The BEST Smartphones of 2021 🔥

Weve had a significant push for foldables weve had complete flagship experiences in tiny footprints. Weve had budget phones that have actually changed my entire perception of value so its time to declare some winners. Weve got 10 categories all leading up to the single overall 2021 champion a phone, so good ive even got […]


No, you have not at least not on my channel a rugged tablet, thats right folks. This is the first rugged tablet that ive looked at here on the channel, and i got ta say you know having a rugged phone makes a lot of sense, but having a rugged tablet might make even more […]

The World of AI, Smartest AI Smartphone Gimbal, Hohem iSteady V2 vs X2 | Full Review and Comparison

So the last few months i got myself my very first smartphone gimbals, which is the hohem x2 and i must say, im pretty impressed by this little guy. But recently hohem sent us dia v2 versions, and i was like why not compare these two gimbals and show you whats the difference between these […]

Smartphone Paling Banyak di Cari 2021 versi GSMARENA !!

What fast charging tersebut mengisi penuh, dari, 0 100 hanya membutuhkan, waktu, 30 menit aja, so buat kamu, yang hobi, ngegame, seharian, sampai, dimarahin, mama, hati, hati, ya, kalau, beli, smartphone, gitu, auto Anda, perang, dunia, ke 3, guys soalnya durasi, main gamenya, tuh, bisa, jauh, lebih, lama. Shin won plus 9rt Ini, dibandrol, dengan, […]

Moto G31 Affordable AMOLED Stock Android Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

Uh. If you recall, uh ive been always been complaining that motorola does not come out with this smartphone with an amulet screen. Im, really glad that now they have brought this mid range smartphone uh, now with an amoled screen and guys. This comes in actually two videos and back as you can see, […]

moto G31 Unboxing & First Impressionsâš¡Cheapest AMOLED Smartphone?! @12,999

Its price is Rs 12999. It has an AMOLED screen which is Full HD. An AMOLED screen with FHD for Rs 12999.. Remember Redmi, Note 10 was the one that launched before with such a price. This is the same., But now the Redmi Note 10s price is around Rs 14K or more as Xiaomi […]

Top Smartphone 5 triệu chơi GAME, Camera ngon nhất cho anh em thích chính hãng !!!

I khi nh ngh mt t th trong video, ny mnh s, xin php, gii, thiu, n, cho bn, mt s, mu di tm, gi, ny ngon, lnh, nh, Ci, Bng bn, n vi, Ngc, ch, studio m, nhc Bn, my! U tin, m ngi rt comment: n cc bn la chn vi, tm gi, […]

REVIEW: ZEEKER P10 Rugged Smartphone w. 108MP + Night Vision Camera!

This claims to be the worlds first rugged android smartphone, with a massive 108 megapixel primary camera, and on top of that, its also one of the few phones ive seen that has a ir night vision lens, which allows it to also take images and record video in Complete darkness, which is a pretty […]

Kamera Ala Flagship, Desain Premium, Layar OLED, dan HarmonyOS: Review Huawei nova 9

Compass untuk OS dia sudah pakai ia 12 dan bisa di update, ke Harmoni OS layarnya 65 7 inci 3D crack display 3 Dekker display ala, flexip dengan panel OLED resolusinya, full HD, refresh 120hz assembling re301 dan keluarga mulutnya full part B. Tricolor 10bit display dengan 107 miliar warna kameranya menawarkan, flash kamera Xperia […]

DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer FAIL Full Review

I have more suitable gives a rose for design with our Eyes. Ok, how Everything is Amazing. Im gon na just wait is ios Im, fine and ed sin cos. I believe me I can go Where are you doing? What is weather stieva, riquartz kimball with expense, households and occasionally on me, my personal […]