. So lets jump straight in Music inside the box. Youll find the 5g handset clear snap case, sim tool and usb to 3.5 cable and a usbc cable headset and a 30 watt fast charger. The latest motorola edge 20 is packed with specs and features like qualcomms 5g snapdragon octa core processor, 128, gig of storage, 8. Gig ddr4 ram a usb c port and it runs android 11.. The edge 20 is also about security. Not only does it utilize a side mounted fingerprint reader, but it also includes think shield for mobile, which offers business grade security from malware and other threads. Another killer feature in our opinion is ram boost with this nifty. Little addition, you can increase your ram with a 2 gig swap file, taking it from 8 gig to 10 gig in total. The latest from motorola packs all of those great specs into a 6.9 inch body complete with gorilla glass 3 and weighs in at only 163 grams, not only that its one of the thinnest 5g smartphones on the market. The display is an oled 6.7 inch with 10 bit color dci, p3 color space, its full hd and with a resolution of 2400 by 1080., the edge 20 also packs 144 hertz screen and thats right. It can run at 144 frames, which is absolutely incredible for a handheld device. This feature is off by default to save on battery, but it can easily be enabled by the display settings.

In my opinion, the display is the standout piece on the edge 20., its buttery smooth super bright and has fantastic color representation. Gaming on the edge 20 has also been an absolute pleasure with its 144hz oled screen. The octa core processor and 8 gig of ram weve had no performance issues at all while running mobile games and have played a number in the testing process which include sonic, cod and, of course, pokemon go battery. Life has also been exceptional for longer bursts of playing games, and the phone size and weight is quite comfortable in your hands. Also, we will cover motorolas ready for and that experience with casting games to your tv a little later in this review. Now, if youre like me, you probably live on your phone as i work on different platforms, shoot photos and video during the course of the day, its really important to have great battery life on my smartphone well after multiple tests, the motorola edge performs exceptionally well, and It can last an entire day on just one charge its also worth noting that the battery is 4 000 milliamps and comes with a 30 watt. Turbo charger, which i can confirm, is lightning fast. Youll have no worries charging this phone, if youre in a hurry fast charge, will give you 8 hours of battery life in just 10 minutes, and you can go from zero to full charge in a little over an hour. The camera on the edge 20 is also fantastic, boasting 108 megapixels.

It comes with a ton of features and shooting modes. This offers a lot of flexibility for creators who solely use their smartphone for photo and video work in this review. We wanted to show real time photos of content creation with three different modes. First up is ultra res. As you can see, this photo looks incredible, crisp and clear without any edits. Second is portrait mode which will allow you to blur as much or as little of the background as you wish. Thirdly, we wanted to show spot color, which is one excellent feature that you can select one color, so the rest remains in black and white. It really gives more depth when taking a photo of the subject. Dual capture is probably my favorite feature, slash mode that the camera does offer, and i cant wait to utilize that in a game store, this feature will have so many uses, especially capturing those very special moments. In this example, i wanted to show what the video quality looks like during a walkthrough in the games room, and i think it looks pretty impressive and i cant wait to use this in future youtube videos. Another neat feature is, of course, ready for which makes the phone super versatile lets say you want to record a video video chat or even a live capture. Well, with ready 4, you can place tracking on which will ensure youre never out of the shot, while recording that video its easy to set up and use via your device.

Youre connected to in this test, im connecting to my pc and using a usbc cable, be sure to download, ready for and connect your phone. Then using this as an example, as a second camera for stream, you can see i can move freely and still be in the shot, its great to know that it can capture your every move now ready for is an absolute game changer and for those working from Home youll be able to mirror your edge 20 to a larger display and then connect via bluetooth. A keyboard and mouse. Ready. 4 also allows you to use it as a streaming device for all your apps, and there is also an amazing feature which is casting your games. I have to say during our testing of the motorola edge 20 gaming is exceptional. Using ready, 4. simply connect a bluetooth controller to your phone and youre ready to go. There is something to note with android 11, though, and that is the ps5 and xbox series x controllers wont be able to connect to your phone. The best controller that i found that actually works is the xbox one, and i was able to sync that up to my edge 20 perfectly and i could play via my handset or cast it to the display. Also something new ive tested is xbox cloud gaming, which runs through the game pass app so for ultimate users in australia. You can log into the app and run cloud gaming i tested doom, dirt, 5 and ori, and all of them performed well via the wi fi connection doom.

I did feel a slight input lag, but for gaming on the go and using your edge 20 as a game console, i dont think it detracts at all from the experience, its definitely an amazing phone. Just for that so anywhere and anytime, you have access to casting your phone to a device. You could jump into cloud gaming. The motorola edge 20 is available now and its retailing for 699 aud. Now i have left links in the description of this video, where you can locate one in australia. The final verdict ive been using the new motorola edge 20 for a period of two months, and i cannot fault the phone ive definitely been pushing it to its limits. Ive used it for content creation, photos, video gaming and, in one word to sum up this phone. It is absolutely incredible. The price point spec and high quality oled screen makes this a fierce phone for the cost. The motorola edge 20 is definitely one phone that shouldnt be overlooked for gamers professionals and content creators and id like to thank motorola for sending us the new edge 20 to review for this video. If you have any other questions regarding the motorola edge, 20 definitely hit the comments section below or you can feel free to reach out to either one of us at 1up, emily or retrogamerguy over on instagram. Thank you very much for watching this video.