com, if its your first time Here check out the videos got lots of unboxings and reviews if you like them, hit the like and subscribe button now lets get into it. So vitapal sent me this multifunction smartphone video kit, um. It looks pretty cool, as you can see here, its got a picture on the front. Its got like a wind sock holds your phone has the microphone, so i figured im gon na. Do a review and an unboxing and well uh, see how it is. Thank you very much by the way, divided powell for sending this out to me and well see how it is so we go in the back here. It says transducer principle is a back electronic condenser, its got a super cardioid polar pattern, a frequency range between 40 and 18 kilohertz sensitivity to minus 38 plus or minus 3 decibels. Uh all this other stuff output impedance. I dont really know what any of this stuff means signal. Noise ratio is greater than or equal to 75 decibels. I know a few of these things. I dont know everything. Box includes microphone. A flexible smartphone clamp, tripod, trs, trrs, audio output, cable for smartphone, uh, wind muff and a portable case, so it looks like a pretty good product package is nice and were going to see how this is so pop this open here you can see the case. Okay, that box off to the side um the case itself is nice.

Its got that like semi, rigid um, i dont know whats, like a box type thing kind of feels like cardboard box. Maybe it is its got a little handle on top double zipper open that up all right, so you got the mesh elastic pocket here on the top on the inside. Here we have im guessing thats. What holds the microphone its actually a little metal nut, which is kind of surprising, but it does have glasses on it. Here is the microphone itself small little mic. It looks like its got the 1 8 on there theres the microphone without uh. I cant even remember what this is called right now, its a wind sock, but its not the kind, the fluffy kind i dont know if its got different name put that back on lets, see main china vitapal. I hope im pronouncing that right here is the wind muff, so this would go on instead of this, if youre in a windy environment. So you have that would really dampen that wind, if youre indoors and go with this its itll work kind of like a pop filter, its not a pop filter, but it works kind of the same way. Here we have the smartphone clamp, so that sure helped us. This is actually adjusted with a screw, its not a spring loaded one. So its definitely going to hold really well thats interesting, your tripod here, not height adjustable, but the legs all lock in so get your standard ball down here then we have the cable two cables.

Actually same cables, but you get two this one says smartphone like and this ones for a camera um, i think, theyre, the same cable. Let me see its the difference between these. Oh nope theyre. Not you can see this ones got the two bands. This ones got the three again im, not positive on what that does. I think it does have to do with the uh type of audio different stuff lets get a little bag here you put some stuff into that and the manual so it says compact on camera. Microphone kit, flexible smartphone, clamp, tells you how to install it, and yes, so thats how you put that together, so im going to put this together ill show you the product when its all together and then well do a test. Okay, so putting this together, doesnt look like its going to be too difficult. We got the tripod here. I already kicked the legs out. We have this flexible, smartphone clamp, which is. This is a clamp here, and here this is uh where this screws on to here. So you put this on here just kind of twist that down screw it until its nice and tight, like that, and you got this slotted area right here, which is where this goes into. If you can see that there its square so that slides into here like so you just kind of turn this until thats clamped down tight and then this area, which you probably cant, see very well right here holds the microphone like so and then your phone will Go right here so it actually looks like a pretty easy setup.

So you got your phone thats held here its adjusted by this nut here, so you can turn it either way to go smaller or larger. Now remember: i got this thing kind of there we go, so you can turn that to make it go smaller or larger. Whatever way you want to go with that clamp, your phone in here you have your microphone, then. Obviously your cables just kind of plug in to there and then into your smartphone, so they uh seems pretty cool. I will have to try this out and see how it works. Okay, so you can probably see here. I have it plugged into my smartphone now now heres the one downside to this microphone that i found this microphone runs off of these trs and trrs cables, which is all well and good if your phone has a port for it. Most new phones do not have a three and a half millimeter port to for anything anymore. They basically all run off to usb or usbc. So the audio youre getting right now is from the microphone, as you can probably tell its nowhere near facing me. So im going to turn this thing around im, going to kind of speak a little bit more towards it: okay, so its going to be a little bit off screen here. Sorry about that, so now im talking a little bit closer right at the mic. So if you can hear the audio, this is the audio coming from the external mic.

Now this will be the audio coming from my phone and i plugged it back in so again. This is the audio coming from the external mic. The test goes thats the best. I can really give you, because i cant do much else with it with only having this plug. If you have a phone or a camera or anything that does use this style plug then youre fine. But if you do not have one that uses a style plug, then thats kind of a downfall to this system. Besides that it does really good. It holds your phone really well its sturdy, its easy to put together. It comes with a nice case. Everything is good. Its mainly just an issue with the plug, my unboxing and review of the vitapal multifunction smartphone video kit. There will be an affiliate link down in the description if you want to purchase this from amazon. Theres also links to all my social media. I have twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest. Follow me there. If you really like this video subscribe leave me a comment.