Thank you guys so much for joining me today on uh, our annual car hijacking um im in chicago, so this is very normal for us were always taking over peoples cars because we like to install car accessories. Today we are installing the vxseed easy clip car mount now. A few years ago, i made a similar video by aki a: u k, e y that has since fallen off this car. I mean this is a different car that im currently hijacking. This is a completely different video. This is not the same car okay, so, as you see, if you get this particular package or something similar, it will come with some stuff lets. Go through that right now, okay, this is the actual smartphone holder. This thing is super cool. Well, go over that in a second. We have this disk thing and we have this arm thing that clamps down and has good suction, and this thing, which i think is really interesting. This goes into your vent, so its a cool option to have, although i dont recommend sticking anything to hold in your vent smartphones, are very large and heavy. So i dont want to use that and of course, these two locking nuts for one for the vent and one for the arm. My surface is pretty smooth here that im working with in this hijacked car um, but im not going to risk it im going to use this anyway. The reason why i think the last one came off is because of the heat in the sun kind of like weakened adhesive and the adhesive wasnt strong enough in the first place and ill.

Tell you why, in this set of instructions, it talks about. When you put this on its got to stay there without installing anything else, on top of it for 24 hours, the more hours that pass the stronger the adhesive is so thats were gon na. Do today, thats very important – i just mentioned guys. So here is some cleaning stuff that i always leave in peoples cars. This video is not making a lot of sense, but hopefully you guys can follow along. This is like a clorox wipe im going to wipe this down. That dust will make it not sticky. Now i have this paper towel im just going to dry it off. I am in the passenger side im going to attach this thing closest to the driver right here before i attach this to the car im going to do a dry run. Where would be the best place to place this thing closest to the vent hanging off the edge? No, no right were going to push this further back like so so its completely flat, maybe even further back and before i attach it im going to go ahead and do a thing here extend the arm and just make sure that its in a good spot. So its a little high for my taste, but i think itll have to do now that the surface is dry im going to attach this and let it rest for 24 hours take your time, make sure that its completely flat as you can see, im just nudging.

It as far back as i need to okay, then the instructions say to place your hand on it or some weight for about a minute, so the adhesive really sticks. This is very sticky, they worn, but if you dont, let it do its thing. This will come off later, like it did before. I just noticed that, as i kind of put this here for a dry run, that the last arm that i had would dip down comfortably here at this position, but look at this position here for this particular brand. Vic seed itll be standing up here very high up now. Is this better to not be darting your eyes further down here? Maybe it would be nice if this was further adjustable, it can tilt, but it cannot be down here. It will be up here not my favorite position, but thats the way it is hello, everyone, okay, so we are okay, so we are back 24 hours later to the second on the dot exactamente in right on time. We have let this thing set for a whole day, and that thing is on there. That might have been the very crucial mistake i made last time by not letting it sit by itself for 24 hours. That adhesive part anyway. Im going to repeat myself just bear with me putting this on here: if its a flat surface should be okay, this part is reusable. This part is not. This has the adhesive.

So if this comes apart, you can just rinse this off. Let it get tacky again and use this part again. This part is a sticky part that cannot be reused, which came off last time, but now that im thinking about it could i have bought just this adhesive piece and not spent 25 30 bucks on a whole set of parts. Yes, i could have done that. Okay lets just keep going, shall we? I am going to assemble this now by putting this locking washer on like that and then putting this on here by screwing this on and im going to push it together, like so oh yeah and then im going to tighten this locking washer like that. If you have opposable thumbs like me, follow these steps. Okay, so now im going to keep my finger print away from here, wipe down this little area here, so its free of any finger oils. I hear this car honking. I wonder if someone broke into another car lock it first peel this off. Actually, you know what im going to open this up. This does not rotate the last one. I had this rotated so im going to lock this again and stick it right there, the other one. You were able to rotate this way, and that way, this one is very still im trying to decide if i like this product or not, if i can uh recommend it to anybody by now. This is a few months old.

By now i never installed it. Are there better products that can help you swivel back and forth? It has a little dip in the angle here. I think i would rate this seven and a half out of ten its super quality. The parts are like super heavy duty. This vent thing is so heavy um. I dont recommend using this ive had this break on me in other cars before, but the park quality is very good. The construction is super easy. The directions are easy to follow if you do follow them and follow this video, but as far as the actual, like you know, ergonomics of this product im not sure if i can recommend it well see, but this part is super cool. You extend this part by doing pressing this button. It kind of fluidly comes out. Stick your phone in there by adjusting the depth here and then you cinch your phone into place and once you want to take your phone out press that again, so this part is more of a setup for get a type of thing. This one you adjust simply by hugging to your phone. This things ready to use again if it falls apart from the base itself, youll need to find another way to secure it, but double stick tape. Does not work. Ive tried that, okay, hopefully you guys found this helpful ill, see you next time.