What were doing tech and gadget reviews today were back with my favorite brand dji and they have their new upgrade the om5. Is it good? Is it really worth the upgrade? Well, smash that subscribe and like button to join along and were gon na, go back to the office and check it out. All right lets get started so its not surprising that the packaging looks nice, especially from the outside, but it gets even better as we open it up. So as we open it up, you got your gimbal itself, which is the athens gray, its the og color and its pretty much. The only color theyve had these past few years, but they finally with the om5, came out with a new one, which is sunset white. Its sold out immediately, i couldnt, get my hands on it, so we got the athens gray today, but if you see that its available im not going to tell you what to do, but i would jump on it now coming over to the phone clamp 2. It is new and improved from the om4 and we will jump into that in just a second. You got your phone cable, you have your storage, pouch and a quick start guide to you know, get you going on this adventure. One more thing that i thought was included was the om fill light phone clamp that you know is going for sixty dollars separately. I was upset that it wasnt in the box, but of course they got ta make you pay more now.

This pretty much just helps with your selfies, your photos, your vlogging adventure or, if youre, just in a dark space, it brightens up the light and makes your quality that much better anyways. The gimbal has upgraded from the past few gimbals and theres a lot of features that sets it apart from the others, so lets check it out its 30 smaller than the om4 290 grams, which means its 25 lighter than the om4, but it still holds the heavier Phones with ease just because this is smaller and lighter dont think that the newer iphones or the newer androids cant hold up. It still does a phenomenal job. It fits fantastically into the palm of my hand. It has a nice curvature with that little indent on the inside of the handle and just forms very nicely. Yes, the om 4 did, you know, fit very nicely as well and felt very comfortable, but because the om5 is lighter it. You know, didnt cause any pain to my arm over a long period of time. So if i had to choose which one was more comfortable, its the om5 now, a big improvement is the phone clamp. If you remember from the om4 and before that the phone clamp was too small and it could not go over phone cases this time they extended it even further, so it could go over, and this saves a lot of time before i had to take my phone Case off then put the clamp on then throw it onto the stabilizer and start recording.

If you need to get something quick now, you can just throw it over your phone case, throw it onto the gimbal and now hit record. So it saves a little bit of time and when done fold it up and its fold up design makes it as small as possible to be able to fit in tighter spaces like small backpack, pouches uh. If you have gym shorts or something with larger pockets. This should be able to slip in just fine, so id say its the perfect size. The biggest upgrade here is the built, in extension, rod, and you know its a little tough to extend at your first time doing it. You might think youre going to break it, but no just pull it pretty hard and it should extend an extra 8.5 inches, and this opens up a lot of things solving a lot of problems as well, so you can get better low angle shots instead of having To crouch down and break your back, you can just extend your arm down. You can get higher angle, shots for in the branches, the trees and just get a different point of view and selfies. We know how selfie sticks work. You know you can get more in the frame, so if you and your friends want to be in it, you want to get the mountain and everything else in it. Youre good to go – and you know if you watched my smooth x, review a while back from the beginning of the year.

This actually did have the extension rod that let me get a lot of cool shots and all this time ive been waiting for dji. To add it and todays the day, so im really hyped, two more big ones are the active track 4.0 and your shot guides. If you dont know what active tracking is it pretty much just attaches to your subject and follows it wherever it goes, if youre, too, close or too far away, it may lose focus on the target, but for the most part it does an amazing job. Previous versions were the 3.0, but om5 took it a step further, and now they have the active tracking 4.0 and there was a big difference here. The reaction time was a lot quicker and it just had a less chance of losing focus from the target. So definitely excited for this one now. The second addition to your om 5 was the shock guides and you may mistake it for story mode, but there is a difference story mode. You just take a bunch of quick clips and it mashes it together for you making an automatic edited video, and this is great for beginners, but it kind of takes away that post production work now shot guides are a bunch of video examples that you can watch And you can copy exactly as they do and hopefully be happy with your results. Mostly everything else is the same as the om4. So the om5 has the three axis gimbal, giving you that full motion allowing pan roll and tilt it has a nice strong magnet up top.

So your phone is nice and secured. I know youre, probably skeptical, about a magnet. Is it going to fall off? No. This is very strong. Its not going anywhere i promise down below is all your buttons. You have your joystick, you have your record photo button, your camera switch button or you can double tap to go from vertical to horizontal your power button and mode button. To you know, switch between photo and video, or you can change the settings to have it pull up multiple options other than photo, and video such as you know, follow tilt locked, fpv, spin, shot right, spin shot, always ends up being cool, no matter how you do It especially going up or down a tree then below that is your zoom button. It goes pretty far, but the farther you zoom, the worse, the quality gets you got to remember. It is a phone, so its not the best quality. If youre vlogging yeah, you might be zooming in and out here and there, but if you go all the way in it, just doesnt. Look good in the back. Is your trigger button to you know lock the gimbal re center or you can activate active tracking quickly and then theres a couple more. Lastly, you have your usb c port for charging. Now, when this is fully charged, you get approximately 6.4 hours of play time. Nick its only 6.4 hours of play time – thats it yes and i know the om4 says it gets 15 hours.

So this is a dramatic drop in battery, but you got to think youre, probably only going to use this for what 30 minutes an hour. Maybe even two for the day: okay, if youre somebody who uses this all day, if thats your job, then you might want to drop down to the om4, but think again, if this is your career, you probably have a very expensive camera. A very nice gimbal, such as the ronin or somewhere along those lines, but if you think this is for you look at the rest of the awesome features, they give you so besides photo and video, you got pano, which is your three by three shot for pano. You have your 240 degrees for wider angles and the most popular one being clone me lots of fun using this mode. You can get very creative. Putting all three of you in one picture and here are the results. Music, then, to quickly name the rest on the list. You have your slow motion to make the video nice and smooth and tell the story how you want you have your time lapse, letting you choose the duration, the interval of each shot and mode. You want it at so, for example, if you want to go from left to right right to left and so on you have that choice. Then youve got hyper lapse to speed up the video. So, for example, if you want to watch the clouds going by or the sun going down, you can watch it go in a much quicker way.

Then lastly, is dynazoom same as om4 keeps the subject in one place and the background either sucks in or pulls away. This is super cool. You can use it on your social media. If youre making a film you can throw it in there just get creative and use it. How you want so yeah theres a hell of a lot more. You can do on the om5, especially in the memo app. You just got ta, take action and learn, as you go, dji definitely upgraded here and i think the majority of you should go for it unless you like that heavier feel with you know a longer battery life drop down and stay with the om4.