It offers a large 6.51 inch display triple rear cameras, a meter tech, helio, g35 processor and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery. We got the chance to put this device to the test, so lets see if this can be your next daily driver Music, starting off with the design its not hard to miss how this oppo a55 looks chic in this rainbow blue color. That shows some rainbow hues depending on the angle of the lighting. It is also available in star black color. If you prefer a more simpler look located at the back, are its triple rear, camera setup led flash and some oppo branding this phone does feel premium, even though it is made out of a polycarbonate material. The back has glossy finish so make sure to take advantage of the free jelly case included in the box, as this device is prone to fingerprint smudges flipping up to its front, its got a hole, punch notch on the upper left for the selfie camera, while on The top part is the earpiece, the bezels are thin, but they have a pretty thick chin, theres, no mention of any glass protection, but it comes with a screen. Protector pre installed for an added protection for buttons and ports. Starting on the left side. Are the volume controls and a triple card tray for two nano size, sim cards and a micro sd card, while on the right side, are the power slush unlock button, which also doubles as a fingerprint scanner? The plastic buttons are firm and clicky.

It is also easily reachable even with our small hands, since it is placed near the middle of the frame now down at the bottom are the main microphone 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, usb c port and the loudspeaker overall. The design is not that unique from other a series, but still it is fun to flaunt, especially in this colorway that we have. It is also more comfortable to grip and easy to hold compared to its predecessors. Now more on the display. The oppo a55 has a 6.51 inch ips lcd panel with a resolution of 1600×720 capable of having 270bpi, even though it only has an lcd panel. Surprisingly, it produces bunch of colors and has decent viewing angles. This device gives an immersive viewing experience when watching contents on youtube, netflix or anything alike. We like the display, as it is bright and vibrant. We didnt also encounter any issues when viewing it under direct sunlight in the display settings. You can choose the screen temperature to cool default and warm. You can also opt to choose what dark mode style. You prefer theres enhanced medium and gentle overall, the display is decent and will suffice. Your daily needs now when it comes to audio this device only comes with a single downward firing speaker with a quality that usually comes with its price range, its good for voice calls and listening podcasts, but youll be better off with the headphones for a richer. Listening experience, good thing: theres a 3.

5 millimeter audio port, so you dont need to worry about getting a wireless pair of earbuds. If thats your thing now powering the oppo a55 is a miniature helio g35 chipset. That is paired with an img 8320 gpu, four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage. The experience is all right: it can handle basic tasks its good for day to day calling and messaging. However, theres some slight starters at times when leaving numerous apps running in the background playing games in impact asphalt, 9 and pokemon unite, is doable, but keep in mind that youre better off playing these games at default, or even the lowest graphics settings possible to ensure a Stutter free experience, well, this isnt a gaming smartphone, so dont expect too much really. But you know overall, the helio g35 chipset performs smoothly for basic activities such as video streaming, social media browsing and anything the like just make sure to keep the device optimized. If you are interested in numbers here are the benchmark scores that we got now when it comes to biometrics and security, you can choose between facial recognition or the side mounted fingerprint scanner both works as intended, but we highly recommend you use the fingerprint scanner instead, for A higher level of security software wise running on the oppo a55 is done: android 11 skin with color os 11.1 overall, if youre familiar and used to its ui, its basically straightforward to use theres noticeably a lot of bloatware and the usual pre installed.

Apps such as google, facebook, tiktok, twitter, messenger, lazada and agora, which you can always uninstall. If you dont plan on using with color os, there are tons of customization options available. If you want to get it personalized from changing the icon, shape font up to choosing a theme to change the overall look of your home screen: storage, wise theres, 64 gigs, and out of that we get 46 gigs of usable space right out of the box. For the cameras, its got triple rear, shooters, utilizing a 50 megapixel main camera 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel one for depth, sensing flipping over to its front, and we have a 16 megapixel selfie shooter checking out the quality. Oftentimes photo looks decent with enough details and sharpness. Colors are often accurate and the dynamic range is decent, however, shooting in direct extreme sunlight, the photo quality can get overexposed so make sure to capture multiple photos to be safe, theres also a macro camera, but as expected, it reduces low quality images. We do have portrait mode here, however. The subject background separation is not as good as we wanted it to be, but it is enough for casual use. The photos taken under low light conditions can be muddy, even with the night mode turned on. Still it does produce photos that are not really usable in any case. On the other hand, selfies can be very good. Well, oppo is well known for that. The colors and skin tones are accurate, just make sure to have good lighting.

Now, when it comes to videos, the ovo a55 can take up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, and just like most smartphones in this tier. It produces shaky videos since theres no image stabilization present the oppo a55 comes with the usual connectivity features such as dual sim 4g lte wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.0, gps, usb type c, and the 3.5 millimeter audio jack juicing of the oppo a55 is a 5000mah battery. Read: support for 18 watt fast charging, which is an ample amount to last you a full day of usage in our standard ready, loop test, which entails 1080p video on loop, 50 brightness, zero percent volume, airplane mode turned on the device, lasted 24 hours and 15 minutes. The results are respectable, given its capacity. If you are a light user, it can last you up to one and half day of usage. Finally, lets talk about the price at 9199 pesos. This might be a confusing choice. Considering that its predecessors, the a544g, offers bigger memory. Although that one uses a b35 chipset which is less tuned to gaming, but if you are an oppo fan who wants an affordable daily driver that can provide nice selfies long battery life and entry level gaming performance, this can be your option but think hard as there Are other smartphones that could provide better hardware in the same price range? Well, thats it for now. What do you guys think about the oppo a55? Well, do let us know in the comment section below and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon, so you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit yougoodtech.

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