This is a video microphone kit for your smartphone. First of all, im gon na do a unboxing. First, so you can see what it comes with and then im gon na do a quick review on my overall thought of the kit so lets get into it all right. So lets take a look at the flash, hoot video kit and lets see what comes inside. The box, so it says that its gon na come with a uh, the light the uh wind month uh we got the mount both for the phone and for the microphone itself and the tripod. So lets take a look at that all right. So we get the microphone already with the pop filter. Theres a little metallic build very light. Nice construction – i like it ill, get the tripod. So this is a very light. Tripod uh, mainly prop uh plastic, so very light lets take a look at it. All right seems very sturdy and its mounted on a ball head right here, so we got a good amount of angles very nice and we got the stuff for the mountain. Okay, all right, so the ball head does screw off its nice to know we have the light itself. Uh plastic construction, all right, so we do have. Does it come charged alrighty? It does come charged very nice. We could even see the percentage. So i do find the turn wheel a little bit, tough to rotate. So if you have nice, little stubby fingers like me might be a little bit of annoying uh yeah its a little bit tough to turn, but its very light very convenient.

You have the usbc, cable, very nice, so fast charging like that uh just press the button to turn off, so the button itself is to turn off and to turn on and is the dial as well. We have three shoe mounts on this for the uh uh, the shoe very nice like that. That does come very handy. We have the wind muff, very good. Okay, one thing i like to check to see is always one muffs im gon na put them on. I make sure that its a tight fit it doesnt slide out, because when its very windy, if it moves too much its not going to be too good theres going to be too much space in between so this is a nice little tight fit. So this is going to add pretty good protection, but it is now a giant one. So all right we have the about for it. So i have a s20, but i have the case on it. So so i wouldnt suggest anything wider than the s20 fe. So but yes, it does get a little bit larger, so lets see where were going, but i have i have the case on so it gets a little bit bigger. Okay, so lets so. Has nice little felt uh right here, so it doesnt scratch up too much. Your phone towards the back of it and we have another shoe mount back there. We have two different stock mounts guessing for different adaptations.

We have the protector guessing. This is for the light. Oh no, this is for the soft light. Did i even say that it comes with it? Oh very nice probably got this wrong on. Oh, very, very nice. I like that. So it does come accessories uh all right, so i just give it some space still accessible for the shoe mounts very nice, but it softens the light so its not too harsh, especially if youre gon na be our vlogging. So i i do like that, but also just keep note that you already have one on it and that just makes the light a little bit softer, not as harsh. We have the mic mount itself, not too crazy about this mount, not a very suspension mount, but it stays in place its nice and sturdy, its a little bit of wiggle, but not too crazy uh. What do we get? We get a usbc to usb 2.0 cable. What else do we get seems to be the cable for the camera for the Music camera, the mobile? We got our user guide, so its yeah, so Music, the greatest one, is for the phone and the black one all black. This is for the camera. Okay, so one was a camera very nice uh, anything that was crazy, okay, so the nothing too crazy. But there is a lot of flexibility to how you can set this up now that we get the unboxing out. The way lets talk about what i thought overall.

So the first thing we could talk about is the tripod. The tripod was super light and versatile, really loved. It had a lot of great additions. Uh one of the things is the anti slip feet, but one of the things it didnt have is, i didnt think it had adequate amount of grip on it when you do have it in vlogging mode, but it was pretty sturdy when you did have it in Tripod mode and the anti slip feet do add to the stability which is super cool. The next thing is the phone holster. If you notice from the unboxing video, it does have a felt back so right so its not going to scratch up your phone and on the sides it does have where the clamp is applied as rubber to minimize any damage to the phone. One thing is, i do not recommend using your phone uh clamping, your phone on this with a bulky case, youre gon na have problems with it or having a phone thats wider than a razer phone. I thought that was one that i stretched it as far as i could, and it was just right at the brink. I couldnt put a wider phone in that so do take that into notice, but overall the clamping force was really good and like that and the holster itself does have some uh akoshu mount in the back additional. So you have two on it. So thats super cool.

Now another thing is the mic i did like the mic. I did think the shock mount was pretty stable for it pop filter uh. I thought it was a little bit loose so do take that into notice. But if youre not going to be, you know traveling around with it. In like windy conditions, you shouldnt be worried. Uh, the windmill was pretty good. It was secured on tight, so you dont have to worry about super windy weather its not going to blow off. So i thought that was super secure and i like that in terms of the mic im going to, let you be the judge of it so im going to do a video test of how it sounds when i have it connected to my smartphone okay. So this is what my phone sounds without the mic itself. I am using a samsung galaxy s, 20 fe and then im going to connect the mic now. So this is what it sounds with the mic on. I think the mic sounds pretty good. Let me turn on some background noise, so you can see how much background so i do have the fans on my computer at max. I think it does a decent job of it, but overall, i think the voice quality is pretty clear now that we got the mic test out the way. I hope you like the mic, because i i did think it was a really good mic.

Uh lets talk about one of the things i really like about the light. The video light love it. So one of the things that i love about the video light is that it has three mounts on it and it does come with a silicone uh diffuser that you could use to soften the light. A cool thing about that is that when you put on that diffuser it keeps all three mounts accessible, pretty awesome. Now the light is super easy to use, because it only has one button in the back and with that one button you can do pretty much everything. A long press to turn it on a long press to turn it off. It also acts as a dial, so you could just go back and forth. You could adjust brightness and you could adjust temperature in terms of temperature. You can adjust from 2800 to 80 500. Well, do a quick test uh about that too. Now, once you have, it turned on you have that little uh screen in the back thatll tell your battery life in terms of uh three battery percentages and also itll. Tell you where you know your brightness level is and your temperature super easy to access. Now you can just single click when its on to toggle between the temperature and the brightness, and once you want to turn off again just hold down to the button, and it turns off within a second super cool. Now were gon na.

Do a little quick test of the video light and what ill do is im gon na go from the range of the zero to 100 in both uh temperatures and im gon na do for the temperatures im gon na do the minimum uh the middle and then Im gon na do the highest temperature and, of course, 0 25, 50 and 75 and 100 in terms of the brightness. So lets do a little quick test on that. Okay, so lets start im going to be using my phone video uh once again: uh samsung galaxy s, 20 fe, so lets set lets set the temperature to 8500 k as the max, and this is what 25 is im using no filter on it. Uh and im. Not using the diffuser at all so lets go up to keep going now, and this is 50 right brightness and we are gon na go up to 75 and this is 100 brightness, pretty pretty decent. All right so lets start messing with the temperature now and well go to about the middle, which is going to be 4200 and then well keep messing. So i have its all still 100 okay. So this is 2800 and then well do the brightness again so well. Go down from here so now we have at 75 from 100 and we have it down to 50 percent now and well, take it down to 25 and then of course, boom be done so lets bring it up to 25 once again and well, try to go To the middle in terms of temperature so well go to uh 4200 uh carbon, and this is 25, so this is about 4200, so lets get the toggle and were gon na go up to fifty percent now, one times the brightness okay – and this is seventy five Percent – and this is going to be 100 at 42, 100 cabin, pretty good nice, nice, brightness and in terms of the temperature looks really nice, and this is just a background test uh, you know just so.

You can get an idea of how its going to be when its super close to your face, because youre not going to be too far away from it, but youre not going to have a maximum brightness like this so and then well, do a quick one with Out uh with the diffuser okay, so now we have the diffuser on it, and this is at 4200 im going to set the temperature to the highest 85 100 temperature, and this is with the salt light. So you get an idea: maximum brightness, pretty cool all right. So lets get into my final thoughts, so hopefully that little video convinced you in terms of my test that this light is pretty good. Now the light is going to be long lasting its going to last you more than almost two hours. If you use it at max strength, but if youre not using a max strength, its going to be over two hours, i tested their claim that they said maximum brightness and temperature was going to be two hours and definitely it is. And if youre most of you are probably gon na just be operating at a less brightness level, maybe a fifty percent that youll probably do depending all the varies, but in terms of brightness and everything pulled to the max youre going to get two hours at minimum Out of this little thing overall, i thought it was a really good video kit for youre getting and just for the mic and video light just for the two things i think its already worth it uh.

Hopefully i helped you in your decision and why you should consider the flash shoot, video uh pro kit or the vlog pro kit.