It is a slight update to the noiso 38 earlier this year with largely the same specifications. Aside from a few upgrades, the norzo 58 ships in a blue box with a sub brand embossed on the box inside are its documentation. The silicone case for the smartphone, the smartphone itself, a sim ejector, pin a usb type c cable and an 18 watt wall adapter. The smart smartphone itself is a oxygen blue variant, but you can also get it in an oxygen. Green colorway, Music, the real mean or zoo 50, is primarily made out of plastic, but it feels solid in the hand without any flexing when handled the rear. Is a textured matte finish with a kind of two tone design it doesnt feel cheap, but it doesnt feel premium either. There is a sizeable camera compartment at the top right, but the bump doesnt bulge, too much out of the chassis just below, is a narso branding and a fairly fast and accurate fingerprint scanner at the bottom are its usb type c port and it supports 18 watt Fast charging a 3.5 audio jack and grills for its bottom firing, speaker and microphone. The sides are slightly curved for a less aggressive holding experience. All of its buttons are located at the right and they offer decent tactility when pressed and at the other side is a triple cut. Sim tray for two sim cards and a dedicated micro sd card device has a 6.

5 inch ips display at the front, with a mini drop notch for its eight megapixel selfies resolution is only hd plus at 1600 by 720. Details are not as crisp compared to full hd plus screens and its especially noticeable when gaming, the notch is fairly small and the bezels at the top, and the sides are thin enough, but the bottom has a sizeable chin. It only has a 60hz refresh rate which isnt as responsive and smooth compared to 90hz display in the mainstream arena. Color gamut is pretty decent for an entry level device and colors do tend to be somewhat dull. Contrast ratio is good and the display can get pretty bright at maximum its bottom firing. Speaker gets decently loud, but it doesnt have any kind of definition. It doesnt get tinny, but it lacks bass and a proper sound stage. It should be good enough for listening to movies, but not for properly enjoying music. The narzo 58 comes with android 11, with real me, ui 2.0. Pretty much all of the standard functionalities are here like dark mode, floating windows, a floating screen, split screen and an easy to navigate command center. Really ui 2.0 focuses more on customization, including icon styles and global theme. Colors there is some bloatware pre installed when setting up the device, but fortunately you can opt out from installing some of them on startup. One of the biggest upgrades of the narso 58 is its 15 megapixel f, 1.

8 main lens. It natively captures 12.5 megapixel photos and is upscaled thanks to its samsung s5kj and one sensor. Camera modes include photo portrait a night mode, 15, megapixel expert, ultra macro, slow motion and panorama performance. If its 50 megapixel uh camera is pretty decent. Colors are good, although neutral, and there is proper dynamic range in photos. Sharpness does look like it has been boosted and bumping it up to 15. Megapixel mode does not add any details to forms now there is a significant drop off in quality and low light shots. However, with noise becoming more apparent on closer inspection, there is good subject: separation and its portrait mode thanks to its 2 megapixel portrait sensor, there are small spaces where its obvious that the software can sell apart the subject from the background, the 58 does have a 2 Megapixel macro lens, but we have a feeling that its just there to increase the number of cameras. It is a focus focusing distance of four centimeters which gets you close to subjects, but its slows. Pixel count tends to lose details and colors are washed out, even in good lighting. Its eight megapixel front camera performs similarly as the main camera, although it loses out on some pixels. Details are good and decent lighting and is able to capture natural looking skin on its default. Setting portrait mode, however, have the same quirks, emerging accessories and little spaces in the air to the background. Again, quality takes a dip in low light settings, with noise being significantly more noticeable, really positions the noise of 50 as an entry level, gaming smartphone based on their marketing.

It has a helio g85 chip with two cortex a75s and two cortex a55s and a mali g52 mc2 gpu its ship is accompanied by four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage. It is able to deliver a smooth user experience without any delays and lag under normal usage. Most mainstream games will run fine on the narso 58 titles like call of duty, mobile mobile legends and wild drift enjoys a steady 60 fps at their highest possible settings on the device, while pubg mobile remains at a cap, 30 fps, more graphically intensive games like genji And impact will slightly struggle even at low settings at times, but still remains at an average of 30 fps in our benchmark run. One of the highlights of the narso 58 is its massive 6000 milliamp hour battery. Its no means special, but it can do a lot with it in one charge. It easily lasted around 2 days of medium usage, consisting of work browsing the internet and bouts of light gaming. It does support 18 watt fast charging through its usb type c slot, but youre still going to wait around two and a half hours to charge the battery from empty to 100 priced below the 10 000 mark in the philippines. The narzo 58 is a solid device for the money. It has a long battery life good performance, a bright screen with ok, colors and a decent main and selfie cameras. Its large battery capacity does mean that you need to wait for a bit to charge it fully and its sub full hd resolution might turn off others.

Performance of its cameras does take a dip in low light conditions, and portrait mode does need some improvement in detection.