I am not expecting guys, nama, goku video, its completely unplanned and youre sure it cannot. If marketing youre in person its not really that green im, not sure why the camera it on infinix hot 11s, guys i made the available variant, the philippine market. We have the 4 gig 64 gig of internal storage, which actually retails for 6990 pesos and it management higher variant, which is the six gram number on 128 gig of internal storage, 7890 pesos and actually on 2021, guys, of course, 11s. The budget king of the last quarter of 2021 lets find out lets do a very quick unboxing guys kuma papan singing boxing infinix hot 11s is a complete redesign, its all green, unlike the onsite smartphones, 88 and then upper right corner determination, variant that we are currently Reviewing, which is the 4 gig gram number 64 gig of internal storage, so young maratha, you guys, is the best one, okay, so opening the box. Of course we have the smartphone itself features the infinix hot 11s underneath is of course paperworks. I think, and yep thats. Basically it for the infinix hot 11s unboxing Music, so young color in my entire right now guys is what you call the polar black decay, machado phantom black smartphones, its also available in other colors, which is in green purple and silver. What i did first notice guys it is like infinix smartphone at all young canyon, curved lights. It still is definitely made of plastic material.

Glossy then guys 11s, which is what we typically see in a mansa manga, infinix smartphone. And then you will also notice that my fingerprint sensors are at the back actually guys its been a while, since fingerprint sensor sadly called my smartphone, since this is a very 2020 design cigarette. Imagine overall design, but anyway, young wavy, gradient pattern looks very unique. Of course combination say some smartphone other than that design, a camera setup and, of course, atom. Bagong redesigned the guys. It really makes the infinix hot 11s unique and looks standouts a canyon competition as a budget device since its swinging at 200 grams. So yes, its definitely not a sleek smartphone, actually not to be exact and the power button, and then men and some very subtle, brandings im, not sure guys if mono notice, allocation of future is now and then so left and you think some trainer man expandable via Micro sd card headphone jack microphone, usb type support speaker, grille Music. They really are refreshing, their budget smartphones multiple times a year so in case expecting an anomaly smartphones but yeah. Reading the specs on paper parity to infinix hot 11s, considering young price point yeah anyway, impressive, upgraded resolution to 1080p from 720p in increased renewing brightness guys from 440 nits to 500 nits plus of brightness, and you have all of these upgrades in dining promise. Young canyon, refresh rate attack stations and 90 hertz and actually, by far somehow price segment, it has the most impressive display on paper togasha, but how about the real life experience, refresh rate cinebayan 180 hertz of touch sampling rate, making the device really smooth and makes you Want to forget 6, 000 to 7 000 pesos, perfect guys on screen.

Applications in full hd upgrade display upgrade speakers young hot 11s, guys its now using the earpiece as a secondary speaker, making it a stereo speakers young sound Music. We have the fingerprint sensor that is located at the back. Music is, of course, the charging department that they were using micro usb before and now we are now using usb type c, which is good because lets face it guys, a micro, usb port is no more welcome details. I think 2021. Of course, here it took around two hours and 45 minutes fully Music. It went down to 5 000 milliamp hour, nevertheless, in fairness, hot 11s and, of course, in last upgrade and of course. Lastly, me 18 megapixels from cameron guys are very sharp and italian. It showcases more punchier colors than other smartphones, although there are times longer, is that the exposure is a bit high on some scenarios. There is a dedicated night mode demand on a camera application, although it takes very long target guys post processing, pero para sahanga is compared to other smartphones priced at seven to eight thousand pesos jung low light shots infinix hot 11, as it really gets more detailed. Although dont expect that much since of course not compromised again, its a budget smartphone, so dont expect nalhat and cameras im a gigging as powerful as other smartphones priced at of course, 30 000 pesos in video recording guys it is capable nangang tuki at 3t fps any Image stabilization, okay, dynamic range is so.

Lastly, what about the performance because unboxing it has the media, tequilio, g88 and then yumeron tayonga no variant is the four gig grand what arent you ufs 2.01. This is my first time in my encounter atom ships at nato, so its on budget device. I did benchmark guys 200.000 usual smartphone tasks such as app switching heavy multitasking and, of course, a bit of gaming do take infinix smartphones before, but if its kinda your first time guys display 50 megapixels in the main camera and, of course, a long, lasting battery life. So far, smartphone guys price point display its a good screen. Actually stereo speakers, 50 megapixels main camera and the 18 watt fast charging, chambray, dinamond, perfect phone, then infinix hot 11s. I would love to have a dedicated ultrawide camera. Instead we got a islands so yeah. Actually, he and man guys for our infinix hot 11s. Let me know if something in you, then i may edge on budget device infinix to be. Of course, the budget king of the last quarter of 2021.