What youre seeing on your screen now is what you get for your money and what you get inside the box. The box is nice and plain and simple, just a simple white box, and then we also get inside this sleeve here some extra bits and pieces, including a little sim removal tool, its a little sort of push ejector to remove the sim card. And then we also get some paperwork which includes a quick start guide and we also get a nice silicon case to keep our phone scratch free. And then we get a power adapter now im in the uk, so they supplied a three pin uk adapter with usb on this end. Here, if youre in another country, you should get a country specific adapter inside your box, then you also get a charging cable, which is full size usb on one end and usbc on the opposing end. This is the smartphone itself. Lets take a look around this before we put it in this case really nice phone. My first impressions of this is this exceptionally well made it sports a 6.67 inch ammo led screen its a 29 format ratio screen with 1080 by 2400 pixels. It also supports netflix hdr 10, and this is running. Android 11. inside is a qualcomm snapdragon, 750 g, processor, nfc, six gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of rom or storage, and it supports microsd card as well. Weve got wireless charging inside here and a really good battery inside 4 500 milliamp hours now before we move on to the camera performance lets, take a look around the device.

Its really nice weve got these curved edges to the screen. A really nice vibrant screen as well, because its ammo led really responsive to the touch. It also has an in screen fingerprint sensor. So if we tap on the screen, it appears down the bottom here and then we can place our finger on and ive had a hundred percent accurate readings with this fingerprint sensor, which is really very, very impressive. A nice turn of speed as well uh, very, very nice, indeed, really responsive to the touch comes with some apps pre installed, but pretty minimal things like a few tcl apps, netflix, etc. The full array of google apps as well. This is a google play store, supported, as which you can install pretty much what you want on here. We take a look around the side of the device. Weve got the volume rocker power on off button on this side. Here on this side. Here we have got an additional button, which is a quick action button which can be assigned to a certain action. We look on the bottom here. Weve got the sim card tray and also the memory card tray as well, usbc, speaker and microphones, and across the top additional microphones, plus the three and a half millimeter audio jack, so really nice, uh array of ports, everything feels very very premium. This is like a metal frame. Its really very very good indeed lets take a look around the back.

This is where the camera action goes on. Give you a close up. Look at these cameras wow, so weve got a quad array of cameras there for the main camera and the flash. Of course, the the main camera is 48 megapixels, its a sony element, optical image, stabilization in there as well 16 megapixel, ultra wide 5 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel depth. Camera video capture is up to 4k 30 frames per. Second, we go on to the front. You can just about make out the top here. We have got a little tiny cut out there for the front facing camera thats, an impressive 32 megapixels, and that will also capture video up to 4k 30 frames per second, so weve got a really high quality smartphone. These curved edges im not always a fan of personally, but in this instance ive, had very minimal accidental input on the sides here, thats normally the problem with these curved screens, but its been absolutely fine, very, very good indeed. Now this is running android 11 as well. Lets just pop it inside the case actually see what it looks like in the case really nice case included. Lets unlock this again lets show you the photos that i took with this. Oh yeah ive had a mystery there. That is the first time that has happened. Probably a funny angle, so youve got to get the angle right on your thumb or finger that youre using to unlock lets, have a look at some of the photos anyway, so weve got auto rotate.

Of course, this is a photo i took earlier nice detail. Yes, it is a bit of a dusty screen, but it shows that this camera really does pick up the detail in these photos. A very very good result there and then weve got some urban fruit which i really like, and this photo. I took for the colors very accurate color rendition in this photo really pleased with the camera performance. Then weve got a couple more photos here. This one i took just to see if it would pick up the detail on this toothbrush head and it sort of focused on the back edge, so we have got the detail there, but it pinpointed the focus around here. Still very good result, though, really do like that lets go across to another one, its going to go across there we go. This was in less than optimal lighting conditions, and this is mr mackey very, very nice focus on here minimal, uh noise as well. Considering the lighting wasnt its best and then last but not least, another one i did for the color and the highlights really picked up where the light was hitting here very, very nice indeed. So a good result from the cameras really impressive: uh video playbacks, fine video captures fine, the actual performance of the phone top notch that snapdragon 750g processor really does a great job, and i mentioned earlier four thousand five hundred milliamp hour battery thats easily going to get You a day day and a half, possibly two days if you dont use your phone too much between charges, thats very, very impressive.

Indeed. I think that tcl have done a fantastic job with this.