I collected my package, as you saw at the post office. It was hella empty. This was sent from america, so the craziest thing is here in south africa. Anyways im just talking about me. Ive just noticed that most things that come through that ive reviewed its actually companies that are overseas, that decide to partner with someone thats here aka like the filmora, go partnership that i did the win im gon na announce at the end of this video or somewhere In the middle so stay tuned for that, if you entered youre a real one lets get to this unboxing hey now, movo in the house is the metal smartphone cage, spr 5 sliding it out. So this is the kind of packaging yeah it come. It came in protected, yo, okay, so it comes in with the cage. It is proper metal which is pretty dope. So even if you drop it whatever, it wont break wow. This is so solid. It even has the spirit level and everything the comparison between normal phone grips, and this, like its literally one of the strongest phone grips ive, used the adjustable knobs here, just to make sure that your phone is balanced. Once your phone is on this grip, it is not coming off and i love that its detachable, like i said you can put it on anything, so it also comes with like this. I will see where i can attach it, and then it comes with the holder of the phone, as you can see over here, written mobile, its really solid, and then it comes with that, the cage that you hold when youre kind of filming yourself.

Let me just put in it comes with somewhere, where you can actually screw on onto the actual base. So let me do that yeah, its really really tight and then im gon na go ahead and put my phone to loosen it up. This is the side you kind of loosen up so that you can put your phone, which is great in case. Maybe like your phone, is like really big, so the more you loosen up the more it actually stretches to the side. Like listen, your phone will not fall off so once you find the size for your phone, the more you stretch it the more it kind of opens up here and then once youre done, you can screw it back on, so your phone will not fall from this. Like not ever so, this is how you be moving with your phone or maybe, if youre vlogging. I think this will be the vibe kind of like putting it like that or like that and theres also a bottom part here, where, if you have like a selfie stick or even if you want to put it on a tripod okay. So this is my ring. Light stand. What im just gon na do is so, if youre a filmmaker or anything, you now have a sturdier kind of stand on your phone. This is detachable. If youre gon na be vlogging or anything, you can actually still go out with it and if youre doing sit down videos now you have something sturdy to actually put your phone on, which is really really cool.

I, like the builds its like metal, and this part i really really love most of the things that i get that are phone related like the way the phone actually sits. Its usually flimsy – and i love that this is tight and you can use it on any other. Even if you have a ring light, you can always just remove the one on the ring, light and actually put this. It is more sturdy like i kid you not, it is perfect and you can fit like any size phone there. As you can see, whenever you would screw it, it would uh keep extending, and you can also flip this part, so you can actually make the phone a landscape as you can see, and it flips as you can see. So this is the part where you flip. It here at the back sorry im just trying to balance this, so you make sure that its tight and your phone wont move. I know if youre like a youtuber. This would be the best way to kind of like film yourself, as you can see. If you want to make it straight again, you use this knob over here. This is so cool. I really love this handle because it is portable. You can film yourself, you can move it around and if you want to make it straight again you just kind of twist here, then you put it back down like that and if you want maybe like for an instagram or a tick tock.

If you want to do something much more wider, you just twist it and you twist the knob at the back here. Like i mean this is very, very cool and if youre not happy with anything, you can just move it thats why these things are here, like the spirit level, it will tell you when you are straight or not, and you do not have to worry about anything. I mean this is every like filmmakers dream: like you can move around, you can vlog, you can do sit down. Videos like its an all rounder and i love the the the handles theyre like rubber, so theyre very firm. When you hold your hand, any size hand can hold this, and it will be so perfect. All right. Just a bonus point. This cage is so cool. It can actually carry my 200d, which i usually use for filming. There is enough space for a camera to actually go on this if you wanted to anyways. I know this is more of a mobile cage, but its more a filmmaker. So what is nice is you can use it so many ways its so versatile. So for all my queens out there that have cameras, this cage will definitely also work for you vlogging when youre, not when youre, not exactly holding the phone itself. I think its pretty cool its lightweight as well as much as its very sturdy. So you know you can stretch out your hand, you can move it around and man.

I really love this. It also has cold shoes here, where you can put lights, you can put your microphone or anything on top here ill. Do an example because im currently using the mic but ill show it as b row, where you can actually see me slide it in and you actually can put in anything for for sound or any mics or lights, or anything that you want. So its pretty pretty cool and pretty decent and theres also screws here that you can see over here where you can screw in any accessories that you want to add on different hole sizes for anything that you want to add on, i mean its pretty cool. You can literally go to a town with this. I i really like this its so sturdy. I truly love this part of the of the rig its its its standard. I love that you can remove it and put it elsewhere anywhere that you want and its not just attached to this thing and it stays on here. Its looking like, i need, help im shackled into this thing, but in this case its actually a good thing, its somewhere, where you can actually put your hand and also you can adjust with this pin over here, so that even if anything happens or maybe you are Filming yourself outside and then you trip over something or you mistakenly drop this. It wont, drop all the way, because this will have your back.

So itll also just give you mobility to move around and make sure that everything is fine, so accessory wise. I its pretty dope, we talked about the cold shoe that you can put here for your lights, for your microphones, anything that you want to add on. You can screw in over here and also at the bottom, and it also has the handle that you can put on the side. You can use this knob over here to rotate your phone, whether you want it to be. You know vertical for like shorts, reels or tick tocks or you want it to be horizontal like this for more youtube standard standard type of videos. I mean its pretty pretty dope, but you can just let me know what you think. Oh and one more thing you can use this button over here, as you can see, is the lock and unlock, and it also kind of like adjust your phone. How you want at the top here – and it just makes it even more firm so here if your phone is much bigger. You know this is the button that we use to put in your phone and to take it out once its locked. Your phone wont move like check this out, like it is as sturdy as they come. Anyways shout out to the people at mobile for like hooking. Your girl, up with this im gon na, be definitely using it because when i go out, i do vlog with my phone.

Sometimes if i dont wan na carry my camera around and, like i said, im going to announce the three winners for the filmora go so theres gon na be three winners. Im gon na do the draw, and you know if you want dm me on instagram and let your girl know and then filmora will take it from there ill give them your email address and all the details that you need and also let me know which phone You are using because theyll give you a code specific to your phone, so if youre using a samsung – something, let me know if youre using an iphone 12 or 13 uh. Let me know so just let me know if its iphone or android uh. When you dm me on instagram, otherwise thanks so much for watching, i will see you in the next video and congratulations to the winners.