I have with me the zte exxon 30 ultra. I think the smartphone camera has some interesting features which i want to talk about in this video lets. Do this Music before we dive in any further here, are some important disclaimers. This is not my smartphone. It is on loan from zte malaysia, the zte exxon, 30 ultra smartphone will have to be returned after this review purposes. However, zte didnt ask me to do this. Review they didnt have any strings on me and im not affiliated to them in any way. They approached me and they asked, if im interested to test the cameras in the latest flagship, smartphone and thought. Why not? The only requirement that i had, if i were to publish any photographs taken with this smartphone, is to maintain the watermark on each photograph at first. I wasnt really enticed with that idea, but i thought it was a good challenge by having the watermark on each photograph. It also proves that these photographs are straight out of the camera, with no editing whatsoever. I didnt crop. I didnt straighten. As i compose each shot. I will have to make sure put extra effort that i got the shot right in camera. I cannot fix it in post, so i took up the challenge. I took plenty of photographs for the past few weeks using this zte exxon 30 ultra, and i cannot wait to share my thoughts with you guys. Just a few more side notes.

I am a professional photographer, so ill be reviewing the cameras on this smartphone, based on my experience, using it as a photographer im, not a tech reviewer. I will not be talking about anything else about this phone. I will focus solely on the cameras performance. Also im. Not a cinematographer im new when it comes to video so ill not be talking about the video performance of this smartphone i dont take selfies, i dont think selfie is a thing, so i dont see the point of having a selfie camera on a smartphone. I prefer not to have it so if you want to know about the performance of the selfie camera im sure there are other reviews out there that you can refer to Music, so Music Applause, Music. There are four cameras at the back of this zte s130 ultra. The main camera has a 64 megapixel image sensor. It has a 26 mm equivalent focal length and at f 1.6 aperture. It also features image stabilization. The ultra angle, camera module, also has 64 megapixel image sensor. It has a super wide coverage of equivalent 14mm at f 2.2 aperture, but there is no image stabilization. Perhaps the most interesting camera of all is the 35mm equivalent focal length at f 1.9 bright aperture, which also has a 64 megapixel image sensor with no image stabilization. And finally, there is the telephoto camera five times: optical zoom, about equivalent of 120 mm focal length at f 3.

4 with image stabilization, but only with 8 megapixel image sensor. There is a wide array of cameras for you to choose from from ultra angle coverage all the way to 5 times, telephoto zoom. There is plenty you can do with the cameras at the back of this zte xl30 ultra, along with tons and tons of images that im sharing in this video to show you the performance of the different cameras at the back of this zone. Ultra ill also be talking about the things that i like about these smartphone cameras and also the things that i dislike. Instead of doing, the traditional full review super detail going into the specifications and deep diving analysis ill. Just go straight to the point and tell you the things that truly matter. The first thing that i really like about this xon30 ultra is that most of the cameras they use 64 megapixel image sensor a lot of other smartphone cameras. They may feature three four five or six cameras at the back of the smartphone, but only one of all these camera modules, just one will feature the best image sensor, which may have 48 64 or even more than 100 megapixels, whereas all the other cameras, the ultra Angle, the telephoto and any other cameras at the back of the camera. They are almost like an after thought. They are not really important, they feature like eight megapixels, 12, megapixels or less, and i use stop power lenses.

Some of them dont even have full capabilities. Some may not even have autofocus, so it seems like they dont really care about all the other cameras. They just put there just to say that hey, we have three cameras. We have four cameras on the smartphone, but this zone 30 ultra. They are really serious about the cameras they put in three 64 megapixels cameras, which is more than enough which will get the more benefits in terms of dynamic range sharpness, high iso performance. They all are fully optimized with really high quality 64 megapixel image, sensors Music. The second thing that i really like about this zt sun, 30 ultra is a 35 mm camera. I dont see any other smartphone cameras having a 35 mm equivalent focal length of a camera. I could be wrong if there are any other 35mm equivalent focal length in any other smartphones. Please let me know in the comments below, but i have to admit that 35 mm is a popular focal length for street photographers. If you intend to do street photography, you want a more natural perspective. You may want to avoid ultra wide coverage. The 26mm main camera may be good to fit as much as possible being a wide angle lens, but if you want to create a more natural perspective, you want something to look more realistic. An ultra wide angle or a wide angle lens may not be suitable. So the 35mm allows you to get out of that wide angle coverage.

It gives you a better perspective. It gives you a better, more natural look of the subject that you are trying to compose, and this is especially true if youre shooting subjects that include humans, they will look a lot more proportionate. They look less distorted in comparison to using a wide angle. Lens ive been shooting a lot of the 35mm lens on this camera and im enjoying it. Maybe it is something new in a smartphone camera and i wish more smartphone cameras will include a 35mm lens. The third thing that i like about this zone 30 ultra, is the image quality overall, im very pleased with what i get out of the cameras from this smartphone. The images come out really sharp plenty of fine details. It has very good contrast. The colors are not overly saturated, they still look really natural and pleasing. The dynamic range is well controlled, im sure theres, some hdr algorithm processing happening. I believe theres plenty of computational photography that helped to boost the quality of the images and they work really fine. And i especially like that the images dont look over processed or over sharpened. It is the common problem that i see in a lot of smartphones, where there is just too much sharpening happening, and there is just too aggressive. Also, noise reduction, even though, when youre shooting in broad daylight with plenty of light to work with there is some noise reduction. You can still see its quite obvious in the processing of the images from this exon 30 ultra.

You can still see some traces of sharpening artifacts, but it is not too bad, it is still tolerable and i think that the processing on this s130 ultra is one of the best ive been seeing in a lot of the smartphones today, Music. The fourth thing that i really like about this zt xon30 ultra is the low light shooting performance even in very dim lighting conditions. You can get really good results from the cameras from the smartphone well, except the telephoto camera. The telephoto camera has only 8 megapixels. It doesnt really do very well in low light, so exclude that the other three cameras, the ultra wide angle, the main camera and the 35mm equivalent camera. They all each have 64 megapixel image sensor. Theyll give you plenty of details to work with, and the control noise really well. Also, on top of that, i find that the processing the noise reduction is really good, not only it managed to suppress the high iso noise. We are shooting beyond 1600 3200 iso, but it also gives you a very good balance of details. The main problem that i have with a lot of other smartphone cameras is that the noise reduction is too aggressive. They just get rid of all the details. The images come out looking mushy, yes, theres, no noise, but they look really bad its like watercolor or painting. Yet, at the same time, the camera tries to overcompensate for the loss of details by over sharpening the images and they just look so bad im.

Very thankful to report thats not the case for this zd s130 ultra. I think it has one of the best low light high iso image processing that ive seen in terms of noise reduction. It is really effective to get rid of all the very ugly looking noise. Yet, at the same time, it maintains some level of details and the images still look really natural. The fifth thing that i like about this zt s130 ultra is the autofocus performance for a smartphone. I find that the autofocus is really fast and reliable. Of course, the autofocus is not as fast as my olympus cameras, its not as fast as a professional camera, but for casual use for snapshots. I find that autofocus is more than fast enough. You should be able to nail critical moments with no issue. I like how responsive the smartphone is, every time you tap on the screen to focus and when you snap, the photograph from shot to shot theres very little delay, and i feel that in terms of performance, this is perhaps one of the best smartphone cameras out there. Music, moving on to the things that i dont like or which could have been improved in this zone, 30 ultras cameras number one night mode. The night mode in this smartphone is a disaster. Try to avoid using it at all costs. It somehow tries to over brighten the scene, and it makes it look so unnatural. It will select very high iso numbers more than necessary.

At the same time, youll lower down the shutter speeds to dangerous numbers. There is higher chance of blur its just it. Doesnt look good the images look so much worse versus when youre shooting with the normal camera mode and trust me even in low light situations, if youre shooting at night using the normal camera mode. You can get plenty of details and the noise is already very well controlled, so try not to use the night mode if possible. The second problem that i have with the suzetti at sunset ultra is not remembering which camera used last so am i shooting with say an ultra wide angle: camera as i exit the camera mode and i enter it again. I turn on the camera. It will default to the main wide angle, camera. I wish that the software would allow me to remember the last camera that i used lets say that i was shooting with the 120 mm five times. Zoom camera, i was lets, say, im shooting a building from far away and i get a notification. Someone sent me a text and i open up the the app and read the text. I replied and went back to the camera. I wish that it stays at that. Telephoto range, so that i can continue shooting, rather than it comes back default to the wide angle, camera that could cause me to miss some shots. My third complaint is not exactly a deal breaker, but i wish all the camera modules have image stabilization.

Currently, only the main camera and the telephoto camera have image stabilization, but the ultra wide angle, camera and the 35mm equivalent focal length camera they both do not have image stabilization. I really wish the ultraviolet camera has image stabilization, because that is the mostly used camera for panoramic shots. The super wide scenery shots, especially shooting at night and their ultra wide camera, can really benefit from image stabilization, allowing to take sharper photographs and lowering down the iso number. I think it will really benefit the shooting experience overall thats. All i have to share about this. Zt xon30 ultra cameras performance overall, im very happy with what the cameras can do. I see no significant issues. There are no deal breakers. Anyone even photographers will be very happy with the performance of this smartphone camera. It does give you very good results. Very sharp images. Three of the main camera modules have 64 megapixel image sensor. You get very optimized output straight out of this smartphone and at the same time, you also get 35 mm equivalent camera 35mm focal length, which is a popular focal length for street photography. I dont see any other smartphones having this and that itself makes this camera truly stand out. If youve enjoyed looking at my photographs – or you have found my sharing beneficial to you, please consider buying me a cup of coffee or you can contribute directly to my paypal links in the description below on how i can do that.

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