78 inches full hd, plus not 1080p nice. I only 720p 1080p 50 megapixel camera see hot and si 48 mb plus 2 megapixels 18 watts fast charger, dual cinematic speakers with dts and 5 000 milliampere battery 6k long guys. I love you bye tom and youre, watching unboxings, Music, okay, so the green box, hot 11s, oh 464., 6128 ill have to check later and the color i have here is polar black aspects, accessories, warranty card customer service card, young jelly card, jelly case, usb type c. Cable 18 watts fast charger lettering and design. Here we go very big phone merchandise, squidly lion, silicone for wave wave. This is a glossy bag that is made out of plastic. I would say in this entry level with just one hand like that kinda you reach, lets check out the buttons and ports power. Buttons are right, side volume. The feature is now the text: headphone jack microphone, usb type, support and june loudspeaker and, of course, sim tray and, as a left, sided phone atomic. I began a dual nano sim card slot, plus a micro sd card slot for expandability nice and check out that display napoli, vibrant and colorful wow. I got ta save for the price when the bezels are not impressive, display at 6.78 inches, not as big as the hot 10s, although 1080p. This is a very nice display, very sharp, very high quality. It is a step up from the hotness, because i have 720 billion 1080p big deals.

This is a good buy because everything here from the text caption comments. It really helps me a lot to read it, especially, i always wear glasses, say youtube, guyanga 1440p resolution. I would say the quality is pretty nice, it is a great content consuming device. My videos youtube netflix. This is a great phone to buy you and um, but cant complain its super mura, new performance man, shampre mobilisto guy, is very smooth. It is a gaming phone combined with a 90 hertz refresh rate display very smooth on navigations home screen, so facebook very smooth or jerkiness animation. I have never heard of it. This is the first phone i reviewed with the hilo g8 processor and im two to benchmark 180 000 points. I was expecting as a 200 thousand plus three guys in life the opportunity i expected mobile legends at evening, graphics. The game looks quite good on this phone resolution: hindi, pasha optimized for this game; medium graphics, high frame rates, saktuan lang, this okay, peroxide updates in the future for this game, kai, tangan, very high, graphics and in game graphics is saturn, as the graphics is just okay. Auto frame drops at the lowest settings its a benchmark. This is the potential of this phone for this game. I love it. I love it better than amazing, six thousand in the master door and its letting you play these games at this kind of graphics for only at that price. If you really want to push at 90 frames per second manufacturers, cell phone makers, most important performance and prosthetic high refresh – that is, the main intention of high refresh rate displays just okay, then 50 megapixels.

This is the quality youre gon na get from this phone. The pictures dont scream image quality, i would say decent at best. I guess serviceable mancha useful for your daily use online class documents better for photography. I just think i unconsciously, but yes, it was not marketed as a camera phone in the first place potential as a camera phone, whatever some features need to like at night mode or rather a super night mode. My beautification my slow motion, my portrait, some video number, two yeah up to 2k resolution for the best participation effects, which is hundred and 790 pesos that is coming this november.