Video appreciate your time and your support huge shout out to iblazin for sending me the aerie series cases for the iphone 13 smartphone series. The 6.1 inch standard iphone 13, the 6.1 inch iphone 13 pro and the iphone 13 pro max 6.7 inches. 6.1. 6.1 good. Looking cases. The only case here, thats not going to have a built in screen protector, is the halo clear case already on the iphone 13 pro max here and we have the erieser, which is already on the iphone 13 pro to cut down on time. So what were going to do is unbox the aries black for the standard 6.1 inch iphone 13. Then when were done, looking at that on the replica device there with the two cameras, you can see that the pro has the three cameras pro max through cameras. Then what were gon na put on the peach so anyway, uh enjoy the the review uh. These cases are going to be perfect as far as design fit. Cutouts all going to be precise button uh areas that are going to be covered up are going to be precise. Ive used a lot of eye blazing cases. Ive never had any issues on any of my android smartphones or iphones. So with that being said, lets go ahead and unpack. The iphone 13 6.1 inch aries black case here. So you can get that experience. If i can get it out, man thats a tight fit in there lets go towards the bottom here, a lot easier.

All right! You are going to get some information in here before you open this packaging. Please scan this qr code for watching installation video. You can do that if you want, and we have an installation guide as far as how to place the front frame, which is a hard plastic polycarbonate frame over the top of your iphone, whichever one that you have and uh so yeah read this. If you dont know the process but youre going to watch that process here in this video as well just a couple other options there and all of these cases is going to have this film to protect your case while its being delivered and on the back as Well and right here at this little area right there, that you can stick your thumbnail to pull the back part of the case from the frame with the built in screen protector, which is really cool and then were going to have some more fill. Okay and then were going to take the 6.1 inch iphone 13 standard, smartphone and well put it over the top. There got some film right there lets peel that off wipe that down as well – and here you have this see through hard plastic polycarbonate material. A little bit of a nice bluish grayish trim there that looks really nice up against the black tpu material here on the sides top and bottom so were going to have lots of great protection. The bumpers extend out to absorb shock, which is really really nice.

Youll be able to see your apple logo on the back of your device through that clear back, so you got some flex durability and lots of grip along the sides. So what youre going to do is what i do use a flat surface got the frame over the top of the device there, the iphone 13, and were just going to place it right down at the bottom. At an angle like that, get it in there and then were going to work our way up, just like that very nice and simple thats. What youre going to do with the peach aries peach, the aries azure, which is like a light blue there, except for the halo clear, because we dont have that screen protector on there. So you can see that we have the mute, switch nicely covered up lots of space to get your thumbnail in there and use that functionality, volume, rocker down up very nice power button Music and at the bottom we have a cutout for your speaker. Grille. You got a flap covering up your lightning charging port area. Look at that right there and you have a cut out there for your mic Music up top, we got nava, which means nothing but look at those corner, bumpers, man. Those are nice plenty of lip. All the way around flat amoled display got some cutouts on the built in screen protector for all those important areas up there, where the notch area is which is 20 smaller.

This year on the iphone 13 smartphone series, recessed area there for your combo, earpiece and speaker very nice, totally digging that you can see that right there again look at that lip! You want to set your device down this way. Youre going to be fine flat. Surface surface is a little bit rough plus that screen protector. If you want to go that route on a flat surface or if the surface is a little bit rough, youre going to be fine, protecting those cameras, a large, huge open area for those cameras to take great quality pictures and shoot great quality. Video lots of lip lots of depth. The cameras come out a little bit, but theyre not going to supersede that lip very nice. Look at that, okay and on the iphone 13 pro just a different color. But everything on this case is going to be exactly like this case. Okay, again its just a different color beautiful, you got this bluish gray trim on the frame, and you got this light blue, which i blaze and calls azer hope im saying that right, theres, your apple back there on the iphone 13 pro huge cutout, three cameras coming Out, but not going to go past the lip on the aries, azure. Okay, you can see that plenty of depth there to take great quality pictures and shoot great quality video, and we got the halo clear. So this isnt actually part of the erie series but um its just called the halo, clear thats what it says right there lots of lip.

Now the cameras extend out a lot more than what you get over here on these devices, but still plenty of lip plenty of space. I wouldnt set it down on a really rough surface, but if youre going to do a flat surface or surface a little bit, revvy should be fine. I like this clear, solid, see through tpu case lots of lip all the way around. Okay, we dont have the same type of style over here with the frame i mean you got a lot more lip going on over here, but you still have plenty of lip plenty of depth all the way around. I would go flat surface semi rough surface, but not really rough and back here a little bit of a lip in design around this area. But the lip surrounding the camera area supersedes this area here, but youre still going to get that protection. Okay, see what im talking about Music, nice, okay, so lets go ahead and put on the Music peach just like that. A little wipe down got that flap. There boom volume rocker flap down here. Those flaps are to protect these areas. That are very important, not that the volume rocker and the speaker mic area arent important. But in here you can get dirt dust lint, especially if you work outdoors uh, if youre an indoor area where it has a lot of dust and dirt flying around. You want to close that up. You just want to make sure youre not going to damage the mute switch over here by getting something in there that can hit that area and damage that area.

So when youre not using it protect it buttons all covered up all going to work the way theyre supposed to theres those bumpers. You got that pink and gray that really complement each other as far as the colors on this case, the peach. So for those of you that, like the peach color bam there, you go, you do get some fingerprints on here, so you will have to wipe down from time to time, but you can get a skin to cover up the back of your iphone and well. That would look really good too, since you have that see through back all right. There we go the aries black, the aries peach, the aries is zur and we have the halo clear for the 13 pro max great looking cases protection folks protection for your investment. Thank you so much. I blaze appreciate the opportunity to represent thanks for watching everybody again all the information that you need to know down below in the description area.