So thank you so much for sending me this device. So if you are trying to get this device got single its the best place to get these kind of phones and yeah, i would recommend that so lets get into it. Music, okay, got our top lid off and we get this tray. I think we have some accessories on here. Yeah we do so. We have some paperwork lets put that to the side and we have a tpu case and the screen protector. So this is really unusual and you get a sim toolkit as well so thats pretty nice to have then lets move on to the phone itself, all right, its got this plastic one lets do that. First lets admire this really premium. Looking camera lens. So this right here is a 8 megapixel wide angle lens, and this is the 16 megapixel main camera, and this is a depth lens, so it is 2 megapixel thats, not a big deal, its too cool, though, and we got a flashlight over there Music. So here we have the power button, slash the fingerprint scanner and we have the volume rockers thats kinda wobbly, but its okay uh. We have our sim two tray, a type c port, the speaker grille um. I believe this is the microphone so lets. Remove the plastic and see the display, so this is a really cool. Looking display. Um lets get into the phone after a bit of time, so this color i got right here – is the gray color.

So you also have a green color and a dark blue version of it, so i prefer this color, so i just went and bought this so or at the top. We also have the audio jack so now lets see what else we get in the box. So we get this box, so its a box inside of a box thats kind of sucks, but its gon na be good. Okay, okay, okay, we got that so here we have a type c to usb type: a charging cable, so its pretty nice to have lets. Put that aside and we have a pretty neat looking earphone Music um. I think there was another box here so this box. I think it has the travel adapter yep. So this is a 5 watt travel adapter, not much but um. This is really good here. So i think the yeah, so this usb cable just plugs in here and then we are good to go. We just need to plug this type c port to your phone Music yeah. It just goes in there, so thats cool to have um, so yeah lets check out the tpu case. We got free with this device, so this is the case. We also have a cutout for the fingerprint scanner lets put it on Music. This. These clicks are really satisfying for me yep, so lets get into the phone and see what we have in store for us. Okay. So now we are in the home screen of the zte blade a71, as you can see its really simple, really clean and so thats because of the android stock ui, which is known for being really simple.

So one of the key features are the google news feed. So yeah its so cool. I wish every budget phone had that feature um so lets pop over to the settings and check it out. Uh we have the latest android version, its android 11 and the cpu uh. It is a mediatek helio, p22, not the best, but it is manageable um. It would have been better if it had a snapdragon or something like that because its more fluid, so we have more customization than the ios devices. So we have a bunch of wallpapers. So you can customize as much as you want. You can download icon packs its super cool, so we can change it back. Everything is so fluid and clean yeah, so we can set it to the home screen lock, screen board. Anything um lets check out the storage of this device, so it is kind of interesting and you do have the latest google assistants, so we have 3 gb of ram 64 gb of storage, which is typical and the battery capacity.