These days i mean there are a lot of budget smartphones here and among our latest games on the play store a few years ago. We cant do that, but now we now have budget smartphones that can run games like genji impact. One of them is the realme narso 50a. Yes, this is the latest smartphone from realme, and this one is really affordable. So is it good well alamina, but before that i want to introduce myself im jump, jammer line, dot ph and yes today, the vienna 10 and latest affordable gaming smartphone. So the real review, narso 58 is for the people who wants to have an affordable gaming. Smartphone and, yes, might have a focus, d2c camera. But this one is made for gaming, mainly because we got here a helio g85 processor, along with a 6000mah parts of battery which is really big for uh, the smartphone and uh, compared to some other smartphones at its price range. But first lets talk about the design of the real minar zo50a, so the real minarso 58 got a polycarbonate back. As you can see in here. We got here a really unique design, because first of all we got here a large camera module at the back. So it houses the triple lens camera, a 50 megapixel main 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel depth along with the rear, fingerprint scanner. It actually looks cleaner than ever. I mean yes, there are a lot of smartphones already and available so market with the large camera module and im happy to see na mejo, malini, cinamanila and fingerprint scanner did the camera module.

Of course, they also got here the nozzle logo just below the camera and again the papalini silicon 58.. As for the pattern, this one is very similar to all the real minars or smartphones. We got here the diagonal uh design at the back of the smartphone half of it merushan diagonal design, a half of it well, its still a textured, similar texture longx on the sides reflections just like the other realme smartphones with a large battery. It still comes with a weight. I mean its a six thousand million parts of battery, so thats expected already on the smartphone uh meroshan kabigatan, yes, its a little bit thick. Yes, but uh. The ergonomics is still fine with me. I mean they got the curves right on the smartphone and since this one is made up of plastic or polycarbonate, rather mass madali and uh. So far, i think jelly is a smartphone at all, although its a little bit weird to uh touch your fingerprint scanner helicode, because again we got through the camera module at the back and uh smartphone sony. Numerous camera module, not the fingerprint scanner uh compared to other smartphones, so my ringer, your fingerprint scanner and my logo. Instead of the fingerprint scanner, the volume buttons are placed on the right, along with the volume rocker and below we got here, the usb c port, the headphone jack and also the speaker grille. I actually like that. Theyve used usb c port on this one.

No more micro usb even for the affordable, uh, real menards, the smartphone and yes, it does support 18 watts of charging on the 6000mah millibars of battery, but were gon na talk about the battery later and on the front we got here. The hd display of the smartphone we got here the chin below, along with the notch at the top, unfortunately, its still at hd plus resolution, so its not the best display that we have seen. Of course, its a 6.5 inch display its large enough to play some games watch movies on youtube or whatever application that you are using, but its still using a notch, its a its its a teardrop notch, not a punch hole, no camera. Yes, it does uh. Look fine long, say manta, oh, but for me, parang expect now nanas, affordable markets, um uh punch hole display as a lot of smartphones are adapting to that one, but its not a deal breaker. For me, i mean its still fine and the chin below is actually uh, not that thick, nor not that thin, so its actually pretty fine for the things of bezels, no smartphone at all. As for the quality you can see in here that the colors are fine. The brightness is just fine for me uh, even if youre using the smartphone outside you wouldnt have any problems using the real minars of 50a. However, the resolution again is this is probably the deal breaker for some people, but for me, considering na na duntas, affordable price range, i wouldnt complain nito surreal, minar zo50a now lets talk about the battery one of the biggest features.

Neto is the six thousand million parts of battery inside again its a little bit thick but uh. It does come with a lot of batteries. Six thousand minute parts of battery means that you can have a really long battery life on the smartphone. So how long? Well, we got here and up to 20 hours on pc mark, and that is 20 hours and six minutes specifically, which is one of the longest na na tryna, its a smartphone and uh. As for my usage of the smartphone, you can use the smartphone for up to two days of casual use, even if youre playing some light games that is really long and if youre, a heavy gamer im. Pretty sure that this would last a day saying almost the whole day, its a smartphone but yeah its a really nice smartphone for gaming, as we got here, the processor that is decent and then jumping amalgam is the long battery life. Although, since malaria in battery medium problem, when it comes to charging as this one comes with 18 watts of charging, this means that the smartphone can uh be fully charged for up to two or two hours or more actually so. Medyo matagal yung kanyong charging. Because of the large battery and 18 watts long and charging that its a smartphone now onto the surprising part, we got here the camera, its a 50 megapixel main camera with a 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor paired with that is an 8 megapixel selfie Camera at the top of the display, and surprisingly the 50 megapixel camera of the smartphone, can perform really well for its price range uh.

One of the things that can rate this high scope before with the real minars, the smartphone is the camera, but with the real menace of 58 theyve improved a lot when it comes to photography same with the selfie camera. The smartphone must sharper your image just not in detail its sharper, its a lot better, its not the best one that we have seen on both the rear and the front camera, but its definitely a big upgrade compared to a predecessor and can definitely compete in its Price range: how about checking out some of the photos that i took using the smartphone Music? As for the software of the smartphone, were using here real me, ui 2.0, based on android 11. im, actually pretty uh fun with it. I mean its fast, its responsive. I do like the features that were getting in here. Of course, youre youll be getting the android 11 features on the smartphone so far without a game problem, its pretty much the same experience that you can get with other realme smartphones, its past it it is responsive. It comes with a lot of um softwares like real me, community up market and a lot more. Some of them are not not that useful for me, but its actually not a distraction for me, but for the 64 gigs of storage, somehow maximizing. So probably you will delete some of them, but they have a really good optimization for letting details software near me for the performance.

We got your helio g85 processor, along with four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage, the helio g85 thats good use magnetic performance and for some people, four gigs of ram might be a little bit lacking. That is expected already for some people. Now all right for giggling, yes expected, but the performance of this one when it comes to gaming, is pretty good, actually do check out some of the benchmarks that i took using the smartphone, so the results are promising. I do like in performance such its a 3dmark, especially, and also its a geekbench expected connecting smartphone at all, but uh or some other people would appreciate young kanye performance. If you had here a 90hz display, if were navigating on the nine this place, i mean smartphone display transition, yeah appreciate lm, but for gamers well, im, pretty sure that you would appreciate the hilo g85. No questions no does about it. Magandang g85 for the thinks of gaming were actually able to run games like gangshin impact, although i have to set it at the lowest settings to make it enjoyable and playable on the smartphone. But four gigs of ram might be lacking for some people. So, whenever youre playing games on the smartphone, if youre playing heavy games, especially on the real minars of 58, suggested gon na turn off apps and games and heavy games optimizing applications but yeah. That solution, then, is just to turn it off your other apps and games.

But you might have the processor were talking about an affordable smartphone with the helio g85 password, its a very capable processor can run a lot of games without any problems and the benchmarks that youve seen earlier thats promising so yeah. The real menarche 58 is a promising smartphone. We got here an affordable price tag that is quite affordable and uh, really interesting for the mass marketing filipinas. We got here the camera that really surprised us. I was expecting that it would not be that good because its a narso cd smartphone, its affordable but yeah its actually pretty good for its price range, its competitive and, of course, we got here the long battery life. The long battery life was just wow. Okay battery life, not in detail with the real me naruto 58, since this one is six thousand milliamp million battery. But for some people oh, i may they might be disappointed that eating muslin charging. My jama baggal, but still six thousand milliamp hours of battery four gigs of ram 64 gig storage, coolants micro sd card slot. So the hilo g85 is something that i really appreciate on the smartphone and as for the display, well its hd plus. But you got here a long battery life, the viewing someone are good and you can still watch movies details. Some smart displays so thats a thumbs up button for me so yeah, i guess thats it the satin review of the real minars of 58.

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