This is our festive special. This is our festivali diwali special well, do so much on the show, but its predominantly to make sure that this time your diwali and all your festive season goes fantastic. So well start off with reviewing the moto e40 motorola now targeting the under 10 000 segment. Also segments first 90 hertz refresh rate phone, then well move on to what you wait for all year round. Diwali diwali, gifting, guide, smartphones, earbuds wearables, give a techie gift this diwali not just to who, but this diwali gifting guide is for who its for everybody. You know anybody and everybody in your family, friends and, most importantly, to gift yourself so diwali gifting guide is great, but what about all those diwali dhamaka offers and deals? Of course, every brand. Every e commerce portal is offering great deals this diwazi season. But how do you sort it out? Which ones are the best you dont have to because weve done it for you, Music lets move on now to our diwali gifting guide. So you know at this time is when we all feel like getting and giving so smartphones. Earbuds wearables smart watches headphones. You know you should be giving a techie gift this diwali thats. What really makes sense so, which smartphone is best lets say for your parents or grandparents, which is the best thing to give to your brother, whos, absolutely and totally into photography or content making? What about the sister thats, the fitness? Well, weve got you all covered, including the best gift to give to you.

Hi, im, rabina, mungya, hi, im, milan, bharti diwali is here and nothing beats the tingling feeling of unboxing a brand new gadget gifted by a loved one. However, with hundreds of options out there, picking a new smartphone wearable or an accessory can be hard. The sell, guru, diwali gifting guide is here to make it easier for you now buying a phone for your mom or dad is never an easy task. You need something easy to use that will also last a few years of use enter the iphone price starting 65 900 rupees. The iphone 12 is a perfect fit. The phone combines powerful internals with apples, legendary long term support and top tier cameras to boot. Add to that excellent battery life, and you cannot go wrong, spend a little bit more and you can even snag the iphone 13, which strikes a perfect balance between power and value at a starting price of rupees 79 900.. For a no nonsense, android option, you dont need to look a much further than the oneplus note: 2.. Its got all the bells and whistles like a powerful chipset, decent cameras and an all day battery. However, more importantly, its got a clean ad free interface. That is easy to understand and use starting at 28 500 rupees. You cant go wrong with this one. Your parents might want something easy to use, but what about your gaming addict? Brother, the poco f3 gt is the answer. This one of a kind smartphone includes physical trigger buttons on the side that elevate the gaming experience.

Meanwhile, theres ample power with the mediatek dimension, 1200 chipset and a 5000 mah battery to keep the phone juiced up all day long. The poco a3 gt retails at about 26 749 rupees got a music fan in the house. There are more than a few options at different price points for an entry level headset the redmi earbuds 3 pro deliver the goods with long battery life, dual drivers and excellent sound quality. Looking to spend a bit more, the oneplus butts pro bring a subdued matte black design, active noise cancellation and innovative features like a zen mode for sleeping and relaxation all for under 10, 000 rupees. Finally, for apple fans, theres the all new airpods 3, the latest generation of apples classic true wireless earphones – they combine better sound drivers with mac, safe compatibility. This is the one to gift the apple music lover in your life, decorations, check, diwali, outfits check, camera hmm could do with a little upgrade got a sister who loves photography, consider gifting her a brand new pixel 4a to amp up her photography game, its not the Absolute latest and greatest, but this pocket rocket can still outperform phones many times its cost. Despite packing a single lens, the pixel 4a is priced as rupees 29 000. or if your loved one is really into creating content on the go, then samsung s21 ultra is a good buy. The video recording and editing on this samsung beast will make it easier to create good content.

Now. Diwali is all about the good food, sweets and lights, but it can leave you feeling guilty about all the binge eating want to help a close one burn. Those calories and get fit a fitness watch makes for a fantastic gift. The me band has long been the de facto option for fitness enthusiasts on a budget and for good reason. Its got accurate tracking basic smart watch features and a great price point priced at 3. 499 rupees the mi band 6 can track practically every sprout you throw at it if youre in the market for a more serious fitness watch, the galaxy watch 4 classic bears are mentioned. The watch amps up essentials like fitness and heart rate, tracking, with body composition measurement that can give you granular data on fat, skeletal and muscular levels, smartphones, smart, watches, audio products. There are plenty of options in the market, no matter the budget. What are you gifting? Your loved one, this diwali million. I think i would be gifting my mother, a one plus, not two: okay, thats a great option, yeah. What about you? I am planning to give myself an apple watch 7, because i really want to start tracking my fitness journey. So i think that would be an ideal diwali gift for myself. Yeah thats a great option too great from all of us from the salguru team, a very happy diwali moto e40. Now this is the interesting phone like i said, motorola now getting really good great devices.

Aggressive prices, this one, the e40 plastic build textured back – makes it very easy to grip its a little heavy 198 grams, but it nails the basics perfectly micro sd slot. Yes, 3.5 mm headphone jack, yes, ip rating under 10, 000 rupees, yes, 6.5 inch, ips lcd screen, 90 hertz, refresh rate, so thats a big deal under 10, 000 rupees, so great for viewing content. Bottom bezel is a bit thick. I wish that that part of the form factor had been changed: 4 gb of ram good, daily performance gaming. Well, occasionally, you can do a triple camera setup. Good details would have liked ultrawide instead of the depth sensor, but 5000 mah battery and its got a 10 watt charger priced at 9499 in the sub 10 000 segment, where every penny counts, brands have to fight truth and nail for attention and money. Motorola tries to capture attention with the new moto e40, which, for the first time in the segment, offers a 90 hertz display. Other things in the mix include a 5000 mah battery a 48 mp triple camera setup and the trademark stock android software. The question now arises: even if all these are put together, how well does it fare compared to the competition we find out in our cell guru review the motorola e40 has a body that is designed to keep the cost of the phone in check. The smartphone comes with a glass front, a plastic frame and a plastic body, nothing fancy about the looks, but the device feels sturdy for a polycarbonate physique.

There are lined patterns at the back, which offer a nice grip. The camera oblong is recessed, so the phone sits flat on the table. The rear mounted fingerprint scanner beneath it is at one fingertip, while normally holding the device. Only the google assistant button is somewhat high up, for which you will have to stretch your finger. The device feels a bit heavy at 198 grams and it may tire your hand if youre operating it for a long time. Things that work in favor of the moto e40 are the micro sd card slot for expansion, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the ip52 rating. The motorola e40 has a 6.5 inch ips lcd screen, which sports a good resolution. The lcd panel, however, has a low pixel density, but makes up for it with max vision, hd plus display technology that provides appropriate contrast and coloration. The result is this videos and photos? Look good thanks to 400 nits of brightness viewing content outdoors is easy. The bezels around the device are thin with only the bottom bezel being noticeably bigger, but that asymmetrical corner, curves and dark circles around the front. Camera are all typical of phones in this range. A huge letdown in terms of the display is the absence of any ott content certification, but on the other hand, a very good thing about the display is its 90hz refresh rate that allows for faster frame views and prevents visible stuttering or lags like other players.

In the scene, motorola has partnered with unisoc this time the unisoc t700 powers, the motorola e40, which can handle a lot of tasks with ease and its eight calls combined seamlessly to offer smooth parallel processing when paired up with 4gb of ram apps open quickly. There is no visible stuttering, the unisoc t700 promises 38 faster cpu performance, but it is not that efficient in handling aaa games for the occasional gamers, though the motorola e40 will be more than enough, but all the hardware aside, the standard feature has to be the nearly Vanilla android 11 software that ensures that your daily use of the phone is lag, free and smooth. A pure android experience also means no ads and bloatware the rear of the motorola e40 sports. A 48 mp main snapper, accompanied by a 2mp macro lens and a 2mp depth lens. When, given a fair amount of light, the triple camera setup can click pictures that have crisp colors and good details. The macro sensor is capable of getting good shots, but constant hunting for focus is an issue. We would have liked the addition of an ultra wide lens for more flexibility, rather than the 2mp depth sensor. The 8mp selfie camera produces images with reasonable skin tones. One of the strong points of the motorola e40 is its battery life. The phone houses a 5000 mah battery that is good to last over a full day and then some on moderate to heavy usage, and when you need to charge there is a 10 watt charger in the box.

But we wish there was faster charging support. The moto e40 ticks almost all the right boxes in terms of battery display and a clean software experience, and when you factor in a price of 9499 rupees, the moto e40 makes a compelling case for itself in the 10 000 price category lets take a quick break Right now, when we come back lots more Music, Music, now heres a story, we try and do every year because you know photography around diwali is what we love in our best of clothes, but its difficult to do, because theres, dark and lightness all around very dark. You know youre out in the night or something like that and then a lot of light and you usually dont get good photography. So how do you do it? You know: camera phones not really built to capture that kind of dynamic contrast, but new camera tech has been coming in here. Low light. Photography now goes to a whole new level. Cinematic mode, gimbal mode portraits, have gotten better. So rubina tells you how to do perfect. Photography and videography around diwali its the season of light celebration, meeting, family and friends having good food and capturing great memories. It is often said that the best camera is the one in your pocket, and the smartphone in your pocket is the perfect tool to take photos and videos that you can keep coming back to for years on end. So lets take a look at a few ways to maximize the photography and videography capabilities of your smartphone.

This diwali season, diwali scenes are usually shot in low light conditions with the sun below the horizon and diaz candles lights lift up everywhere. The setting highlights the need for good dynamic range make sure that the hdr setting is switched on on your phone image, too dark or bright. When trying to balance lights and the background, you can experiment with reducing the exposure levels or opting for a faster shutter speed. In the manual settings of your phones, camera to better capture, flickering candles, fireworks or the warm glow of vrs next up with macro mode, getting so common across smartphone cameras, even apple, has added to the iphone 13 show this year. The mode opens up yet another perspective that you can use while shooting food, flowers or even close ups of life. Okay, your house is all decked out with lights and candles and you want to take a great photograph, but its too dark outside try switching to night mode for a longer exposure. On that note, dont forget you try out portrait mode when capturing people, but also individual objects like diaz, a beautiful depth of field effect behind a solitary object can help highlight the subject and bring it out to the fore now wouldnt it be cool that when you Are recording the reaction of your loved one unwrapping their diwali gift? You are also recording your reaction, its one of the most quality features we have in the camera, app of the oppo f19 and the f19 pro and the pro plus, and also few other phones in the market have it.

So you should try this feature. This diwali recording videos from your smartphone can be tricky, especially when you dont have a tripod and for diwali season. You cannot miss out on special family moments and just for that theres, a special phone call, the vivo x70 pro plus, that has a gimbal mode. The fully stabilized primary lens can cancel out a lot more motion than a standard ois assembly and can give you tripod like footage handheld. It even works great while running around iphone people. The next feature is for you, with the iphone 13 series. Apple has introduced cinematic mode. Now that lets you add the depth of field effect in your videos. Cinematic mode feature lets you add, a depth of field effect, while recording videos pertinently this effect can be completely adjusted in post processing and you can even change who is in focus, use cinematic mode to add a bit of bollywood flair to your diwali home movies, incorporating Even a few of these tips should go a long way towards adding some extra zinc to your diwali photos and home movies. Lets get capturing. Lets move on now to that part that we all love diwali, offers and deals massive discounts on smartphones. This diwali and well tell you, which are the absolute best from the samsung galaxy s21 iphone 12 and a whole lot more with the festive season. Just around the corner, shopping extravaganza during diwali reaches its pinnacle as the store massively discounts a range of products to offer you the best prices on all your favorites.

The gifting season is made easier, with the best of gifts up for grabs at massively reduced prices. Just when you were thinking about where to scour for these deals, we will tell you the best diwali offers to help you find the best deal Music, if you like the samsung, galaxy s series of smartphones and have been eyeing them for a long time. The s21 is the perfect pick for you up front. You get a 6.2 inch ammo led panel, which makes the media consumption an absolute bliss and with a 120 hertz refresh rate swiping through the interface is fast and fluid performance. Duties are done by the exynos 2100, which is a beast of a processor and when paired with 8 gb of ram, you get blistering performance, no matter what you do originally priced at 83, 999 rupees during diwali offers. You can get this for 54 999, which makes it an absolute steal if youre someone who wants a clean software experience, the moto h20 will be right up your alley, powered by a snapdragon 778g coupled with 8gb of ram. It makes light of any task that you throw at it. Other highlighting features include a 10 bit 144hz ammo led panel and 108 mp primary sensor with optical image stabilization. Now you can get your hands on the moto h20 at 27749, which makes it a no brainer, and the price goes down further. If you apply bank offers when it comes to pure performance.

The me 11x pro is a great option. Its powered by the top of the line snapdragon triple eight and whatever you throw at it, whether its gaming opening multiple tabs or graphic intensive activities. The me 11x pro will do everything without any hiccups. Add features like a high refresh rate screen a great display battery and the mouth watering price it comes at. It makes the me 11x pro the best value for money flagship for all gamers on a budget. The poco x3 pro is a great choice. You get a snapdragon 860 octa core processor, which is still a very capable fast, ufs, 3.1 storage, a 120 hertz refresh rate and a big 5160 mah battery priced at 18, 999 rupees. But if you apply bank offers the price reduces further to 17749, which makes it one of the cheapest phones in the market with near flagship processing powers for people wanting to go the ios route. The iphone 12 is still a pretty good deal for the price. It is one of the best bang for the buck iphones, which offers an attractive design, good cameras and performance, and the price tag of 49 999 rupees makes it a very lucrative deal. That, then, was the sell guru show for this week.