During this time i temporarily said goodbye to my iphone 13 and my sim was in it the whole time. So what did i learn? Lets find out. Okay, ive reviewed the a52 original version before and despite the very capable hardware, it was really hard to live with the underwhelming sluggish performance of the snapdragon 720 g so well see if samsung has kicked it up a notch or not. Lets start with the contents of the box and spoiler alert there isnt much to talk about here. I think samsung to be honest, falling way behind the competition here you know likes of xiaomi and apple are offering super fast charging speeds, even in mainstream and even budget phones. I wish samsung did the same thing, because, even though this phone is capable of 25 watts fast charging, which is not impressive at all by todays standards, they only include a 15 watt charging. Brick look at this, only 15 watts. I dont like this. It doesnt come with a case or a screen protector applied as that its common practice for samsung, but these are just small compromises because actually im overwhelmingly positive about this phone samsung once again opted for a fully plastic bag, and this color is called awesome. White and even though im generally used to flagship level materials well heres, my argument: i couldnt care less about the use of plastic. If it means i can get great hardware and software for less and since theres no wireless charging.

Here i dont care much for plastic. Actually, some may even call it a plus, since plastic is way more resilient against breaking compared to glass, so theres that well one has to ask: does it feel premium in my hands, you know no, does it feel cheap? Also? No, the word were looking for is adequate and 99 of us will slap a case on anyway, so theres. That front of the screen is covered by gorilla glass 5, which provides an extra layer of protection, and it has an ip67 rating, something that is usually reserved for flagships and its definitely welcome here lets talk about this screen, its your regular, full hd, plus amoled samsung Screen and thats not a bad thing at all. Actually its kind of great samsung knows the display game so well. The panel is 6.5 inches tall and has a peak brightness of 800 nets, which is respectable and 405 pixels per inch, and the most welcome addition here is the 120 hertz display compared to the 90 hertz found in the vanilla version. Everything feels smoother. You know scrolling is a wrist everything fast, its more enjoyable to use, but heres the caveat this panel somehow does not offer adaptive refresh rate, so that means it stays locked at 120 hertz and it drains your battery, even if youre not using an app that requires 120Hz, just like youtube, i dont know why it is the way it is but way cheaper phones offer adaptive refresh rate.

But if you can look past that theres literally nothing to complain about speaking of good jobs, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is back, which is awesome and we have a stereo setup located at the bottom and in the earpiece. Loudness is more than enough and sound is clear for some netflix action. Music now lets talk about the performance. The og a52 was a nightmare. To live with, the animations were slow, the ui was jittery, games were dull load up times were terrible, even unlocking the phone was dreadful task, but thankfully, all those things are now a thing of the past. We finally got the hardware upgrade this phone deserves. We now have a snapdragon 778 g, which supports 5g. It is somewhat comparable to snapdragon 860 from years back, but it has a smaller six nanometer transistor and a more modern architecture, apps load up very fast ui is responsive. No hiccups at all. Fingerprint scanner is at least 50 times faster. Everything is great here. Most games run on high settings. Its a huge step up from the previous iteration. Now lets talk about cameras. We have a quad camera setup going and it has one of the best camera systems. I have ever tested on a mid ranger like this. Nevertheless, something about this camera bothered me a lot. Let me show you some footage and youll know exactly what i mean. Okay, so one of the great things about this phone is that it can shoot in 4k with all of the main cameras, the main shooter and the ultra wide shooter, and also the front camera so thats, something we dont get in every phone, especially in the mid Range segment – that is something great, and we have that optical and electronic image stabilization, helping us out, but theres a caveat.

Electronic image stabilization does not work in 4k. For me, that is unacceptable. That was one of my complaints with a52, the regular version and theyre still doing this, but the optical image stabilization is not good enough to cover for all your stabilization needs in terms of video. Let me jog: how did that look? It cant be perfect and thats. What the front camera looks like, let me jog for a while. How did that look? Let me know in the comments down below lets talk about some photos. I want to start off with the portrait mode. This is something samsung does really well edge. Detection is great in the first picture, but a little bit off in the second shot along the edges of my hairline im, also impressed by the details in the night mode. If you can keep your subject still, it shoots some high quality pictures. I cant say the same thing, however, about the macro: shots theres, no auto focus presence, so shots are hit or miss most of the time, one more nitpick, if i may, since a way better chipset has been used in this phone id hoped for computational photography to Be better compared to the original a52, but im not sure if thats the case here. So in a nutshell, great primary camera, great front, camera awesome, selfies night, shots are one tier above mid range market thanks to optical image. Stabilization macros are meh, ultrawides are okay and ill.

Definitely ask samsung why on earth this phone can stabilize footage electronically in 4k. Well thats my feedback on camera. Now i want to talk about something even more important in my opinion, and that is longevity of our devices. If you are not someone who upgrades every year and looking for a phone thatll last you a solid three years or so, and if youre not looking to spend a thousand bucks on a flagship, i got some great news for you. Samsung promises three major os upgrades. So it comes out of the box with android, 11 and youll be getting android, 12, 13 and 14, but thats not the end of it. They also promised four years of security upgrades, which is totally awesome if youre spending a fortune on flagships. Just for the sheer you know, manufacturer support you dont have to anymore. This phones got you covered for at least three years. I would say. Let me give my final thoughts on why you should buy it and why you shouldnt, buy it by if youre looking for an efficient and powerful chipset that can handle majority of the games at high settings. If youre, looking for a great camera for day to day use excellent screen with a high refresh rate, pretty good speakers and a headphone jack water and dust resistance, if thats, what youre looking for go ahead, thats a great phone dont buy if youre looking for a Premium build and feel in the hand generally, if you dont like plastic, if you need wireless charging, if you need fast wire, charging 8k capable camera perfectly stable, video footage or if youre super budget conscious or frugal, because there are cheaper options out there, albeit not as Good, in my opinion, well, ladies and gents thats a wrap thats.

What i think of galaxy 852 s5g after a month of regular use thatd be awesome.