Yes, this is the real dental life review of the pixel 6. right now, im using the front camera, which is 1080p 30 frames per second, its, not bad its nothing crazy like iphone, but i do think that hdr is not bad at all. I just went to the gym, i just work out and, as usual i listened to music and podcast. While i was working out and even when i was going back and forth from the gym before we get into this video. Let me explain what real deal life review is. This video is dedicated to use certain devices in real dana life situation. Obviously, so everything is on default, so location is on app background. Refresh is on tap to awake, is on auto, brightness is on and adaptive refresh rate is on and if i receive 5g i will receive 5g. So i am not using any type of battery saving tips to save the battery life of this device right now. It is 7 21 in the morning, and the total battery percentage is 91 and the total screen on time is at 14 minutes. If you guys have ever watched other pixel, 6 and 6. Pro reviews theyre saying that the battery life of the new pixels are not that very great, which is kind of surprising, considering that amount of battery capacity that both of these devices has normal pixel 6 does have over milliamp of battery capacity and the 6 pro does Have 5 000.

anyway, as you guys, can see right now. My room is kind of messy and i need to keep it tidy because my friend is coming over. So let me clean my room and run some errand and, while im doing that, im gon na play some podcasts or music on the speaker and lets see how the battery goes. Yeah Music, i use the speaker just a little bit and i have to say the speaker aint bad at all. I mean its not great or like mind blowing, but it still gets the job done all righty i got my breakfast and my friend is here so im gon na watch, some video on pixel, 6 and im gon na use a speaker im, not gon na use. The actual speaker, because im kind of concerned of the battery life so lets watch some video lets enjoy my meal and lets have some good time. I know that you know im the one shes stuck inside so ive been watching some couple: youtube videos and scrolling through articles on the internet, and i have to say this: 411 ppi 1080p 90hz display is you know when you hear about it on a spec sheet, Its nothing outstanding compared to the 6 pro nor the iphone 13 pro, but totally fine, its totally beautiful its pretty bright enough. The color accuracy is great as well and for me, 90 hertz is the sweet spot. I mean i dont need 120 hertz and i cant really tell the difference between the 90 hertz and 120, but i do can tell the difference between the 60 and 90.

. So i do like this display a lot. I think this phones display is 6.4 inch and its kind of big. For me, i do not have big hands, but i do like the square shape a lot anyway right now it is 10 23 in the morning, and the total battery percentage is at 80 and the screen on time is hour and 30 minutes not bad at all. I mean its not crazy, good or crazy bad. Its just wow also theres, two things that i noticed about the pixel 6. number one is haptic motor, the haptic motor on the 6. I dont know how the 6 pro feels like, but for the 6 it feels pretty expensive, i wont say as much as the iphone level, but it feels pretty good. However, the second thing is not a good thing. Is the underscreen fingerprint sensor the fingerprint sensor on the 6 and 6 pro is kind of slow? It takes approximately around 0.5 seconds to open up your phone and, if youre used to like pixel, 4as or pixels 5 fingerprint sensor, this can be kind of frustrating. It is pretty slow yeah, i mean its its, not bad, but its still kind of slow ready. Its about lunch time lets go eat some lunch Music. Sorry for the wind. The wind is very strong out here: ive been testing, some cameras out, shooting videos, shooting photos and i use some google maps so location service and the total battery percentage is 71 and the time is 12 17 p.

m. The total screen on time is hour and 56 minutes, so approximately two hours, the photo quality is not bad at all. Its very pixel like photo, the saturation is pretty much up and the clarity is all the way up its very hdr like photo. You can tell that these photos are taken by pixel for the video performance. It looks like google just applied, pixels photo luts on. You know normal pixel video. It looks more crispy, it looks more hdr, it really depends on personal preference. I do prefer the iphone video look, but for some people i do think these pixels video looks pretty good. This is the main camera and im shooting in 4k30. I think the video is not bad at all. The color is a little too punchy but its acceptable. I have to give a huge prop to google for making the sensor size big. They give you like a actual blur and a background when youre shooting a photo, which is very freaking cool, and i love the natural blur more than the artificial blur of the portrait mode. The ultra wide is pretty good when shooting a photo. I mean the video quality is good as well, but you can shoot macro like an iphone, but thats totally acceptable its totally fine for the price, and you will not have a telephoto camera when you get the normal six anyway. Let us enjoy the special treats that google gave us. We just got ta chill for a bit no homo and were just gon na play some music on speaker, Music right now, its 307 pm in the afternoon and the total battery percentage is at 54, and the total screen on time is two hours and 54 minutes.

Im pretty impressed because ive been using the camera app here and there, and i was also using some google origin – not original, but like google, ai, enhanced tools such as magic eraser tool, and i thought those apps are kind of cpu intensive. But the tensor chip is handling it pretty well, and the battery efficiency is not bad, as i thought and i was outside. So of course the brightness was all the way at the top. So im not gon na lie to sing the battery life handling it pretty. Freaking well, okay, so, right now my friend is at uni. So until he comes back, i have to do some editing, which is work and while im working, im, gon na use a pomodoro timer app on pixel 6 and google calendar to do my scheduling for next week. So i dont have to be all convoluted in my head when im working next week, i have all set up Music: okay, ive been working like three jobs. Probably why i, oh god, ive been running now up early when the sun is out not setting out my own soul but those real ones they coming out. Oh look whos reaching out old friends wan na feature. Now they dont work, so they need it free ooh. All right so ive been watching some youtube video, while i was eating dinner and my friend is back so were about to play some smash brothers, but right now it is 5 47 p.

m. In the afternoon and the total battery percentage is 38 and the total screen on time is 4 hours and 49 minutes anyway, while were playing smash brothers. Im gon na play some music on spotify or soundcloud, and after that im gon na play some game for a couple minutes to end this battery life so Music, all right after we play smash bros. I played call of duty for around 30 minutes and right now it is 8 11 p.m. At night and the total battery percentage is 21 and the total screen on times are 5 hours and 44 minutes not too shabby at all. I use camera today and i use a bunch of other applications, such as note taking google calendar, pomodoro technique app and even gaming. So im happy. However, it does depends on your usage and if your region does have more 5g or millimeter wave, you will have less battery life, because 5g does eat up a lot of battery overall for 600 bucks. I do love this phone a lot. This phone will give you a lot of pure android for very small amount of money. I mean 600. Bucks is still a lot, but, like you know, in the majority of the android smartphone world, even including iphone 600 price tag is pretty unbeatable. I wont really get in depth to an ai part of the smartphone, but i will talk about that in my full review of this pixel 6.

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