This phone is one of the phone that has one of the best battery on the market, so were talking about a 13 200 million power battery guys, like i just said, one of the best battery. Let me just say this before i start showing you all the settings and all that guys. My personal opinion about this phone honestly is that yo. This phone is just amazing, its just an amazing phone. Why? Because with this phone, since this phone has a reverse um charging, i dont know if you know that so every time, my phone, you know my phone battery, my iphone have an iphone, though its dying. So i just charge my iphone with that phone guys and, like i just say, the phone has a really good battery, so that means it has enough power to charge my iphone battery and just the phone stay fully charged. Basically, you know what i mean and overall guys i have kids, so my kids, they play with the phone thats a rugged phone. They never gon na break the phone and tell you never that phone, if you, if you hold this phone with your hands, youre gon na, feel, like you have right here, a tractor on your hand, guys this phone is just amazing im telling you so the cameras Guys, the cameras are just amazing in general, this is an amazing phone to play to take pictures to charge others phone. Like i say you know, you can use it like a power bank, its the same thing, basically um the signal if this phone grabbed the signal really good, and you see the flash the back.

If you turn on this flash guy in the dark, basically youre gon na see everything because thats a really powerful flash too. So i have no complaint about this phone guys, the phone honestly it worked perfectly. You know what i mean you work really perfectly so now let me show you all the cool settings, because this phone has really nice features new features, guys the phone that cost over a hundred dollars. As you know what i mean, so let me just go over those settings so that way you can see what this phone can do lets go. First of all, let me show you one of the best setting on this phone so for that lets go ahead and click on settings then scroll down. Let me go to intelligence assistant lets, go ahead and click on that. Okay, guys. This is the best section on this phone. Let me show you why, right here, youre gon na see all the new features that you can enjoy on this phone like, for example, let me start with the first one flip to silent. So if you turn on the setting and your phone is ringing, all you need to do is flip. The phone just do that boom. Your phone will be and silent right away so thats the first one. The second one is smart answer. So when you receive an incoming card or put your phone near your ear to answer automatically wow, this is so amazing.

So, basically, if you have an incoming card – and you put this phone near your ear automatically, your phone think that you wan na talk so its gon na answer. The call oh look yo, i didnt know that that was one of the best one. In case you have, like your hand, wet, you know what i mean not dirty, so you dont have to touch the screen so turn it on. The third setting is gon na. Be this one anti fake touch mode yeah. I love that one turn it on, because if you have, if you put your phone in your pocket – and you know by mistake, you put your hand in your pocket at the same time and you touch anything on your phone. Your phone are gon na react to that lets. Go with the next one, guys three finger screenshots, so that one is for you to take a screenshot with the three fingers. So you need to do swipe down with three fingers to take a screenshot. So, basically, you use three finger and you just swipe it down and boom. You will have a screenshot, so amazing, the next one, three fingers skid start split screen, so yeah thats thats a good one too sensor calibration. I love the setting uh quickly open camera. So when the screen is off, double click, the down button of volume to quickly open the camera. So basically, if you turn on the setting, the screen can be off.

Your phone can be locked and, if you press three times no double time, volume down and decide automatically theyre gon na open the camera. Okay, the next one wireless reverse charging yeah thats, the one im talking about guys. Look at this! If you turn on the setting. Okay, let me use on my iphone to make an example, and now let me just put my phone on top of that one and look at that guys its charging. You see, let me do that again. Let me just put it on the back boom its charging. So with this phone guys, if this phone is fully charged, basically, you can charge how many iphones, like five iphones from zero to 100, because the phone has like uh a iphone battery like eight iphone battery is just like three thousand and something its not really too Strong this one is thirteen thousand and two hundred million power battery so lets go. The next setting is gon na be flip to wait. Okay, i dont like that one, because, if that setting is on, if your phone, basically, you want to put your phone on your packet or your phone is on the table as soon you grab your phone and just flip it up. The screen is gon na turn. On and i use a lot of batteries, so i dont like the setting too much, but if you need it just turn it on single hand, mode yeah. That one is good because the phone is too big.

Basically, you can operate this phone with one hand. Okay, so that one is really really good, so the next one is gon na. Be this one new message right screen: yeah: that one is good too, and this one accessibility, no, we dont have to go through the setting, because all android phones have those settings later. I will make another video guys if you want me to make another video like as soon as possible about those settings. Just let me know on the comment, even though this phone have a really powerful battery guys. You also have some setting right here that you can turn on and save battery. You know what that means. So that means if the battery on this phone lasts five days. Let me just make an example, and you basically turn on those settings its gon na last. Six days, let me show you where you can find it lets go ahead and click on settings, then scroll down lets go ahead and click on battery okay. This is the setting battery saver just turn it on right here and boom. Your phone automatically will save battery. Now guys, let me say something that i havent said yet about this phone. This phone has a settings that basically will double speed the performance. So let me show you: if you go to setting scroll the way down, you will see setting right here. Let me show you right now: dual speed, this one, the last setting on this phone, just click on that and right here, guys its off its off by default.

So you have to turn on manually to basically speed up this phone. Just turn it on what this setting gon na does. If you read right here, you just basically say that this setting gon na stop different activity in the background to use all the capacity for your games. Anything you want to do on your phone. Your phones, gon na, be a lot faster. If you turn on the setting, so thats the secret guys about this phone and thats, how it looks it looks like other phone, but this one has. You know a special stuff that other phone doesnt have like the battery cameras, the cameras guys in the phone. Let me show you look at this. Look at this camera. Oh, my goodness, look at that yo! This phone is just crazy. Let me see i got the iphone 13 on my hand right now lets see something yo look at that thats crazy. No! No, so i just want to say that this phone has a better camera, the iphone 13 and im not saying that, because i know a lot of people youre gon na get offended by that. But honestly, look at this guys, this camera. This camera are just amazing. Amazing, including the selfie camera, its just its just another level yo. I really love this phone honestly. If i put these two phone side by side, as you can see, this one has like like four iphone 13 pro max.