The infinix note 11 pro comes with a massive 6.95 inch, ips lcd display with a 120 head refresh rate. One area where the infinix note 11 pro has improved is in the processor and ram the infinix. Note 11 pro is powered by the mediatek helio g96 processor. With eight gigabyte of ram that can be expanded to 11 gigabytes of ram, but is that enough to buy this smartphone well lets find out, starting with the unboxing experience in the box, you will see this giant of a smartphone. This is definitely a 200 smartphone. The color i have here is called haze, green and it also comes in mitral gray and mist blue with the size of the display. Its almost like infinix knows that youre going to drop this smartphone and thats why they included a fame screen protector and a glass screen protector. Now back to the box, it comes with an x club gold. Note an x pack leaflet, sim ejector tool, a tpu case, earphones, usb type c cable and a 33 watts fast charger that charges this smartphone from zero to 100. In one hour, 21 minutes the infinix note 11 pro has a plastic, rear, plastic frame and glass at the front, no word on the kind of protection it has at the front. This smartphone is a tall smartphone. It has a display size of 6.95 inch and because of how tall it is bending it intentionally is not a good idea.

As for water resistance, it doesnt have an ip rating. In my test, i dipped it in water and the phone came out. Okay, it doesnt mean this smartphone is water resistant by any means, but its cool to know that nothing will happen to your smartphone if you drop it in water. Dont, try this at home guys now for the external features. Let me start by saying the infinix note. 11 pro comes with dual stereo speakers: it has a speaker at the top and another one at the bottom. They sound loud. They lack a bit of bass, but they are all right on. The left side is where the dual nano sim card and memory card tray are located at the top theres. Nothing at the bottom is where the 3.5 mm audio jack microphone, usb type c port and speaker are located moving to the red. It has three cameras: a 64 megapixel main camera, a 13 megapixel telephoto camera with statix digital zoom and a 2 megapixel bokeh camera. It also has a flash led light, as for the fourth camera hole, um its just there for symmetry now, moving to the front of the infinix note: 11 pro it comes to 16 megapixel selfie camera and the poncho next to the camera is an led flashlight and At the top is the second speaker now to give you some contests: yes, the samsung galaxy a22. Next to the infinix note 11 pro look: how small the samsung galaxy a22 is next to this giant.

The display of the infinix note 11. Pro is a 6.95 inch. Its an ips lcd display with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels. The panel has a 120 head refresh rate and a 180 h touch sampling rate. Now with auto brightness, i got peak brightness to be at 370 nits, making it manageable to use under direct sunlight. Now for consuming media this size will just leave you breathless, comparing it with the poco xj pro, which has a very good ips display. You can see that the infinix note 11 pro panel is good youre going to enjoy watching youtube on this device. The stereo speakers on both this smartphone also adds to making consuming content enjoyable on the smartphone, but i have to say this: if youre, not a big fan of big smartphones, stay away from the infinix note. 11 pro now lets talk about the processor, the infinix note. 11, pro comes with the mediatek helio g96 processor, its a 12 nanometer processor for the gpu. It comes with the money g57 and for the ram it comes with 8 gigabyte of ram and can be expanded to 11 gigabytes of ram for storage. It comes standard with 128 gigabytes of ram, which you can always expand with a memory card now for multitasking. As i said earlier, the infinix note 11 pro comes standard with 8 gigabyte of ram. It can convert some of its internal storage to extend the ram to 11 gigabyte of ram with 8 gigabyte of ram.

I was able to open real racing 3. The camera app antutu zedge chrome, with two tabs pubg call of duty. The google play store, instagram youtube x, note in sync: ai gallery palm store before one of the apps reloaded thats a lot of apps and now, with 11 gigabyte of ram, i was able to open all those same apps, 14 of them and none of them reloaded. I was going to keep on opening more apps, but i ran out of apps to open. Multitasking is superb on this smartphone, but what about gaming? Well, it split pubg on hd, graphics and high frame rate, which is what is expected with smartphones around this price range. The gameplay was decent and enjoyable because of the 180 sampling rate for call of duty. It played the game at medium, graphics and high frame rates for the special features of this smartphone. It has live transcribe that allows you to take down detection. It knows when to apply punctuations. This feature is useful for journalists, students and meeting secretaries. It has 4 lakhs a voice assistant that assists you with calling a contact. You can summon it to play music, set an alarm, etc. Im not sure why we have this on this smartphone. We already have google assistant that is light years ahead of these guys. Now, for the user interface, the infinix note 11 pro is running xos version 10.0 on android 11. for the notification area. Swiping down from the left side choose your notification, while swiping down from the right side shows you the control center.

This can be confusing and it will be good if infinix gave us the option to turn it off. As for ads, i didnt get any ads on this smartphone. What i got was notifications from apps and you can always disable them for software updates. No word from infinix: if the infinix note 11 pro will be getting the android 12 updates the front facing camera. On the infinix note 11 pro is a 16 megapixel shooter and in good lighting conditions it takes nice pictures but guys in poor lighting conditions. The photo becomes soft and it lacks details. Photoshop using the front facing camera is all right, but, as you can see, its soft whats up guys so its a video from the front facing camera of the infinix note 11 pro is shifting in 2k 30 frames per. Second, and what do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming out from the red camera off the infinix zero? I said the infinix zero x, the infinix note 11, pro it doesnt look bad um, its not handling dynamic range properly, but thats to be expected for smartphones around this price range. But i mean the skin tone looks good its going to look good at least looking at the display of the smartphone. You know i have to take it to the computer to check it out properly, but looking at the display of the screen of smartphone, it looks it looks good its good.

So what do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming out from the front facing camera of the infinix? Note 11 pro now. This is what video poker looks like it blows out the background and it looks cool, but the downside. Is it shoots it in 720p? So what do you guys think about the video bokeh mode on this? On the infinix note 11, pro it doesnt look bad doesnt! Look bad now moving to the red camera, the infinix note: 11 pro comes with three cameras: a 64 megapixel main camera, a 30 megapixel telephoto camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera outdoors. The main camera takes very good pictures now, switching to the 30 megapixel telephoto camera. Well, it doesnt maintain the same color as the main camera now back to the 64 megapixel main camera. I love the pictures it captures butter shots using the main camera are decent as well. Night photos is decent on this camera and and, like i said, for the telephoto camera well, i will swipe it for an ultra wide camera. Okay, whats up guys so heres, a video from the red camera of the hyphen x. Note 11 pro shifter in 2k, 30 per second Music, as you call it the video for you to come out from the headphone x, note. 11, so guys this is the video broker mode on the info. Next note, 11 pro eric harry come back to youtube. So what do you guys think about the video? Because you can see its pouring on the background? Well, the downside is, it should be 720p.

So what do you guys think about the video poker mode on the apex now for the battery life? The infinix note 11. Pro comes with a 5 000 milliamp battery and that will last the entire day, depending on your usage of costs for the battery charging time. Yes, the breakdown. It took one hour 21 minutes to charge this smartphone from zero to 100 and now for the price. The infinix note, 11 pro is being sold for 140, 000 naira or 245 dollars for the build quality. Well, its good. The 6.95 inch display is not for everybody. If you love smartphones with big display, you will definitely love the infinix note. 11. Pro performance is decent with superb multitasking capabilities. It also has good battery life now for the negative. Well, the 6.95 inch has to be one of them stay clear from this device. If you like small smartphones now at 140, 000 naira, i really do wish this smartphone came with an amoled display. I mean i would take an amoled display with a 60 hertz refresh rate over an ips lcd panel with a 120 head refresh rate, and i think infinix should give us the option to enable or disable the new notification and control center swiping actions. I prefer the classic way so guys. This is my review of the infinix note. 11 pro. Thank you for watching hit the like button.