Sony Xperia Pro-I is a 2021 Flagship Smartphone Contender

Some of you may recall this phone over here. It made waves in the tech community for being one of the most expensive, most premium smartphones ever launched, and it was like 2500 bucks and it was kind of targeted at filmmaker types. Those that have alpha series cameras like the a1 that im talking […]

Xperia PRO I :: The New Photography Smartphone

Sony Xperia pro are you: Where are they finish? Powder might never get it were once It is worth of That Is prepared for music ATM iPad, new mother and file International participa fernandez. Not waste is Pretty bye and polite stencil and wants to know all the answers to the table and tropical forests […]

SONY XPERIA PRO-I | The 1 Inch Sensor Smartphone Camera!

Camera sensor and im personally really excited for this. Not only does this have a one inch sensor, but also a dual mechanical aperture, real time, tracking, auto focus with eye autofocus in both photo mode and video mode 20 frames per second, no blackout, shooting in photo mode and video up to 4k 120 […]

Review Dan Tutorial Stream Game Dari Smartphone ke Pc Tanpa Guna Capture Card

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hp 2 jutaan terbaik di tahun 2021 terupdate di bulan November HP, dengan harga, 2jutaan, memang, masih, menjadi, Primadona di tahun, ini, HP, dicentang, 2jutaan, juga di akhir, tahun 2021 makin mantap, aja, ya, spesifikasinya dan juga, harga, jualnya, semakin, tinggi, spesifikasi, chipset, nya, tentu, makin, diminati, bukan, Cuma bisa untuk dilirik Tapi, hp, 2 […]

Unboxing dan Review Mic Boya BY-M1 Bisa Untuk Smartphone

000 rupiah Oke Hanya, seperti ini, seperti, biasa, saya, beli di Tokopedia mendapatkan subsidi ongkir, senilai 20.000 rupiah dengan, minimal pembelian, adalah Rp50.000 untuk pegangannya sangat, aman ini, lapisan, luarnya, adalah, Babel, rap teman, teman, oke, langsung, saya, buka, Nah, penampakannya, seperti, ini, dimana, Hai, ini, adalah, Boyah, jadi, tipenya, leveler, microphone, micro, jadi, Boya, […]

iPhone 13 Pro Camera Review – The Best Smartphone Camera | Mirrorless Camera vs. iPhone

Here and today we are going to talk about the iphone 13 pro every year, apple releases, a brand new phone, and every year that phone normally gets some sort of incremental camera upgrade this year. However, they have packed a ton of new features into the camera. On this phone – and that is […]

Sony Xperia 1 III review: Fantastic cameras if you put in effort

In fact, if it wasnt for the gentle matte finish on this new phone youd probably say it was the mark ii from last year. It has a similarly placed camera unit and the same elongated unusually ratio screen, but sony has upgraded the screen as well as those cameras, including some new telephoto technology. […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Note Ultra, Most Realistic Smartphone Confirmed Look very best definitive design!

.. Today, Im tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note Ultra Most Realistic, Smartphone Confirmed, Look is very best and definitive design.

Asus TUF F15 Review: Mean Machine!

Basically everything that you need in a top of the line. Gaming laptop hello, everyone im anina from mr phone and in this video i review the asus stuff f15, but before begin motivate us by hitting that red subscribe button and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our […]