com and today, im doing a review for best buys blog on a smartphone gimbal stabilizer from dji. This is the osmo mobile, 5 or om5. For short. Now in this review, well take a look at the design of the om5. Well, take a look at the control options that you get and then ill talk about my experiences using it and if it could be right for you, so sit back, relax get your popcorn ready and cue in that intro. So lets go ahead and begin with the design of the om5. As you would imagine, this is the fifth iteration of their smartphone gimbal stabilizer and theyve made a lot of interesting and necessary improvements first and foremost boy. Is this thing lightweight and portable? Look at this? You know almost if i had like really big baggy pockets. I could probably fit this in, but its not that small. However, youre gon na have no problem putting this into your purse, your handbag or your camera bag backpack. What have you so? I love the fact that its portable, the way that it folds down is, is quite ingenious, because the um, the other smartphone gimbal, that i have it comes with a little case that i would have to carry around with me to protect it. This one i i do like it. My only question is: will this take like wear and tear like if youre taking this on the road with you opening and closing it? How much will it handle, and only time will tell so i cant give you any hints on that, but ill show you how it opens its quite ingenious.

I tried to figure this out um without looking at the instructions and it wasnt easy. So i actually had to pull the quick start guide to figure this out so that that is important. It has this little locking mechanism that you have to untwist and then it just kind of pulls out from there. It has this um holder for your smartphone, and i like this because previous designs, it was kind of built right into it, but this one comes off and its powered and connects by this really high powered magnet. So i got my smartphone over here and it fits the majority of smartphones out there. If it is a small phone, they have this little adapter that you can put onto it, but the thing about these gimbal stabilizers. Just from my experience using them, you really got to pay attention to how the smartphone is on the case, because you want everything to be like nice and center and they actually, this case, has this little notch, which makes room for the buttons that typical smartphones have On the side, because other ones you try to get that centerness and it will hit the button and sometimes it turns it off, so i really like that design. It even has an arrow that tells you which way the camera is supposed to fit. It also comes with a nice tripod holder that you can screw on the bottom, so ill do that right now, so that i can kind of show you how this goes on, and the great thing about this is that you can sit this on or you can Hold it from there, let me see if i can do this im going to now attach this.

As i mentioned, it is magnetic, but it doesnt just go anywhere. It actually has this little slot to make sure that it fits securely and its a very, very high powered magnet. This thing aint going nowhere now ill go ahead and turn it on. The button is just on the side over here and watch whats going to happen. It kind of gets into position so just like that, its ready to go so its very simple to set up and operate, say you know, youre a content creator and something crazy is going on its not going to take you too much time to get up and Running with this now, it can, of course, do both portrait and landscape mode and well talk a little bit about the controls in a bit. But the thing to really pay attention to about this and what makes it different from all the other osmo mobile, stabilizers or gimbals out there in the past is a little surprise check this out hold on. I just got to move this away from my microphone check. This out, oh snap, its got an extension rod, also known as a selfie stick. So if youre, like uh, really into making uh selfie kind of videos, say youre a vlogger and youre always creating content when youre walking around you want people to see you in a nice kind of like a portrait style for say, snapchat or instagram. What have you this is awesome, because when you extend your arm out, you can get that distance and almost get your full body into it.

I think this is going to be a great feature that will appeal to a lot of people myself. Personally, i dont do any front facing cameras. I dont know i just never got into it. I i just find it weird like i can do this style, where i cant see myself, but if i have to see myself while im recording, i think it just trips me out im not used to it im a traditional. You know look through the barrel of a camera kind of guy, but a lot of people are vloggers and they like to document their experiences, and this with the selfie stick edition makes that just easy. The only thing i would say is that this thing is not easy to get out. It takes a little bit of effort man and then you can put it back in and whats great about. It is with the selfie stick oh hold on. I should just show you that its like, if youre, trying to just make movies it almost acts like you, have like a big tripod, and so, if youre doing something say on a desk like this, you know you can get that right, height and youre good to Go you know youre off to the races. Essentially, so you dont have to like put boxes on to get it. You have that ability to adjust this extension rod or selfie stick to your liking. Now lets go ahead and talk a little bit about the controls, because what is a gimbal stabilizer, if you dont, have controls on the front? What youre going to notice is that you have this joystick and also the record button and also a rotate button, so check this out, just press the rotate button.

If you press it once it will switch between the front facing camera and the rear facing camera. So its very simple to switch between the two cameras. If, in the event that you want to go landscape, you just got ta double tap and boom snap, just like that, you can switch each rotation just with a double tap. Now the joystick actually will let you adjust it. The orientation hold on im gon na go landscape im, not a portrait guy folks. I know a lot of people are but im gon na kick it old school just to decide. It always drives me nuts. When i see people like creating videos uh in that, but i guess i mean it depends on the platform that youre gon na post it on, but over here you can see. I can now adjust the rotation going left right and up and down with this joystick heres the thing that ive learned. This is like a little digital joystick, and what ive noticed is that when i was recording footage, i couldnt get a nice smooth shot. I think by default its a little fast for me, however, in the dji mobi momo app, you can adjust the speed of that to make it better, but i just feel default. It should be a little bit slower because when you start recording the footage, it kind of goes fast, and you know i part of me just wish that it was a more of an analog feel to this its very digital and you cant get that smoothness in Your shots so im not sure how much i would be using this joystick.

For that reason, um id better just use my hand to get that kind of movement. I find it to be much more smoother Music, now heres, the big con that i have. If you pull it off to the side, what youll notice is that you have this zoom slider and also the power button. The power button can be used for a variety of functions. You press it. You can switch between video mode and also uh your photo mode on the back. You also have a little trigger which you can do to kind of stabilize and get everything back into: um orientation, but heres the issue hold on im, going to drop this down its driving me nuts man im, not a im, not a selfie guy. Now heres the thing about the controls: im, a southpaw, okay, im left handed so im gon na be using this with my left hand, the joystick, the the record button and the rotate button, not a problem, however, trying to reach the zoom slider on the side. Boy is that hard its next to impossible? I have to use my thumb and its just in the most awkward area. When i was out in the park trying to uh record this, i couldnt i couldnt use the zuffa. It was too hard. I basically never used the zoom because i couldnt reach it now. This is a huge design flaw because how what is it ten percent of people in the world are left handed? Well, you you, you go to any creative field and what youre gon na find is.

There are a lot of left handed people, and i imagine – and i dont have the data for this, but i just imagine a lot of filmmakers content creators out there. Super creative people, myself included, are left handed, so you just like alienated all these creative professionals. By virtue of their handedness, because i tried to use this with my right hand and its just not doesnt – feel right its like trying to write with your opposite hand and for dji to force me to do that like how did this get through? All you are youre telling me nobody at dji who created the om5 is left handed. Did anybody even mention that yo? This is kind of hard to go on the left side? I apologize for the rant, but ive been dealing with this all my life. Okay, you left these out there. You know what im talking about okay, ned, flanders, you know what im talking about what they could have done was put additional buttons on the side, so that i could touch it with my hands. Maybe you can enable or disable it inside the memo app. There was so many things they could have. They could put it somewhere else, but they put it in the most like okay im, not gon na talk about i just get. I just grinds my gears when, when, when i find product designs and they dont take account for people being left handed, you can imagine im handy andy.

I have so many power tools and when i was a kid i remember my dad be like oh youre, not that handy like all of us and its because i would hold it the opposite way. Nothing is made for left handed people, including the om5. However, that said i really enjoyed filming. You know if really smooth videos, as i was walking through a trail, everything was smooth all the hand. Movement was smooth. The only issue is im missing a very critical feature and thats that digital zoom on the side, because theyre going to be points where you just want to use that digital zoom, which, by the way, only works in the memo app not in the native camera. App of the device, because this does connect bluetooth to your smartphone, so theres a lot to like in this. I love the fact that it does have a selfie stick thats going to help me for doing. You know to set it up. If you want to just film yourself – and it also has the feature of active tracking 4.0, which basically is just create a square of where you want your object to be tracked, and it will keep it in the center of screen. So i could set this up. Like if i had like a normal tripod set up start walking and talking which im always moving anyways so rather than having to sit in a fixed area, i can move around and the camera will follow me.

But the fact that it just is not made for lefties. This is a critical design feature that really really hurts, because i like this, i really i would use this all the time. In fact, if this was just made for someone whos left handed could use, i would probably use this all the time so much so i become an expert because also i didnt even mention this, but they have whats called the shot guides inside the memo app, especially For like beginners youre new to filmmaking itll show you how to get certain shots and actually recognize if youre on the beach, or in my case i was in a forest and say hey youre in the forest, hey. Why dont you try this shot, theres a lot to like here folks, if youre right handed youre a content, creator, youre gon na love this, if youre a southpaw like your boy here, its just frustrating. You know i want to like this. I want to use this, but i cant get the best use out of it. Unless i switch hands or i dont use the zoom folks, i apologize for the rent ive been. I think i need to go therapy because of my left handedness. I just hate when i products come out and they just alienated 10 at least 10, probably more in the creative fields, when they dont make it so that you can use either hand. Once again, i apologize for this rant here, but its true okay.

This is how i feel once again folks. My name is andy burrar handyandy, if you like this videos, please smash that, like button subscribe to this channel and leave your comments below, if you want more information about your boy, you can reach me on my website I also have a youtube channel. I do a lot of diy stuff. I break things. I fix things. I review tech, pretty much the story of my life and now i rant on products that are made for right handed people. Once again. My name is andy burrar.