This is going to be a quick little video, comparing what my phones, flash and microphones sound and look like compared to the comica vm 10 phone video kit uh. They also has a light and a mic and a tripod uh. The quality of everything i think is okay, yeah. The tripod is made out of plastic and it seems solid enough kind of robust. The uh phone holder is its pretty probably pretty good phone holder it. I dont see any issues with it right off the bat. It is a thick meaty plastic um, the bar across the top that you know is shown here. Let me just show you guys its shown here, uh its made out of metal, and i dont think thats. You know gon na be bent or anything uh. The mic holder is made out of a kind of small plastic, but the mic weighs nothing. So unless you like drop it weird, i dont imagine thats going to be an issue and then the light is also just you know, kind of yeah its plastic. I just had to touch to make sure uh. But yes, this is what my phone looks and sounds like with the flash and its mic and now were gon na swap over to the comica product but uh instead of the pop filter. I do have the dead cat on it, so you it might sound slightly more muffled. It might not alright guys. This is what the footage looks and sounds like with the light turned on in the mic plugged in so the light ive got it set at the um, the most warm it goes so the warmest tone of light.

It is so what im gon na do right now is im gon na slowly, uh crank make it the light more of a cooler tone and uh. So, basically, what its got two sets of leds and, as you adjust the color temperature, it just dims one and brightens the other. So here we go its another stage. Another stage as you can see, it is getting significantly more cool as we go now. My dude, my phone, does have the auto white balance on so it might not be as notion noticeable after a while it might kind of auto correct it, but it the light should be getting noticeably cooler, and now it is at the coolest um. I, if you can dim it to, i believe so i think if you touch the mode button, you should be able to dim it. Yes, okay, so yeah you do get very. Oh, my goodness. I thought i had the brightest, but apparently i didnt uh. So some things about the light, uh, the lights, arent diffused very well, but you can kind of tell uh at the pictures that you can see each individual led, in that case its not really going to be uh diffused. If you can see the led with the lights are off, you can definitely see them when its on um. Now the sound of the mic uh. This is in a not sound traded room, so it could be a little bit echoey.

I am a little bit further away than i typically am with the mics that i normally use like this, but its neither here or there um. The tripod does look like. It would be a good little grip for if you have a wide angle phone camera for like vlogging, it does its kind of its meaty. I dont think its its kind of sturdy as well, for you know it being plastic um. I do kind of prefer the because of how its not adjustable its, not an adjustable height tripod, its like all the way open or you know collapse, and you can like kind of like a selfie stick: um theres, not like levels, so you can raise the phone Up a little bit higher because, ideally, i would like the phone about three or four inches taller, so its kind of eye level um, instead of like tilted back and looking up but thats, just my opinion uh. This is what it looks and sounds like guys. Kind of judge for yourself whether this product is worth it for you and thats gon na, be it for me.