Just wait one second: where did i put it so i cant tell kelly that im using the kitchen knife to do this. Okay, because shell be very mad. Oh gosh, oh gosh, whatever, okay, struggling, aha, oh gosh, this everybody is the evolution wireless digital by sennheiser Music. Now, at the time of making this video im gon na say, i was already looking into a few different options for stage microphones right because currently, actually dont have any live stage. Microphones. At the moment i mean in my studio, ive got like all these ive got ribbon bikes and condensers and theyre. Basically, i dont know if you can hear me when i just did that, but theyre, basically just all studio microphones like i cant, even find an sm58. If youre new to this channel, thanks for taking the time to check it out and if youre into anything, thats, audio or visual related, so tutorials, um gear reviews, uh music, covers me just making a fool of myself on camera, because my kids like to take the Piss out of me all the time like im, surprised, theyre, not screaming, and just tormenting me, while im trying to make this so right now. This is good anyway. Make sure you subscribe turn on the bell notifications, so youre notified. When i post new content. It really does help all right so with everything happening around the whole world and the uncertainty of live music, at least here in australia.

I decided i wanted to explore doing some live streaming in particular im setting up these like live gigs, for musicians to be able to stream to say, like youtube or to facebook or instagram. Now, of course, you know i could have just used a wired mic. Ive got plenty of you know, studio, microphones, here, um and arguably you know the wide mics are gon na sound better. But in terms of like you know down the track, if im wanting to have a bigger setup, so a bigger band, more musicians, more singers, the you know the less wires on stage. I just think its going to be a cleaner setup, in my opinion, plus. I also thought id give this a go, especially since senators have reached out to me and asked if i wanted to review this and test it out. But just so you know, all opinions are all mine and i havent been given any direction on what to say. Alright, so if youre familiar with sennheiser, youre, probably familiar with the g3 and the g4 lineup of wireless systems, so this wireless digital is kind of like the its like the next generation of that lineup. So i actually used to own a few of the g3 and the g4 wireless systems that my old band used to tour around with for just years, and i remember buying some. You know we first tried buying some cheaper ones from. I think it was ebay and they were just they were just so unreliable.

They would theyd have noise in them. Theyd distort they were just an absolute nightmare. I ended up just giving them away. I didnt even bother selling them in the end. I just threw some money down on the sennheiser stuff and i actually ended up getting the whole band on the g4 system and honestly they were rock solid, like they never missed a b alright. So this system takes advantage of the uhf frequency band and, if im not mistaken, this is going to allow you to have multiple of these systems, not just like five or six, and you know what theres going to be no limitations so where i think theres going To be an advantage is for places like churches for auditoriums, for like live streams, boardrooms uh, maybe venues you get the idea its basically, where youre going to be having multiple of these wireless systems. Um used simultaneously so im not just talking about just the microphones, but you know in ears: theyve got head the head: mics are the instrument sets you know all those things if you get a cheaper system can interfere with that band. So with the evolution series, you know you dont even have to worry about any of that stuff. So with the evolution series, youre definitely going to be buying to something thats, a more robust system that you can scale up as you grow and, to be honest, with anything that i buy, ive always had that.

In the back of my mind, i dont want to be buying something thats kind of the cheaper alternative uh for now thats end up its gon na end up costing me more money down the track. When ive got ta, you know upgrade or sell it now, im not saying go out and splurge your money on the most expensive kid, because youre, probably gon na end up divorced, bankrupt or not have a home. But what im saying is just do your research be wise in making a decision ive always believed you know you get you get what you pay for. I rather invest that money now into something that is a quality product, thats reliable and it can be expanded upon when the time is right, all right. So, with the new evolution system, technology sennheiser actually takes advantage of the new sennheiser wireless app, which is now kind of like its the brain or the central dashboard. For where you can control all the settings of your wireless systems and not just one system but all evolution, wireless systems? So if you remember from the previous generation g3 or the g4 youd have control of all those settings from the transmitter or receiver thing, whatever its called right and dont get me wrong. It all worked really well, but it was really fiddly having to go through those menus and if youre, not tech, savvy its a little bit its a little bit hard. But now with the new smart app, you dont even actually need that at all.

In fact, if the rest of your band, for instance, is on the evolution wireless system so on ears on marks on instruments, etc, you can have just one of your band members log into the app on their phone and they can basically manage all the settings from Renaming everyones packs they could mute, they could scan for better frequencies for everyones packs to make sure that theyre on a good frequency. You can basically do anything from that smart app. So you could give the house engineer access to this so that they can control it. All or you could give it to your drummer because lets be honest, you never let your bass play me. Anything like that. You just want them to focus on just doing one thing just play the song, and just you know just do that because half the time they cant even do that right, yeah, Music, all right so sennheiser sent me the evolution, wireless digital handheld set and theres a Whole bunch of different sets, you can get ive got the handheld set, so lets open it up: Music. Okay! So when you open the box for the first time, you find the microphone transmitter, which is this guy. You got the 835 capsule Music. Now you can upgrade these capsules when your budget suits. I used to have an 845 on my old system. Youve got a sennheiser microphone clamp. Then youve also got the receiver wrapped in this black wrapping Music youve got two big nc antennas and youve also got a pair of double a batteries.

You get a rack mount keep mounting into an enclosure Music. All right so lets talk about the setup, and just so you know, setting this thing up is just super super easy now in the past, setting these things up has been a little bit cumbersome, especially if youre not really tech savvy with this type of gear. But this is where sennheiser has changed the game, introducing their smartphone app. So what ive done is ive gone ahead and ive um ive reset this back to factory and what im going to do is im going to fire this back up pressing this button here, Music. All right, so you can see that weve got a bunch of numbers: 606, 400 thats, the frequency band. You can gain af out et cetera right now. I believe the little red light here means that its not connected to the transmitter or its not synced, so im going to go ahead and get my phone and lets set this up right now. Alright, so ive got my phone and im going to head over to my smart app, so it says no receivers added yet so what were going to do is were going to say, add receivers im going to hit next and now its asking me to press the Sync button on the receiver for three seconds, so im going to go ahead and do that its a sync button here, its one, two: three okay! So now weve got the blue button flashing and now its come up, saying: add receivers to your setup.

So what im going to do is im going to hit this add receiver to setup, identify your device by checking permanently blue led and yes, we can see the data blue light is a solid blue now now this is where i can rename it so im going To go ahead and rename it dk! Okay, and you can choose your color here, im going to go with blue because i, like blue, hit, save bluetooth, pairing requests. So now, what im going to do is im just going to hit pair Music, add receivers to your setup and click next Music now its going to scan. So this is where its going to find the best frequency with the area that were in okay, so thats been done, were going to hit next now. Youre almost done just need to sync your transmitter. All right so were gon na sync. The transmitter now so lets hit that now, im gon na grab the transmitter Music and now its telling me to power up the transmitter short press, the sync button: okay, now its flashing blue and now its synced thats it okay, im gon na hit, get out of That closing hit done – and it says, were ready to perform now. Im gon na be swapping between this microphone and this one, obviously the different microphones, but you can have a listen. So this is the sennheiser one. Two two one, two three four. This is a sennheiser 835 capsule on here, im, not sure if theres much rf noise, i cant tell when i did tests before i couldnt notice any rf noise.

It sounds really good to me. The other thing that i love about this is, if you know i accidentally hit the wrong button now im not having any sound coming through here, but on the app i just go into it and click it. So this is for, like your sound engineer or whoevers, looking after your your system, they can say mute, lock, transmitter and now youve got signal going back all right. So what do i think about the sound quality? Well, you know: sennheiser has been in the wireless market for ages now, so you know that youre buying into something that has a lot of experience and expertise in that area and in terms of sound quality with my short player, i think this thing is is excellent. Its brilliant, i havent, noticed any dropouts. I can barely notice any rf noise and i just think this thing is just a solid piece of kit. Now the 835 capsule so thats this little black part on here. This actually can be upgraded and they have a wide range of different capsules from sennheiser to neumann that you can basically just swivel on so if youve got the wide microphone, so the sennheiser wide 835. Well, i guess its basically the same as that. I you could compare it as well to like an sm58 in sound. I think this is probably a little bit brighter has a bit of a tighter bass, sound its got a bit more clarity, alright, so make sure that you subscribe because ill be doing another video in an actual, live environment and im going to show you some sound Clips from the actual stream using this microphone – and i might even compare it to maybe the sm7b just to show you like how much sound rejection youre getting because when you upgrade these capsules, theyve got different polar patterns which is going to allow different amounts of sound Rejection, depending on what capsule you get now, please let me know if youve got any questions about this mic and this whole setup.

I actually answered a lot of questions from people over on my instagram there too. So if you arent following me, then make sure that you do dont forget to like and subscribe, and i will see you guys ill see you guys next time. This is satisfying for me. You probably cant even hear it, because our bloody light is very loud but ill. Try! Okay! Here we go just be satisfied with me. Should i do it this way, then you can see it okay. Here we go. That was good.