks uh. If this is the one youre using you see here, 4g lte with the t mobile uh, but basically this phone. If i was in the market for a new phone in one of this size, i would definitely consider getting this one, because it is crazy, but it comes with a glass screen in the case that i went ahead, i put on here and dont, make the same Mistake i did this is actually what was on here originally, and i didnt realize this when i pulled it off this, actually is a plastic glass screen cover as well? So you know you didnt. Have i didnt have to put the glass one on right away? I could have just used this one, and i did not realize that this was actually a screen cover as well, because when i peeled this off, just the whole thing came with it, whereas it was a screen cover just so that you guys know, and it also Comes with this phone case as well, which is what ive always kept it in no scratches or anything, and to be honest, this is a awesome uh.

This uh. This is a awesome case, but uh blue g91 pro, if you are in the market for a new phone. I think that this is definitely one to consider unless you are wanting to put out more money or unless youre, just an iphone fanboy, because yeah i, like my iphone thats, pretty much why im gon na stick with it. But the reason why im looking at these androids and that kind of stuff is a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges. Dont have i dont have iphone apps pro bit being one specifically that i that i use uh also. I am looking for a second phone to install, like my authenticator app on as well as possibly just kind of use as something to leave at home. That has some of my crypto apps installed on, because if, for example, i was to lose my iphone, it doesnt necessarily mean i lost all of my crypto. It just makes it a really big hassle to you know, dig through all of my applications to find my key phrases, my passwords and all of that and then get that uploaded as fast as i can in case, someone was to hack my iphone, which obviously is Super hard to do, but there you guys go blue g91 pro pretty awesome, especially for the price point 6.7 inch display when im saying this thing is massive. This is the 2021 or 2020 se and you can iphone sc like that, is a massive size difference there.

You guys go.