However, anna eventually went independent and the synths come back with a new smartphone, but, more importantly, one with google mobile services on it meet the honor 50. Music. Okay. So technically, the honor 50 has been out in china since, like june, but its recently launched in malaysia and were the first country to get it outside of china. This also means that were the first to see the return of an honor smartphone with google mobile services on it overall, its a upper mid range device, but the first thing i really noticed about it is a really sweet. Looking smartphone, i mean just look at the subtle emerald green colorway, the almost british racing green, giving it that tasteful tone and oh wow it even shimmers in the light for real, though its a pretty sleek and sexy looking device, which is unfortunately marred by the pretty Ugly camera pump on the rear other than that, though, the side edges of the display are tightly curved and meets the curves of the back glass very nicely and the top and bottom of the honor 50 has this sleek flat finish to them as well, holding it In my handle at 175 grams, not too heavy, but it really the screen premium, and this is one of the few times where ive ive really preferred to just go naked with it and ditch the plastic casing that came in the box. It is, however, quite the fingerprint magnet, but lets also quickly address the elephant in the room.

No not me, but that the honor 50 looks quite a bit like the huawei p50 pro that launched in china a while back and if youre still not convinced of the huawei connection, then take a look at the huawei nova 9. This even has the identical camera pump. Layout honor may be independent now, but i guess you can still tell where its roots are. Moving on to performance. Well, as i alluded to earlier, the honor 50 is still just an upper mid range device. That being said, the snapdragon 778g is still a pretty capable piece of silicon and i was able to handle social media youtube netflix and the like perfectly fine. I may be a pc masteries member first and foremost, but i still do play games on the go and the honor 50 will do a solid job. I played a fair bit of mdga and pokemon, unite with the latter running at a solid 60 fps, even at max settings. I will say, though, that after a while gaming, you will feel the heat through the device, maybe lower your brightness and settings, or use your hands and heat sinks if needed. Nevertheless, i didnt notice any major performance tips in the game, even after. Like 30 minutes of gaming, the real big thing with the honor 50, though, is that theres google mobile services, which means the return of the play, store and google apps to an honest, smartphone. However, im not a fan of the magic ui skin that the honor 50 comes with its just, not as sleek as the hardware itself and id recommend getting yourself another launcher.

Now. I personally use the microsoft launcher because its simple to use and pleasing on the eyes, but the great thing about android, though, is that theres just so many customization options. So if you prefer a different launcher, go for it, but there are some things that even a better launcher wont be able to fix, for instance, theres no multi window option here, which is something that i used almost every day before this then theres also just me Not really finding the gesture system that intuitive, especially compared to miui, specifically, i prefer the way miui lets you switch between apps compared to the magic uis flick motion, Music battery wise the 4 300 milliamp hour battery is a little underwhelming for 2021 standards, but ill still Able to get through a full day of use with it without too much of an issue were talking about six hours of screen time for mostly social media messages and a little youtube and tick tock at slightly below half brightness before hitting 20. It also did seem like there was a fair bit of battery optimization going on here, as there were a number of times where i would get a notification telling me about an app or two. In the background, it was heavy in battery usage, the included 66 watt honor supercharged power. Brick, though, is fairly impressive. Getting me about two thirds of juice in around 20 minutes, where i felt the honor 50 shines, though, is its screen.

The 6.57 inch full hd curved oled display is really really good for when you just want to watch content on it, youre getting a really vibrant and bright display with solid viewing angles that were still comfortable to the eye. Unfortunately, though, honor have paired that really good display to a single bottom firing. Mono speaker this could have been a really good smartphone for content consumption, but ultimately that mono speaker just isnt very loud. Nor is it very good Music. Looking at the on paper specs, there is a clear winner here you see, while the redmi note 10 pro features a respectable snapdragon 732 processor, with up to 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of ufs 2.2 internal storage and its not like you can plug in Some wired headphones too, as theres no 3.5 mm audio jack. I guess its kinda nice for honor to include a pair of usbc wired earbuds in the box, but again youll have to lower your expectations here, if youre a huge audiophile Music. Now maybe i was expecting a bit too much of the honor 50 here, but i did find the cameras just a bit underwhelming. The main camera will get you fairly solid images for social media, but it wont be challenging the likes of the iphone anytime. Soon images arent very sharp and can end up noisy too Music selfies, meanwhile also lack sharpness and the default beauty mode. Just didnt help things at all.

I guess the one kind of cool feature here is the multi video function, which lets me shoot videos with both the front and the main rear camera at the same time now im not a huge camera guy. So maybe the novelty is lost on me. But if you specifically been looking for this, then hey here you go, but i guess the bigger question now is: is it worth going back to honor? Well lets? First, take a look at the price for one thousand: six hundred and ninety nine ringgit youre getting 6 gigs of ram and 125 gigs of storage. Meanwhile, for 1999 ringgit youll get up to 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. Now, if youre thinking to yourself thats, not very cheap for the specs, well youd be right: there are more value, oriented options out there, but if you like the honor 50 specs – and you want to save some money, the most obvious choice here would be the me 11, like 5g and e launched fairly recently, it has the same snapdragon, 778g processor underneath and its much cheaper than the honor 50. starting at just 1199 ringgit and going up to 1599 ringgit. If you were already ready to spend around 2 grand, though there are better options around in terms of performance, the xiaomi 11t pro the snapdragon 88 processor, 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage is priced at just 2099. Ringgit youll also be getting a bigger 6.

67 inch. Amoled screen a bigger 5000 milliamp hour battery and an insane 121 xiaomi hyper charge power, brick, okay, so its clear that the honor 50 wont be winning bang for buck awards anytime soon. But what it does have going for. It is its looks, argued that the honor 50 simply looks so much more premium than to see how many devices out there right now. Would i get it though? Well, no, i probably wouldnt but thats, because for me its whats on the inside that counts. However, if youre someone who cares about the design and aesthetics of your devices, the honor 50 could be right up your alley. Overall, though, its a fairly solid return to form for the chinese brand and could be a sign of bigger things to come. Okay, well, thats! It for the honor 50 review. My name is raymond.