Today we are going to unbox a new device launched by realme its really xt. Today, ive got the package from flipkart lets open. It lets keep this box aside. So this is the packaging second real. Next, you can zoom in to see the pricing lets cut open the cling wrap very slowly. I dont want to hurt the box. I guess theres. Another scene now lets slide up in the box. So at the top we get hey, welcome to realme family. So, as you can see, we get the case over here and the paperwork lets get this thing aside now lets check the device quick guide, important good, important guides written over here speaking of the case, its quite good compared to other brands, its quite hard and have A good bump over here to save the camera module. Then we got the device itself, we decide now. So what else we got so, as you can see, we get a boop charger. Its a 20 watt fast charging, brick ratings are over here and a very good quality usb to usb type c cable and the inner color is very good as per real means, color, its yellow sunshine, yellow so thats it. What oh, there is the extreme ejection tool right below the cable? Let me just just invert the box. So is the simulation tool now the real deal, the device itself here is the camera module for quad camera module and, as you can see its written fingerprint, it is in display fingerprint speed of this plastic.

This is the first realme phone, which has a glass backing lets, see whats, look like ill paste. This thing over here, as this is important, dont, throw it over. So, as you can see, as you can see, that the shiny glass back is shining, i am truly spellbound by seeing this phone, its very sleek, but its quite hefty, compared to other phones. You can see that we get a 2c module over here and a chip. Its good, you can put in 4g same 240 cents at once, lets check the same way at first. So here is the same: its not a hybrid sim tray. You can put 4g sims two four g six at once and a chip. You can see the shining back its full made up of glass – and here is the four camera module 64 megapixel camera. Then there is the eight megapixel wide angle lens then theres 2 megapixel depth, sensing lens and the 2 megapixel macro lens. The macro lens gives up to 4 centimeter of camera, shooting length, 4 centimeter of camera shooting distance, and here is a flash and theres a real me branding at the bottom. You get the type c cable port, the lovable headphone jack, the sound grille. I guess the body is made of plastic, its, not metal its, not metal, heres the power button, its painted in yellow, i dont know: can you see that or not but its painted in yellow? Then there is a secondary mic.

The volume rockers and here is the volume wrappers you can see. The camera module has a good sense of height lets. Put on the cover lets see. How does it work lets see how it works? Does it work well or do i have to buy another case for this phone? The case is pretty tight, so the case is on you can see. The case is very good. The bump over here the case, the bump in the case, is more than the bump. In the camera module, so it can save the camera module. You can see its quite high, then if you come to the down portion, you see the charging port has been covered with a plastic flap, which is good. We can repel dirt and pollution from getting in. I liked it very much and the case is quite thick and very hard.