DJI OM5 Smartphone Gimbal Review. Worth it? What Nobody Tells You.

Sorry, i had to stop the video here. Its not fair, though shooting the sequence that youve just seen was not easy at all. This dji m5 gimbal is not any seeking board to use. In my opinion, this gimbal is only good for anyone who shoots vertical video, and you see the selfie camera […]

4 Jutaan Saja di Toko Offline|Review Smartphone Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro |Smartphone Gaming Snapdragon 860

Dual Hai triple camera ya, yang satunya, flash wadah, 4 kamera ya; 31 kamera Utama 3 terbaru kamera pendukung kemudian satu flash kemudian diciumnya ada modelnya selanjutnya disini bisanya keren banget, transparant transparant, glossy glossy gitu, ada tulisan; bojonya, guys, nah tetap, Kebetulan, aku, dapat, yang, warna, biru, ya; Nah ini seperti, Um, pertama, kali, […]

$15+ Per Day| 50+ Smartphone Mining Farm Pt. 2| CryptoTab Pro Review| $10 Bitcoin GIVEAWAY| Biggest

A look at the farm were also going to answer. Some questions. Ive been getting throughout the week were also going to pick a winner for mondays, 10 bitcoin giveaway, so make sure you stick around to the end of this video to see if you won and if you want to participate in the […]

Best Smartphones Under $300 in 2021 – Top 5 Budget Smartphone [Review]

For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying the best smartphones under 300.. Well put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below subscribe to my channel and click on […]